• Putea Whakairo: Maori & the Written Word

    Putea Whakairo: Maori & the Written Word
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    ISBN: 9781869690823
    Title: Putea Whakairo: Maori & the Written Word

    This stunning book presents a history of the Ngati Hikatoa people through the writings of seven Maori people spanning four generations of the Maaka family. Included are genealogies, traditional histories and personal documents written in Maori and in English that date from 1848-1978. Ranging from Pepeha and Waiata to the bleaky beautiful diaries of a mutton-birder, the documents collected in this book are a rare and intriguing window into the real lives of their authors. This valuable reference work illustrates how Whanau , Hapu and Iwi holding private Maori manuscripts can safeguard and share ancestors' precious works for the future.

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