• Tuatara
    ISBN: 9781927145449
    Title: Tuatara
    Author: CREE ALISON

    Pick up virtually any textbook on vertebrate evolution and you will find mention of the curious reptile known as tuatara (Sphenodon). The special evolutionary status of tuatara as the last of the rhynchocephalians - one of the four orders of living reptiles - is unquestioned. Wild members of the sole living species are now restricted to a few dozen remote islands around the New Zealand coast, where for several centuries they have been observed and studied by humans. But are tuatara really unchanged 'living fossils', or close relatives of dinosaurs, as sometimes portrayed? This is the first detailed monograph for decades about this enigmatic reptile, and the first to be illustrated in colour throughout. The evolution, natural history and conservation of tuatara are covered in comprehensive detail, providing a valuable resource for the specialist yet in a style accessible to a wide readership. The special place of tuatara in Maori and popular culture is also considered. Tuatara have survived alongside humans for more than 700 years, though with their numbers much reduced; what are their future prospects in a globally changing world?

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Tui
    ISBN: 9785566123424
    Title: Tui

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Tui NZ Vegetable Garden
    Tui NZ Vegetable Garden
    ISBN: 9780143568285
    Title: Tui NZ Vegetable Garden
    Author: VOGAN RACHEL

    A practical, highly illustrated guide to planting and maintaining a vegetable garden that will become an essential reference for gardeners of all skill levels seeking to grow some, or all, of their own food.This newly revised and updated& third edition of The Tui NZ Vegetable Garden contains all the essential information you need, from how to condition the soil to how and where to plant, what kind of yield to expect from each plant variety and tips on planting and harvesting to acheive the best results in your garden. There is also a section on how to combat pests and diseases in order to build a healthy and thriving garden - whether you aim to grow just a few tomatoes in pots on your balcony or enough food to feed a family.Including more than 70 common and more exotic vegetables and herbs, each entry concludes with ideas for turning produce into tasty meals. There is also a garden diary that advises what needs to be done in the garden each month to create a flourishing vegetable patch.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Tui: a Nest in the Bush
    Tui: a Nest in the Bush
    ISBN: 9781877517914
    Title: Tui: a Nest in the Bush

    TUI is an intimate and rare look at the beginning of a tuis life. It is presented as a series of photographs showing the 37-day development of a pair of tui from eggs to fledglings. The author is a photographer living at Lake Tarawera, surrounded by native forest and an abundant variety of bird life. One spring morning in 2011 Meg noticed a tui disappear into a Pseudopanax bush with a twig in its mouth, and discovered that the nest, while well hidden from below, could be seen from her balcony. By carefully removing some leaves from the bush she was able to get a clear view of the nest, giving her a rare opportunity to visually record the beginning of a tuis life. The journal entries that accompany the photographs describe how the author spent many hours talking to the tui while it was sitting on the two eggs, hoping that the bird would become familiar with her voice and learn to trust her. This also enabled her to observe the variety of food that was being fed to the chicks, and how the parents always returned to the nest with food via the same trees. The growth and development of tui chicks has never been photographed in this way before, and this fascinating account will be of great interest not only to those with a particular interest in ornithology, but to everyone who enjoys the native bird life in their gardens.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Ulva Island
    Ulva Island
    ISBN: 9780908629756
    Title: Ulva Island


    Format: Hardback
    Price: $39.00
  • Vanishing Nature: Facing Nz's Biodiversity Crisis
    Vanishing Nature: Facing Nz's Biodiversity Crisis
    ISBN: 9780987666048
    Title: Vanishing Nature: Facing Nz's Biodiversity Crisis

    This full colour, soft cover publication is suitable for both a general and a technical audience with user friendly language and lots of images.

    New Zealand’s remarkable indigenous biodiversity is fragile and it’s in crisis. Our economic institutions promote biodiversity loss by not accounting for environmental costs and our laws and policies are unable to prevent the resulting ongoing losses. The design and implementation of policy and programmes that safeguard ecosystems require both an understanding of political, economic and social factors influencing biodiversity protection as well as being founded on established ecological principles.

    The book presents an exhaustive analysis of New Zealand’s biodiversity loss and its conservation. The authors argue that the fundamental drivers of harm as well as the barriers to effective protection must be addressed if we are to halt the loss of our native species and ecosystems and maintain our natural capital. This will require novel economic institutions designed to bring private and public interests toward alignment. The book includes a comprehensive suite of strategic, tactical and practical solutions and finishes with a vision and action plan that EDS is committed to champion in the coming years. Biodiversity loss is not inevitable, it is a choice.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.00
  • Vernacular: the Everyday Landscapes of NZ
    Vernacular: the Everyday Landscapes of NZ
    ISBN: 9781927213490
    Title: Vernacular: the Everyday Landscapes of NZ

    As long as people have lived in New Zealand, they have left traces of all kinds upon the land: stone walls, sculpted earthforms, urban benches, farm fences, boardwalks, walls, steps and drains. These everyday parts of our landscape form the backdrop to our lives, but are a frequently overlooked and underappreciated part of our cultural legacy.

    Landscape designer Philip Smith and photographer David Straight have travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand to document a wonderful diversity of forms and objects that make up our everyday landscape. Far from being ordinary, these landscape features often display a considerable degree of invention and innovation, and great aesthetic appeal.

    These landscape features sometimes have a large scale, as is the case in the beautiful steps and paths of Kauaeranga Valley on the Coromandel Peninsula, or the long sinuous water races of Central Otago. But just as much, these built objects are often modest and small – benches, manhole covers, bike racks and suburban gates.

    Fascinating, idiosyncratic, often beautiful, Vernacular is a unique book, created out of the authors’ desire to record and value a very distinct part of the landscape we inhabit, and the cultural legacy of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Visions of Nature Nzs Wild in the West
    Visions of Nature Nzs Wild in the West
    ISBN: 9780473172152
    Title: Visions of Nature Nzs Wild in the West

    'Visions of Nature - New Zealand's Wild in the West' takes a closer look at the wildlife with which we share our environment. It's a high quality hardback book that brings together some wonderful photography from wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold, who uses his stunning images to encourage others to look more closely at their own environment and the challenges that it faces. Although concentrated in the North Island on the west coast of new Zealand, it encourages you to take a closer look at what?s all around us and shows that, no matter where you live, there are amazing creatures to be found - many of which are struggling to survive in our ever-changing world. Trevor goes one step further by explaining some of the techniques and decisions he makes while capturing these images, not only to give some insight into the challenges of wildlife photography, but to help and encourage people in their own photographic exploits - an inspiring book that can be enjoyed on many levels by people of all ages.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $58.00
  • Visitation: Earthquakes of 1848 & the Destruction of Wellington
    Visitation: Earthquakes of 1848 & the Destruction of Wellington
    ISBN: 9780864736864
    Title: Visitation: Earthquakes of 1848 & the Destruction of Wellington

    'It is my most painful duty to inform your Excellency that a terrible calamity has overtaken this province. An earthquake has occurred, and the town of Wellington is in ruins.' Lieutenant Governor John Eyre to Sir George Grey, 19 October 1848 Wellington was only a fledgling settlement of some 3000 people when it was struck by a cluster of devastating earthquakes in 1848. The fearful violence of the shocks, the destruction of property, and the frequency and continuance of the danger caused universal alarm, and it was feared the settlement and its future was ruined. But Wellington did recover, quite quickly. The British immigrants were not going to be deterred after coming halfway around the world, and in any case, most had nothing to go home to. Their direct accounts of the earthquake and its aftermath make compelling reading. Along with describing the effects of the 1848 earthquakes and the social response to them, THE VISITATION also explains their cause - the relationship between earthquakes and movement on fault lines, first discovered in the late 1880's by the celebrated New Zealand geologist, Alexander McKay, following a large earthquake in North Canterbury on 1 September 1888. It also discusses the fault that ruptured during the first great shock of the 1848 earthquakes; what remains of the 1848 rupture today and its relation to large earthquakes in the past; and the geological context of the 1848 earthquakes as products of the convergence of two great tectonic plates through the Marlborough-North Canterbury area of the South Island of New Zealand; and ends with a possible scenario of a future large earthquake in Wellington generated by movement of the Wellington Fault.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Volcanoes of Auckland: A Field Guide
    Volcanoes of Auckland: A Field Guide
    ISBN: 9781869409012
    Title: Volcanoes of Auckland: A Field Guide

    A fully illustrated field guide for Aucklanders and visitors to take with them out among the 53 volcanoes that shape this city. Volcanoes of Auckland is a handy field guide to the fiery natural world that so deeply shapes New Zealand's largest city - from Rangitoto to One Tree Hill, Lake Pupuke to Orakei Basin. For tens of thousands of years, volcanoes have profoundly shaped the area's geology and geography. And for hundreds of years, volcanoes have played a key part in the lives of Maori and Pakeha - as sites for pa, kumara gardens or twentieth-century military fortifications, as sources of stone and water, and now as parks and reserves for all to enjoy. In a new format designed for the backpack (and including three newly recognised craters), the field guide features an accessible introduction to the science of eruptions, including dating and the next eruption, a history of M?ori and Pakeha uses of the volcanoes, an illustrated guide to each of Auckland's 53 volcanoes, including where to go and what to do, aerial photography, maps and historic photographs- over 400 illustrations, 80% of them new. This field guide will help readers engage afresh with the history, geography and geology of Auckland's unique volcanic landscape. How many volcanoes are there? When did they erupt and how do we know? Will there be another eruption in Auckland and, if so, where and when? Will we have sufficient warning to evacuate in time? What is a lava cave, a volcanic bomb or a tuff ring? Why were Auckland's volcanoes such an attraction to early Maori? Why is it that Auckland's freshest water comes out of our volcanoes? This book answers these and many more questions. Volcanoes of Auckland is the essential guide for locals and tourists, school children and scientists, as they climb up Mt Eden or North Head and take in the volcanic landscape that so shapes life in our city.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader & Ingenious Predator
    Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader & Ingenious Predator
    ISBN: 9781776561858
    Title: Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader & Ingenious Predator
    Author: LESTER PHIL

    They¿re ranked one of the world¿s worst invasive species. They¿re often described as pure evil. People use petrol bombs, flamethrowers and shotguns on them in acts of vengeance.
    Wasps are feared and hated by many of us, with good reason ¿ they sting. For anyone who is allergic to their venom, a sting can mean a trip to hospital; for a very unlucky few, it can mean death. Wasps also place massive pressure on New Zealand¿s biodiversity, especially on native birds, plants and insects, including our much-loved honey bees. They cause huge economic losses, estimated at more than $100 million each year.
    Native to Europe, Vespula vulgaris, the common wasp, has been inadvertently transported around the globe ¿ usually travelling quietly, unseen, sleeping in people¿s cargo. Today in New Zealand, the highest known wasp densities have up to 40 nests per hectare.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand
    Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand
    ISBN: 9780473251147
    Title: Wally's Glasshouse Gardening for New Zealand

    For over 20 years Wally has been writing gardening articles for various newspapers through out New Zealand and during much of that time ran a garden centre and a nursery for supplying plants to the garden centre. He has gone from using various chemical controls to being very opposed to the use of the same, at least in his local environment.

    After semi-retirement, Wally now writes gardening articles and supplies a range of Safe-to-Use or organic type products to garden centres and by mail order to gardeners.

    Wally has come to believe...

    "...that we have far too many chemicals in our food chain and in our day to day living and it is these chemicals which have become more commonly available in the last 50 odd years that are causing the great increase in cancer, arthritis and a number of other health problems that affect far too many people.

    "The health of babies and children are even more adversely affected because their bodies are developing and more susceptible to harmful chemicals and their effects."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Wandering River: Landforms and Geological History of the Hamilton Basin
    Wandering River: Landforms and Geological History of the Hamilton Basin
    ISBN: 9781877480126
    Title: Wandering River: Landforms and Geological History of the Hamilton Basin
    Author: MCCRAW JOHN

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Weed Control Handbook
    Weed Control Handbook
    ISBN: 9781869663216
    Title: Weed Control Handbook

    A weed is a plant growing where it's not wanted. Invasive weeds are an increasing problem in New Zealand with individual species variously affecting agriculture, health, recreational areas and industry. Many of the invasive weeds causing environmental damage start off as ornamental plants in gardens, and become a problem when they 'jump the fence'. In this handbook, garden weeds that are a distinct nuisance to gardeners are examined first, and then the book moves on to target those weeds that threaten our native ecosystems - and yet are quite familiar to most gardeners. Two and sometimes three photographs identify each weedy plant and clear concise headings urge readers to Know it, Understand it, Control it and Replace it. The book divides weeds into herbs, grasses, vines, shrubs and trees with clear technical guidelines regarding the use of herbicides and the disposal of weed waste.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wellington Down Under
    Wellington Down Under
    ISBN: 9781869341220
    Title: Wellington Down Under

    Stephen Journee, a skilled diver and photographer, gives a rare insight into the world below and brings to life all the fish varieties and other forms of marine life that have made the Wellington harbour and the surrounding coastal bays their home over the centuries. From the unbelievable colour of the sea sponges, sea squirts, jewel anemones, blue and red moki, triplefins, seahorses and jellyfish, to schools of jack mackerels and spotties, to dolphins and the occasional visit by pods of orcas - all feature between these covers. Stephen also takes the reader on a tour of famous shipwrecks of the 19th and 20th centuries, a look back in time and what remains from past tragedies; wharves and slipways from yester-year.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wellington Regional Native Plant Guide
    Wellington Regional Native Plant Guide
    ISBN: 9780909016944
    Title: Wellington Regional Native Plant Guide

    How to choose native plants for your garden or rural block according to where in the Wellington region you live.

    Format: Stapled
    Price: $10.00
  • Wetland Plants in NZ
    Wetland Plants in NZ
    ISBN: 9780478093216
    Title: Wetland Plants in NZ
    Author: JOHNSON P N

    A field guide to the native and naturalised plants of New Zealand's bogs, swamps, estuaries, and lakes. The text describes key features, distributions, and habitats, and is illustrated with 531 line drawings plus photographs. With indexes of families, scientific names, and common names. Corrections to, and plant name changes since the 1989 edition included.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Wetlands of Nz
    Wetlands of Nz
    ISBN: 9781869419042
    Title: Wetlands of Nz
    Author: HUNT JANET

    Wetlands are the unheralded gems of the New Zealand landscape. Seriously endangered and taken for granted by New Zealanders, they are often stunning environments and harbour all manner of beautiful and rare flora and fauna. This beautiful, environmentally important book describes what wetlands do, what we find in wetlands - plants, aquatic life, birds and animals - and it also looks at the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Examining the different kinds of wetlands - peatlands, wetlands for waders, coastal wtlands, urban wetlands, upland and geothermal wetlands and rivers - it also focuses on the internationally renowned wetlands known as the Ramsar convention wetlands: Firth of Thames, Kopuatai Peat Dome, Whangamarino, Farewell Spit, Waituna Lagoon, and the Manawatu estuary. A substantial book featuring excellent natural history writing by award-winner Janet Hunt combined with excellent photography by Arno Gasteiger.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Whales Tohora: the Whales & Dolphins of Aotearoa Nz
    Whales Tohora: the Whales & Dolphins of Aotearoa Nz
    ISBN: 9781877385711
    Title: Whales Tohora: the Whales & Dolphins of Aotearoa Nz
    Author: TODD BARBARA

    Based on the popular international Te Papa exhibition "Whales: Giants of the Deep," this resource brings these majestic marine mammals and their underwater world to life, with a special focus on the whales and dolphins of the South Pacific. From the first richly illustrated chapter, readers are immersed in the salty sea to explore their amazing diversity, biology, and adaption to life in the oceans. Throughout the book, hundreds of breathtaking photographs, historical images, astonishing facts and figures, and informative illustrations and diagrams bring the whale world to life. It also includes stories from people whose lives have been inextricably linked with whales--from legendary South Pacific whale riders to international whale scientists and from conservationists to former whalers and their families. For centuries whales have captured imaginations and ignited emotions; humans have revered and mythologized them, hunted them to the brink of extinction, and passionately protected them, and this book is a powerful combination of storytelling, science, and culture that reveals the relationship between whales and people.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Where to Watch Birds in Canterbury
    Where to Watch Birds in Canterbury
    ISBN: 9780473223014
    Title: Where to Watch Birds in Canterbury
    Author: ALLEN NICK

    The first comprehensive guide to bird-watching locations in Canterbury, including a list of bird species that can be found in the region and where to find them. Detailed directions guide one to the location, then describe where the special birds there may be found. Many bird-watching locations are illustrated with line maps. The guide is divided into chapters according to the districts that make up Canterbury (or significantly different habitats). Each chapter has an introduction describing the special birdlife in that area, and usually a map showing the general location of each bird-watching location.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Which Native Tree? New Ecology Ed
    Which Native Tree? New Ecology Ed
    ISBN: 9780143008996
    Title: Which Native Tree? New Ecology Ed
    Author: CROWE ANDREW

    NATURE IDENTIFICATION GUIDES FOR ALL THE FAMILYIDENTIFICATION * ECOLOGY * USESUse Andrew Crowe's unique leaf key to confidently identify common New Zealand native trees* Colour photographs of leaves, flowers, fruit and associated creatures * Graphics giving tree shape * Tree distribution maps* ID checklists listing distinguishing featuresDiscover the known uses of each tree, from food and medicine, to dyes, perfume, honey, bootlaces, fire-making and timber.  Also, learn how to grow each tree in your own garden.Also now includedCreatures to look for in each treeDetails on origins of Maori names

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Which NZ Bird?
    Which NZ Bird?
    ISBN: 9780141006352
    Title: Which NZ Bird?
    Author: CROWE ANDREW

    This unique book is designed to appeal to children and adults alike 'There has never been an identification book like this in New Zealand,' says Andrew Crowe. The book covers 98 endemic, native, introduced or migrant bird species from all the main habitats. Nine identification habitats feature four similar-looking birds with simple tips for telling them apart. Each bird receives a code from 1-100, indicating how easy the bird is to find. Exquisite colour paintings by Dave Gunson cover a greater level of detail, for example, the very strikingly different juvenile forms or male/female differences, etc. There are also distribution maps for each bird.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Which NZ Insect
    Which NZ Insect
    ISBN: 9780141006369
    Title: Which NZ Insect
    Author: CROWE ANDREW

    This excellent book focuses on insects only, not on other invertebrates (spiders, centipedes, worms, snails, slugs, etc) as in the best-selling Life-Size Guide to Insects published in August 1999. Unlike the Life-Size Guide, this book identifies smaller insects on large panels, and includes a complete coverage of New Zealand butterflies. The text is very detailed and covers over 350 insects.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Which NZ Spider
    Which NZ Spider
    ISBN: 9780143006435
    Title: Which NZ Spider
    Author: CROWE ANDREW

    A book that makes it simple to identify a spider and learn about its lifestyle. In this new companion to his award-winning Which New Zealand Insect? Andrew Crowe showcases New Zealand spiders, with practical details on how, when and where to find them. The author continues in his typically entertaining style to weave in many odd and surprising facts - such as how best to eat big spiders, which ones fly, and how to use spider webs for catching fish or for stopping flying bullets. You can also learn here:. Which spiders somersault or jump; Which spiders walk on water, live under the sea or in caves; Whether the whitetailed spider really is dangerous; How to find and recognise a native katipo spider; . Some 60 new Zealand spiders and their relatives (both common and rare) are described and illustrated with 130 photographs.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • White Out the Historic Snowfalls of 2011
    White Out the Historic Snowfalls of 2011
    ISBN: 9780143567172
    Title: White Out the Historic Snowfalls of 2011
    Author: ANON

    In August 2011, the whole of New Zealand encountered spectacular snows. Canterbury and the deep south saw prodigious snowfalls, bringing everyday life to a near standstill, Wellington was blanketed by its first snow in over 20 years, and areas further north, including Auckland, saw snow for the first time in decades. WHITE OUT is a tribute to these historic weather events. It showcases scenes at once funny, scenic, quirky, and simply beautiful - as submitted by everyday people right around the country.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $18.00
  • Wild Heart the Possibility of Wilderness
    Wild Heart the Possibility of Wilderness
    ISBN: 9781877578205
    Title: Wild Heart the Possibility of Wilderness

    Images of pristine forests, mountain ranges, untameable rivers and empty expanses of coastline are the key attraction in how we promote Aotearoa New Zealand internationally: '100% Pure' no less. Such wildness is at this nation's psychological and physical core. This book searches for an understanding of 'the wild', of what makes wilderness such an important part of our psyche. The seventeen essays come from trampers, scientists, conservationists, policy-makers, photographers, historians, and writers. Together they examine many aspects of the idea of wilderness. What and where is New Zealand's wilderness? Is the wilderness something that we lock up or not? How do Maori see wilderness? How is it defined by law and what is government policy? Why? Where does that leave us? What do we want of wilderness? Can we exploit its resources? Wild Heart looks forward, as exploring the 'possibility' of wilderness lies at its core. What could wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand become, and, consequently, what might we its people also become?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Wildbore: A Photographic Legacy
    Wildbore: A Photographic Legacy
    ISBN: 9780473444136
    Title: Wildbore: A Photographic Legacy

    Wildbore: A photographic legacy explores the world of Pohangina Valley farmer Charles E. Wildbore through his remarkable photographs. Wildbore captured the unprecedented environmental change that, by the beginning of the 20th century, had transformed a densely forested valley into farms and orderly settlements. Wildbore¿s photographic legacy enables us to visualise the forests that have been almost entirely extinguished from the lowlands of the Manawatu region and, indeed, throughout New Zealand. More than that, it allows us to imagine a future where forests and wetlands are restored ¿ to coalesce with landscapes of human endeavour.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wildflowers of NZ
    Wildflowers of NZ
    ISBN: 9781869663773
    Title: Wildflowers of NZ
    Author: SUISTED ROB

    Early botanists were astonished at the wealth of new plants they discovered in New Zealand; many of our flowering plants are found nowhere else in the world. The blue of the giant Chatham Islands forget-me-not, the lush yellow of the kowhai and the startling creamy-white Mt Cook lily are just a few of the vibrant colours captured in Rob Suisted's exceptional images. Ranging through wetland, forest, grasslands and coastal habitats, introductory text and informative captions describe our native flowering plants, paying attention to those endangered species, such as the dramatic kakabeak, whose numbers are becoming scarce in the wild.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Wildlife of NZ
    Wildlife of NZ
    ISBN: 9781869664008
    Title: Wildlife of NZ
    Author: SUISTED ROB

    Given the abundance of New Zealand's wilderness areas, it is no surprise that the country's native wildlife is a major drawcard. In the latest title in his compact-format pictorial series, leading photographer Rob Suisted showcases the most iconic and popular species. Wildlife of New Zealand includes not merely the flagship species like kiwi, kauri, kakapo and tuatara, but a unique assembly of fascinating plants and animals that have evolved amid habitats ranging from alpine peaks, open scrub and subtropical forest to wetlands, rocky or sandy shores and the open Pacific. And ease of access to New Zealand's great outdoors means that almost all of these species can be seen firsthand by the visitor. Well researched and informative captions from natural history writer and editor Matt Turner make this not only a stunning photographic collection, but also a very useful reference.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Yates Garden Guide (78th Edition)
    Yates Garden Guide (78th Edition)
    ISBN: 9781775540243
    Title: Yates Garden Guide (78th Edition)
    Author: YATES

    Practical advice on all aspects of gardening: designing and planning your garden, preparing and maintaining your garden, organic gardening, water-saving gardens, gardening for kids, low-allergen gardens, pests, diseases and weeds, hundreds of handy hints from New Zealand's leading gardeners,container gardening for courtyards.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Yates Garden Guide 77ed
    Yates Garden Guide 77ed
    ISBN: 9781869506520
    Title: Yates Garden Guide 77ed
    Author: YATES

    This fully updated and revised 77th edition provides reliable, practical advice on all aspects of gardening: designing and planning your garden; preparing and maintaining your garden; organic gardening; water-saving gardens; gardening for kids; low-allergen gardens; pests, diseases and weeds; handy hints from NZ's top gardeners; container gardening for courtyards; You will find everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit in YATES GARDEN GUIDE - the essential companion for all gardeners.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $46.00
  • Yates Garden Planner 2010 78ed
    Yates Garden Planner 2010 78ed
    ISBN: 9781869508685
    Title: Yates Garden Planner 2010 78ed
    Author: YATES

    An invaluable companion to Yates Garden Guide, our most popular and highly respected gardening reference, Yates Garden Planner will help you become a better gardener. With clearly set out and easy-to-follow weekly and monthly tips, useful gardening information and planting guides for each major Australasian climatic zone, Yates Garden Planner will see you safely through the gardening year. Demystify the rites and rituals of pruning, pest control, what to plant where and when, and make the most of your garden with this easy-to-use and practical gardening aid from a tried, tested and trusted name in gardening products. Plan your garden with confidence, learn the best plants for your region and see the benefits of all your hard work as you begin to harvest and enjoy the results of a well-planned garden. Weekly gardening notes, what to plant and when, monthly pruning and feeding guide, monthly pest watch and plant of the month.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $31.00
  • Yates Garden Problem Solver (Revised Edition)
    Yates Garden Problem Solver (Revised Edition)
    ISBN: 9781775541318
    Title: Yates Garden Problem Solver (Revised Edition)
    Author: YATES

    New Zealand's go-to garden guide for pest and disease solutions This bestselling book has been updated to include the latest available practical remediesfor your garden, including natural and organic pest and disease solutions. Covering a wide variety of common problems affecting flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs, trees and lawns, Yates Garden Problem Solver provides clear colour illustrations of weeds, pests and diseases, allowing you to spot at a glance the issue affecting your plants. Easy-to-follow text provides simple steps to rid yourself of even the nastiest pests.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Yates Garden Problem Solver a Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis & Practical Remedies
    Yates Garden Problem Solver a Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis & Practical Remedies
    ISBN: 9781869509811
    Title: Yates Garden Problem Solver a Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis & Practical Remedies
    Author: YATES STAFF

    The book covers a variety of common disorders affecting flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees. Colour illustrations of weeds, pests and diseases allow you to identify at a glance the problem affecting your plants. The text describes symptoms, probable causes and the most effective steps to remedy the situation. Whether your garden is a window box, a vegetable plot or the neighbourhood showcase, you'll find this book invaluable all year round.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Yates Month by Month
    Yates Month by Month
    ISBN: 9781869509804
    Title: Yates Month by Month
    Author: YATES

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants & How to Not Kill Them
    Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants & How to Not Kill Them
    ISBN: 9781460757345
    Title: Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants & How to Not Kill Them
    Author: THOMAS ANGIE

    The top 50 indoor houseplants for Australia and New Zealand - what's best and how to keep them alive. Bring the outdoors in and breathe new life to your home with plants! House plants are well and truly back on trend - they instantly lift an area, make a room feel fresh and welcoming, and brighten your mood.On top of this, indoor plants are great for purifying the air and creating a healthier home.Together with microbes in the soil, plants work wonders to reduce harmful pollutants released from indoor furniture. (It's true: look at the study conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney.)If you feel like your rooms need a splash of colour and a breath of life, there's no better starting point than this book. Whether your style is dramatic jungle plants or to sweetly shaped succulents, you'll find something to suit. With loads of glorious illustrations for inspiration, data on which plants are suitable where, and clear advice on how to pot, prune and pet your plants, this is the perfect guide for bringing the outdoors in - no matter what your level of gardening skill!

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Yates Vegetable Garden Guide
    Yates Vegetable Garden Guide
    ISBN: 9781869509286
    Title: Yates Vegetable Garden Guide
    Author: YATES

    Gardening is one of the mega-trends occurring globally with most people making their first foray into gardening with a vegetable and herb garden. This is a new book in the phenomenally popular Yates series of books. Practical and accessible and highly illustrated, and will be suitable for gardeners of all skill levels. In addition to information on growing over 50 types of vegetables and 30 herbs, the Yates Vegetable Garden also includes: Building a garden Gardening in containers Soils, compost and worms Organics and companion planting Gardening for kids Growing from seeds Pests, diseases and weeds 12-month planting calendar Planting maps/zones of New Zealand

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation
    Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation
    ISBN: 9780473490119
    Title: Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation
    Author: LYNCH JAMES

    It is 30 years since the publication of Natural Wellington- a plan, initiated by Jim Lynch to “Bring back the birds to Wellington city”. It is 28 years since Jim Lynch proposed the Karori Sanctuary- The world’s first predator fenced community eco-sanctuary.
    It is almost 25 years since the formation of the Karori Sanctuary Trust. It is 20 years since the predator proof fence at karori was constructed.
    Zealandia was the centrepiece of three big ideas in 1990/92: urban conservation, fenced eco-sanctuaries and community conservation. All three have proven to be highly successful.
    Now known as Zealandia, the sanctuary is widely regarded as a success. It is achieving its restoration goals, is a centre of community engagement, a learning and research hub, a major visitor attraction, and is now an economic success story. It is now nearly self-funding and returning great economic benefits to the city.
    Zealandia was an original vision which was far ahead of its time and has been widely copied. After 30years, the innovative business model and concept have been proven to work.
    Zealandia has just been selected by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 greatest places in the world to visit, based on key factors, including quality, originality, sustainability, innovation and influence. https://time.com/collection/worlds-greatest-places-2019/5654152/zealandia-wellington-new-zealand/
    It has been the catalyst for the return of missing species to Wellington city and has inspired the city to pursue goals which have made Wellington a “Biophilic city” and one of the few places where biodiversity is increasing.
    Zealandia launched a national community eco-sanctuary movement. Since 2000, 31 fenced sanctuary’s and 80 community sanctuaries with similar objectives emerged and are now protecting 44,000 ha of high biodiversity value land on the mainland. The community eco-sanctuaries have collectively brought many tens of thousands of people and hundreds of millions of dollars into conservation and protected many threatened species. It is the major development in conservation during this century. It also inspired the current “Predator Free NZ” movement.
    The book traces the 30-year journey of Zealandia; starting with how the idea was conceived, and following an incredible story of overcoming the odds to get the support and funding needed to build the fence, eradicate the pests, restore species to the valley and develop the enterprise to meet a range of complex and ambitious goals.
    The book is an example of how innovation occurs and can spread its influence widely for national benefit.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
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