• Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand

    Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand
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    ISBN: 9780473251147
    Title: Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand

    For over 20 years Wally has been writing gardening articles for various newspapers through out New Zealand and during much of that time ran a garden centre and a nursery for supplying plants to the garden centre. He has gone from using various chemical controls to being very opposed to the use of the same, at least in his local environment.

    After semi-retirement, Wally now writes gardening articles and supplies a range of Safe-to-Use or organic type products to garden centres and by mail order to gardeners.

    Wally has come to believe...

    "...that we have far too many chemicals in our food chain and in our day to day living and it is these chemicals which have become more commonly available in the last 50 odd years that are causing the great increase in cancer, arthritis and a number of other health problems that affect far too many people.

    "The health of babies and children are even more adversely affected because their bodies are developing and more susceptible to harmful chemicals and their effects."

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