• 200%: An Instruction Manual for Living Fully

    200%: An Instruction Manual for Living Fully
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    ISBN: 9780957205673
    Title: 200%: An Instruction Manual for Living Fully

    Every human should get a copy of this book when they are born."

    - Manyu, internationally renowned mindfulness/meditation teacher

    This book is a guide for the human condition. It is a practical, real and honest roadmap for anyone who wants to experience life to its fullest - at 200%.

    200% of life is the experience of everything. It is the whole of life: 100% inner connection, peace and stability and 100% outer enjoyment, effectiveness and fulfilment.

    Success without contentment and peace is half a life. Being "Zen" without action or the good things of life is only half the picture. You can have both; you deserve both. You deserve to live 200% of life.

    A step-by-step, "How to live fully" manual, this book gives you everything you need to cultivate the right rock solid inner foundation for the most fulfilling, and even thrilling, external existence.

    Light-hearted, entertaining and incredibly clear, this is the rarest of spiritual books - it doesn't take itself too seriously, yet what it delivers is profound.

    Do you want to live 200% of life?

    Here is your complete guide on how to do it.

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