• Avengers & Philosophy Earths Mightiest Thinkers

    Avengers & Philosophy Earths Mightiest Thinkers
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    ISBN: 9781118074572
    Title: Avengers & Philosophy Earths Mightiest Thinkers

    <b>An engaging look at the philosophical underpinnings of Earth′s Mightiest Heroes</b><p>Avengers assemble! Tackling intriguing dilemmas and issues that no single great philosopher can withstand, this powerful book enlists the brainpower of an A-list team of history′s most prominent thinkers to explore the themes behind the action of Marvel Comics′ all-star superhero team.</p><ul><li>Arms you with new insights into the characters and themes of <i>The Avengers</i></li><li>Deepens your appreciation both of <i>The Avengers</i> comics and the Joss Whedon movie adaptation</li><li>Answers the philosophical questions you′ve always had about Earth′s Mightiest Heroes, including: Can a reformed criminal become a superhero? Can an android love a human? If a hero beats his wife, is he still a hero?</li><li>Helps you think differently about the members of the superhero team-Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the others</li></ul><p>This thought-provoking book will help you understand this band of superheroes better, whether you′ve followed the Avengers for years or are a Joss Whedon fan just getting to know them.</p>

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