• Book of Master Mo

    Book of Master Mo
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    ISBN: 9780141392103
    Title: Book of Master Mo
    Author: ZI MO

    'Where there is universality, those living in large states don't attack small states, those living in large houses don't bring disorder to small houses, the strong don't oppress the weak'& Written in China in the fifth century BC, The Book of Master Mo is a hugely influential collection of philosophical writing, intended to deal with the turbulence of the Warring States period. From encouraging universal love to condemning excess at funerals, the essays describe how to maintain peace and harmony, but as an expert in defensive warfare Mo Zi also wrote fascinating technical tips for defending a city, including methods for the identification of spies and how to stockpile food. As one of the first examples of using systematic argument in conceptual debate, The Book of Master Mo represents a groundbreaking shift in Chinese philosophy.Translated, edited and with an introduction by Ian Johnston

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