• One Magic Square Grow Your Own Food Nz Ed

    One Magic Square Grow Your Own Food Nz Ed
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    ISBN: 9781877551024
    Title: One Magic Square Grow Your Own Food Nz Ed
    Author: HOUBEIN LOLO

    This inspiring book has caused a big buzz overseas. Its secret of success: anyone can start growing their own food in a matter of minutes. There are no fancy photos, no complicated instructions ... just down-to-earth , easy-to-follow ideas for square-metre plots. The author, Lolo Houbein, has a tremendously engaging personal voice and hundreds of wonderful and economical ideas for growing and eating your own food - including recipes you will want to rush off and make immediately. One Magic Square includes thirty ideas for food plots, advice on preparing the essentials - soil, compost and mulch, chemical-free ways of deterring pests and controlling weeds, complete organic growing notes on individual vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, seed-saving and other ways to keep down the food bill and a wealth of delicious recipes from Lolo's family cookbook.

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