• Pronounce Maori With Confidence

    Pronounce Maori With Confidence
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    ISBN: 9780143202387
    Title: Pronounce Maori With Confidence
    Author: HOANI NIWA

    This book and CD set gives the basics of how to pronounce Maori correctly, while teaching a little of the language to be used in everyday ife. No prior knowledge of Maori is reqired to use this book. All you need is to take on board a few simple rules and then apply them.  The CD-ROM - playable on audio and viewable on computer - supports the book at every step and presents the correct pronunciation as a model for your own practice. Pronounce Maori with Confidence explains: the Maori alphabet, pronunciaton of each letter, syllables, stress, commonly mispronounced words, pronunciation for frequently used words, including the names of people, places and tribes.

    Format: Mixed Media
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