• Living & the Dead
    Living & the Dead
    ISBN: 9781910924327
    Title: Living & the Dead

    The Living and the Dead& examines the boundaries between the worlds of life and death.&

    & The text draws upon philosophy, ethnography, literature and natural science to suggest that life and death are best understood not in opposition, but as continuous tendencies acting upon one another. Austin Locke argues that the failure to give nuanced consideration to the connections between the living and nonliving devalues both life and death. In doing so, he suggests that our ability to respond to the challenges of environmental degradation, technological advancement, and the dominance of economic logic depend in part on more fluid understandings of the relationship between life and death.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Love Notes For a Politics of Love
    Love Notes For a Politics of Love
    ISBN: 9781590565889
    Title: Love Notes For a Politics of Love

    In Love Notes, a collection of articles, essays, and presentations, Philip McKibbin introduces the Politics of Love and explores the possibilities of this emerging theory. The Politics of Love affirms the importance of love and reimagines our relationships: to ourselves, each other, non-human animals, and the natural environment. This love is inclusive, critical, generous, and constructive. Instead of a politics of fear and distrust, of separation and narrow-mindedness, the Politics of Love presents a new vision that extends beyond individuals, families, the nation state, and even human beings: it is love that will bring about justice for other species, and it may also enable us to address climate change.

    This book presents an intellectual journey; it charts a course for the future, and invites you to help take the Politics of Love forward.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00

  • Man & His Symbols
    Man & His Symbols
    ISBN: 9780440351832
    Title: Man & His Symbols
    Author: JUNG CARL G

    Illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the layperson his enormously influential theory of symbolism as revealed in dreams.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Man's Search for Meaning: The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust
    Man's Search for Meaning: The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust
    ISBN: 9781844132393
    Title: Man's Search for Meaning: The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust

    A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war, Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that both he and others in Auschwitz coped with the experience. He noticed that it was the men who comforted others and who gave away their last piece of bread who survived the longest.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Marx & Marxism
    Marx & Marxism
    ISBN: 9780141983486
    Title: Marx & Marxism

    An illuminating history of Marx's thought and intellectual influence from a leading historian of socialism Why was Marx so successful as a thinker? Did he have a system and if so, what does it consist of? How did Marxism develop in the twentieth century and what does it mean today? Karl Marx remains the most influential and controversial political thinker in history. The movements associated with his name have lent hope to many victims of tyranny and aggression but have also proven disastrous in practice and resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions. If after the collapse of the Soviet Union his reputation seemed utterly eclipsed, a new generation is reading and discovering Marx in the wake of the recurrent financial crises, growing social inequality and an increasing sense of the injustice and destructiveness of capitalism. Both his critique of capitalism and his vision of the future speak across the centuries to our times, even if the questions he poses are more difficult to answer than ever. In this wide-ranging account, Gregory Claeys, one of Britain's leading historians of socialism, considers Marx's ideas and their development through the Russian Revolution to the present, showing why Marx and Marxism still matter today.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Materialism
    ISBN: 9780300246629
    Title: Materialism

    Terry Eagleton shows how materialism is at the centre of today's important scientific, cultural and philosophical debates. Looking at the ideas of Marx, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, Eagleton demonstrates how, in different ways, materialism tears us away from the fantasy that humans are wholly self-determining. This is a powerful account that strikes to the heart of how we think about ourselves and reminds us of our dependence on our surroundings and on each other. Book jacket.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Materialism: A Philosophical Inquiry
    Materialism: A Philosophical Inquiry
    ISBN: 9780367201340
    Title: Materialism: A Philosophical Inquiry

    The doctrine of materialism is one of the most controversial in the history of ideas. For much of its history it has been aligned with toleration and enlightened thinking, but it has also aroused strong, often violent, passions amongst both its opponents and proponents. This book explores the development of materialism in an engaging and thought-provoking way and defends the form it takes in the twenty-first century.

    Opening with an account of the ideas of some of the most important thinkers in the materialist tradition, including Epicurus, Lucretius, Hobbes, Hume, Darwin and Marx, the authors discuss materialism's origins, as an early form of naturalistic explanation and as an intellectual outlook about life and the world in general. They explain how materialism's beginnings as an imaginative vision of the true nature of things faced a major challenge from the physics it did so much to facilitate, which now portrays the microscopic world in a way incompatible with traditional materialism. Brown and Ladyman explain how out of this challenge materialism developed into the new doctrine of physicalism.

    Drawing on a wide range of colourful examples, the authors argue that although materialism does not have all the answers, its humanism and commitment to naturalistic explanation and the scientific method is our best philosophical hope in the ideological maelstrom of the modern world.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Mathematics of the Gods & the Algorithms of Men: A Cultural History
    Mathematics of the Gods & the Algorithms of Men: A Cultural History
    ISBN: 9780241312179
    Title: Mathematics of the Gods & the Algorithms of Men: A Cultural History

    Is mathematics a discovery or an invention? Have we invented numbers or do they truly exist? What sort of reality should we attribute to them? Mathematics has always been a way of understanding and ordering the world: from sacred ancient texts and pre-Socratic philosophers to twentieth-century logicians such as Russell and Frege and beyond.

    In this masterful, elegant book, mathematician and philosopher Paolo Zellini offers a brief cultural and intellectual history of mathematics, from ancient Greece to India to our contemporary obsession with algorithms, showing how mathematical thinking is inextricably linked with philosophical, existential and religious questions--and indeed with our cosmic understanding of the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Meaning of Human Existence
    Meaning of Human Existence
    ISBN: 9781631491146
    Title: Meaning of Human Existence

    In The Meaning of Human Existence, his most philosophical work to date, Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson grapples with these and other existential questions, examining what makes human beings supremely different from all other species. Searching for meaning in what Nietzsche once called "the rainbow colors" around the outer edges of knowledge and imagination, Wilson takes his readers on a journey, in the process bridging science and philosophy to create a twenty-first-century treatise on human existence--from our earliest inception to a provocative look at what the future of mankind portends.Continuing his groundbreaking examination of our "Anthropocene Epoch," which he began with The Social Conquest of Earth, described by the New York Times as "a sweeping account of the human rise to domination of the biosphere," here Wilson posits that we, as a species, now know enough about the universe and ourselves that we can begin to approach questions about our place in the cosmos and the meaning of intelligent life in a systematic, indeed, in a testable way.Once criticized for a purely mechanistic view of human life and an overreliance on genetic predetermination, Wilson presents in The Meaning of Human Existence his most expansive and advanced theories on the sovereignty of human life, recognizing that, even though the human and the spider evolved similarly, the poet's sonnet is wholly different from the spider's web. Whether attempting to explicate "The Riddle of the Human Species," "Free Will," or "Religion"; warning of "The Collapse of Biodiversity"; or even creating a plausible "Portrait of E.T.," Wilson does indeed believe that humanity holds a special position in the known universe.The human epoch that began in biological evolution and passed into pre-, then recorded, history is now more than ever before in our hands. Yet alarmed that we are about to abandon natural selection by redesigning biology and human nature as we wish them, Wilson soberly concludes that advances in science and technology bring us our greatest moral dilemma since God stayed the hand of Abraham.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Meaning of Things: Applying Philosophy to Life
    Meaning of Things: Applying Philosophy to Life
    ISBN: 9780753813591
    Title: Meaning of Things: Applying Philosophy to Life
    Author: GRAYLING A C

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Meditations
    ISBN: 9780141395869
    Title: Meditations

    Marcus Aurelius wrote 'Meditations' around 170 - 180, whilst on a campaign in central Europe, most probably in what is now Serbia, Hungary and Austria. The 12 books that make up 'Meditations' were not written as an exercise in explaining his philosophy but rather as a personal notebook for self-improvement and study.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Meditations
    ISBN: 9780812968255
    Title: Meditations

    A new translation, with an Introduction, by Gregory Hays
    Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (a.d. 121-180) succeeded his adoptive father as emperor of Rome in a.d. 161--and Meditations remains one of the greatest works of spiritual and ethical reflection ever written. With a profound understanding of human behavior, Marcus provides insights, wisdom, and practical guidance on everything from living in the world to coping with adversity to interacting with others. Consequently, the Meditations have become required reading for statesmen and philosophers alike, while generations of ordinary readers have responded to the straightforward intimacy of his style. In Gregory Hays's new translation--the first in a generation--Marcus's thoughts speak with a new immediacy: never before have they been so directly and powerfully presented.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Meditations #2
    Meditations #2
    ISBN: 9780141018829
    Title: Meditations #2

    The Meditations of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius are a readable exposition of the system of metaphysics known as stoicism. Stoics maintained that by putting aside great passions, unjust thoughts and indulgence, man could acquire virtue and live at one with nature.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $13.00
  • Meditations The Philosophy Classic
    Meditations The Philosophy Classic
    ISBN: 9780857088468
    Title: Meditations The Philosophy Classic

    A deluxe special edition of the ancient classic written by the Roman Emperor known as "The Philosopher"

    Meditations is a series of personal journals written by Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome from 169 to 180 AD. The last of the "Five Good Emperors," he was the most powerful and influential man in the Western world at the time. Marcus was one of the leaders of Stoicism, a philosophy of personal ethics which sought resilience and virtue through personal action and responsibility. Stoicism, viewed as a foundation of modern self-help, has inspired many personal development and psychotherapy approaches through to the present day.

    Meditations is perhaps the most important source of our modern understanding of Stoic philosophy. Its twelve books chronicle different stages of Marcus Aurelius' life and ideas. Although he ruled during the Pax Romana, the age of relative peace and stability throughout the empire, his reign was marked by near-constant military conflict and a devastating plague which killed upwards of five million people. Aurelius' writings give modern readers an unprecedented look into the "spiritual exercises" which helped him through his tumultuous life and strengthened his patience, empathy, generosity, self-knowledge and emotional health. The private reflections recorded in the Meditations were never meant to be published, rather they were a source for Marcus' own guidance and self-improvement, and jotted down by campfires or in military tents on the Roman front. The lessons, insights and perspectives contained within this remarkable work are just as relevant today as they were two millennia ago. This volume:

    • Presents the timeless wisdom of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his Stoic philosophy, with new research on his life and times
    • Contains valuable insights on topics such as resilience, moderation and emotional control
    • Discusses how to live "in agreement with nature" and abide by strong ethical principles

    Part of the bestselling Capstone Classics Series edited by Tom Butler-Bowdon, this attractive, high-quality hardcover volume includes:

    • An original Introduction by Marcus Aurelius authority and Stoicism expert Donald Robertson, author of How To Think Like A Roman Emperor.
    • A modernised, up to date version of the classic George Long translation.

    Meditations: The Philosophy Classic is a volume which will occupy a prominent place in any library for years to come.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $24.00
  • Memento Mori: What the Romans Can Tell Us about Old Age & Death
    Memento Mori: What the Romans Can Tell Us about Old Age & Death
    ISBN: 9781786494825
    Title: Memento Mori: What the Romans Can Tell Us about Old Age & Death
    Author: JONES P. V.

    In this revealing and entertaining guide to how the Romans confronted their own mortality, Peter Jones shows us that all the problems associated with old age and death that so transfix us today were already dealt with by our ancient ancestors 2,000 years ago. Romans inhabited a world where people, knowing nothing about hygiene let alone disease, had no defenses against nature. Death was everywhere. Half of all Roman children were dead by the age of five. Only 8% of the population made it over 60. One bizarre result was that half the population consisted of teenagers. From the elites' philosophical take on the brevity of life to the epitaphs left by butchers, bakers and buffoons, Memento Mori ("Remember you die") shows how the Romans faced up to this world and attempted to take the sting out of death.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Men in Dark Times
    Men in Dark Times
    ISBN: 9788087888940
    Title: Men in Dark Times

    Essays on Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg, Pope John XXIII, Isak Dinesen, Bertolt Brecht, Randall Jarrell, and others whose lives and work illuminated the early part of the century. Index.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers: Find Your Inner Universe
    Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers: Find Your Inner Universe
    ISBN: 9781782407669
    Title: Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers: Find Your Inner Universe

    Noticing the wonders of the night skies can foster a sense of curiosity, awe and deep interconnectedness like nothing else on Earth!

    Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers& presents a constellation of meditations on how the mysteries of the outer universe connect us all more deeply to our inner universes.

    Astronomer and ex-Zen monk Mark Westmoquette explores how astronomy proves to be an enlightening tool to transformative awareness-through shooting stars, eclipses and the journey of a photon, we discover how to find meaning and presence here and now.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $15.00
  • Mindfulness & Compassion Embracing Life With Loving-kindness
    Mindfulness & Compassion Embracing Life With Loving-kindness
    ISBN: 9781782402886
    Title: Mindfulness & Compassion Embracing Life With Loving-kindness
    Author: HAPPY BUDDHA

    The Happy Buddha explores why compassion is the very essence of mindfulness and how we can connect with this loving quality through the transformational practice of meditation. Through personal and philosophical reflections, practical teachings, and enlightening insights into loving-kindness, joy, happiness, and contentment, he draws upon Buddhism, psychotherapy, and focusing (a way of listening to our intuitive wisdom) to reveal compassion as the key to true wellbeing for ourselves and each other.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $22.00
  • Mindfulness & Sleep: How to Improve Your Sleep Quality Through Practicing Mindfulness
    Mindfulness & Sleep: How to Improve Your Sleep Quality Through Practicing Mindfulness
    ISBN: 9781782495604
    Title: Mindfulness & Sleep: How to Improve Your Sleep Quality Through Practicing Mindfulness
    Author: BLACK ANNA

    If you're having trouble sleeping, mindfulness can help.

    Do you worry about the fact that you are awake when you want to be asleep, and how tired you will feel during the day? You are not alone. One in three of us experiences problems sleeping--often triggered by stress, illness, and getting older. However, practicing mindfulness meditation regularly can help. We can learn to become less reactive and more accepting of being awake, which in turn reduces our anxiety around not sleeping. This may mean we drift off to sleep, but even if we are still awake, the mind is quieter. In Mindfulness and Sleep Anna Black introduces mindfulness and explains how it can help change your relationship to sleep as well as reduce stress. There are 25 practices and activities that introduce mindfulness and how to practice it. These include meditations for night- and daytime, as well as everyday activities that shine a light on our habitual patterns and behaviors and help create better habits to support the body's self-regulating sleep system. Learn how to keep a sleep diary, too, which allows you to make notes about what you discover when you pay attention to what helps and hinders you in sleeping.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00

  • Mindfulness @ Work
    Mindfulness @ Work
    ISBN: 9781782491699
    Title: Mindfulness @ Work
    Author: BLACK ANNA

    Anna Black suggests short and simple meditations that can be used throughout the working day to strengthen focus and concentration, enhance working relationships and improve empathy - all of which help you to perform well and keep calm at work, whatever your job.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety: Finding Calm & Clarity in Uncertain Times
    Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety: Finding Calm & Clarity in Uncertain Times
    ISBN: 9781782403180
    Title: Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety: Finding Calm & Clarity in Uncertain Times

    Anxiety is a state many of us know only too well. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is on the global increase too with 1 in 25 people affected in the UK alone. Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety helps loosen the knots and tangles of anxiety and explores the ways we can break their stifling bonds through better understanding of the root of the problem - the mind. Richard Gilpin shares frank personal anecdotes and therapeutic insights, revealing how mindfulness can create a path for us through anxiety. With wisdom and clarity, he guides us through the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $23.00
  • Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
    Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
    ISBN: 9780241972069
    Title: Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
    Author: WAX RUBY

    "500 years ago no-one died of stress- we invented this concept and now we let it rule us. We might have evolvedto be able to miraculously balance on seven-inch heels, but as far as our emotional development is concerned we're still swimming with the pond scum. If we don't advance our more human qualities then we're doomed evolution-wise to become cyborgs, with an imprint of an 'Apple' where our hearts used to be. Ruby Wax shows us a scientific solution to these modern problems- mindfulness. I know what you're thinking - what if I don't want to stare at a butterfly wing or hear the single ting of a wind chime? Ruby's definition of mindfulness isn't about sitting erect on a hillock, legs in a knot, humming a mantra that's probably the phone book sung backwards, it's something that can help us all- learning to notice your thoughts and feelings so you can truly experience life. Outrageously witty, smart and accessible, Ruby Wax shows ordinary people how and why to change for good. With mindfulness advice for relationships, for parents, for children and for teenagers, and a six-week course based on her studies of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Mark Williams at Oxford University, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzledis the only guide you need for a healthier, happier life."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Mindfulness on the Go: Simple Meditation Practices You can do Anywhere
    Mindfulness on the Go: Simple Meditation Practices You can do Anywhere
    ISBN: 9781611801705
    Title: Mindfulness on the Go: Simple Meditation Practices You can do Anywhere

    A pocket-sized collection of mindfulness practices anyone can do anytime--from the author of "Mindful Eating."
    Mindfulness can reduce stress, improve physical health and quality of life, and give you deep insight. Meditation practice is one way to do it, but not the only way. In fact, there are easy ways to fit it into your everyday life. Jan Chozen Bays provides here 25 practices that can be used on the go to cultivate mindfulness. The three-breath practice, the mindfulness of entering rooms, offering compliments, tasting your food one careful bite at a time--these deceptively simple practices can have a cumulative effect for the better. The book is an abridgment of Bays's longer collection "How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness.""

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $17.00
  • Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (with Cd)
    Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (with Cd)
    ISBN: 9780749953089
    Title: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (with Cd)


    MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and promote genuine joie de vivre. It's the kind of happiness that gets into your bones. It seeps into everything you do and helps you meet the worst that life can throw at you with new courage. The book is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT revolves around a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed. MBCT has been clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression and it is recommended by the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence - in other words, it works. More importantly it also works for people who are not depressed but who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world. MINDFULNESS focuses on promoting joy and peace rather than banishing unhappiness. It's precisely focused to help ordinary people boost their happiness and confidence levels whilst also reducing anxiety, stress and irritability.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Mindfulness: An Eight-week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World
    Mindfulness: An Eight-week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World
    ISBN: 9781609618957
    Title: Mindfulness: An Eight-week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

    From one of the leading thinkers on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, comes a pioneering set of simple practices that can be incorporated into daily life to dissolve anxiety, stress, exhaustion and unhappiness.MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and exhaustion. It promotes the kind of happiness and peace that gets into your bones. It seeps into everything you do and helps you meet the worst that life throws at you with new courage.The book is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT revolves around a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed. MBCT has been clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression and is widely recommended by US physicians and the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - in other words, it works. More importantly it also works for people who are not depressedbut who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world.MBCT was developed by the book's author, Oxford professor Mark Williams, and his colleagues at the Universities of Cambridge and Toronto. By investing just 10 to 20 minutes each day, you can learn the simple mindfulness meditations at the heart of MBCT and fully reap their benefits. The book includes links to audio mediations to help guide you through the process. You'll be surprised by how quickly these techniques will have you enjoying life again.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Miracle of Mindfulness
    Miracle of Mindfulness
    ISBN: 9781846041068
    Title: Miracle of Mindfulness


    The Miracle of Mindfulness is a modern classic. In this life-changing book, Buddhist monk and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh explains how to practise mindfulness. Once we know how to be mindful, we can slow ourselves down and start living in the moment. Even simple acts such as washing the dishes or drinking a cup of tea can be transformed into acts of meditation. Whatever our beliefs, we can begin to reap the immense benefits that meditation has been scientifically proven to offer.

    Thich Nhat Hanh's unique calligraphy, especially created for this beautiful new edition, accompanies his words of wisdom. A chronology details the important moments in his life, and rare photographs illustrate key moments.

    This is a book to treasure and the perfect gift for those you love and care for.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Mister Descartes & His Evil Genius
    Mister Descartes & His Evil Genius
    ISBN: 9783037345467
    Title: Mister Descartes & His Evil Genius

    At its most basic, philosophy is about learning how to think about the world around us. It should come as no surprise, then, that children make excellent philosophers Plato & Co. introduces children and curious grown-ups to the lives and work of famous philosophers, from Socrates to Descartes, Einstein, Marx, and Wittgenstein. Each book in the series features an engaging and often funny story that presents basic tenets of philosophical thought alongside vibrant color illustrations.
    On a peaceful winter night while the rest of the town sleeps, Mister Descartes stays up late reading the great books of the world. Suddenly, by the light of the moon, he sees a strange and fearsome shape in the shadow of his pet parrot, Baruch. Is it an illusion, or could it be that his faithful pet is but a figment of his imagination? Could the same be true of his room and all of sleepy Holland? Quite obviously, he cannot rely on his senses, so how can Mister Descartes arrive at any certainty about the world around him? How will he determine what is a clever trick and what is real?
    Plato & Co. s clear approach and charming illustrations make this series the perfect addition to any little library."

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader
    Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader
    ISBN: 9781631493997
    Title: Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader

    A necessary companion to the acclaimed Stone Reader, Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments is a landmark collection for contemporary ethical thought.

    Since 2010, The Stone--the immensely popular, award-winning philosophy series in The New York Times--has revived and reinterpreted age-old inquires to speak to our modern condition. This new collection of essays from the series does for modern ethics what The Stone Reader did for modern philosophy. New York Times editor Peter Catapano and best-selling author and philosopher Simon Critchley have curated an unparalleled collection that illuminates just how imperative ethical thinking is in our day-to-day life.

    Like its predecessor, Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments explores long-standing ethical and moral issues in light of our most urgent dilemmas. Divided into twelve sections, the book opens with a series of broad arguments on existence, human nature and morality. Indeed, "big" questions of the human condition are explored by some of our best-known and most accomplished living philosophers: What is the meaning of our existence? Should we really "do what we love"? How should we respond to evil? Is pure altruism possible?

    Along with these examinations of timeless moral conundrums, readers will find arguments in the more contentious areas of religion and government: Can we have a moral life without God? Does it really matter if God exists? Is patriotism moral? Accessible and provocative, these pieces expose the persistence of the most basic themes and questions of moral and ethical life. Many of the essays stress the crucial importance of directly engaging the most pressing moral dilemmas in modern life. Should we be the last generation, knowing all the harm we've done to our planet? Should we embrace our inner carnivores, or swear off all animal products? From gun control and drone warfare to the morals of marriage and reproduction, readers will view familiar debates in new, surprising lights.

    The editors have meticulously arranged this book to reflect a wide range of perspectives, voices and rhetorical strategies. By directly addressing some of the most complex and troubling issues we face today--racial discrimination, economic inequality, immigration, citizenship and more--the volume reveals the profound power of ethics in shaping our perceptions of nearly every aspect of our lives.

    A jargon-free, insightful compendium, Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments offers a panoramic view of morality and is a critical addition to The Stone Reader that will energize and enliven the world of ethical thought in both the classroom and everyday American life.


    The Meaningfulness of Lives by Todd May * A Life Beyond "Do What You Love" by Gordon Marino * Evolution and our Inner Conflict by Edward O. Wilson * Morals Without God? by Frans de Waal * Does It Matter Whether God Exists? by Gary Gutting * The Moral Hazard of Drones by John Kaag and Sarah Kreps * Can Refugees Have Human Rights? by Omri Boehm * Dear White America by George Yancy * Girlfriend, Mother, Professor? by Carol Hay * The End of "Marriage" by Laurie Shrage * When Vegans Won't Compromise by Bob Fischer and James McWilliams * Should This Be the Last Generation? by Peter Singer

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Moral Landscape: How Science can Determine Human Values
    Moral Landscape: How Science can Determine Human Values
    ISBN: 9780552776387
    Title: Moral Landscape: How Science can Determine Human Values
    Author: HARRIS SAM

    In this highly anticipated new book, the bestselling author of The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation call for an end to religion’s monopoly on morality and human values.
    The End of Faith ignited a worldwide debate about the validity of religion. In the aftermath, Sam Harris discovered that most people, from secular scientists to religious fundamentalists, agree on one point: Science has nothing to say on the subject of human values. Indeed, science’s failure to address questions of meaning and morality has become the primary justification for religious faith. Now, in this explosive new book, Harris tears down the wall between scientific facts and human values.

    Bringing a fresh, secular perspective to age-old questions of right and wrong, and good and evil, Harris shows that we know enough about the human brain and its relationship to events in the world to say that there are right and wrong answers to the most pressing questions of human life. Because such answers exist, cultural relativism is simply false-and comes at increasing costs to humanity. And just as there is no such thing as Christian physics or Muslim algebra, there can be no Christian or Muslim morality. Using his expertise in philosophy and neuroscience, along with his experience on the front lines of our “culture wars,” Harris delivers a game-changing argument about the future of science and about the real basis of human cooperation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically
    Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically
    ISBN: 9781925240986
    Title: Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically
    Author: SINGER PETER

    Internationally renowned philosopher Peter Singer presents a challenging new movement in the search for an ethical life, one that has emerged from his work on some of the world's most pressing problems.

    Effective altruism requires a rigorously unsentimental view of charitable giving: a substantial proportion of our money, and time, should be donated to the organisations that will do the most good with those resources, rather than those that tug the heartstrings.

    Singer introduces us to an array of remarkable people who are restructuring their lives in accordance with these ideas, and shows how, paradoxically, effective altruism often leads to profound personal fulfilment.

    'Singer makes a strong case for a simple idea - that each of us has a tremendous opportunity to help others with our abilities, time and money. The Most Good You Can Dois an optimistic and compelling look at the positive impact that giving can have on the world.' Bill and Melinda Gates

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Moves That Matter: A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life
    Moves That Matter: A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life
    ISBN: 9781526603869
    Title: Moves That Matter: A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life

    'A powerfully unconventional and mind-expanding book ... A generous, nuanced and witty meditation on confronting the challenges life throws at us all' Oliver Burkeman, author of The AntidoteRefined and perfected throughout human history, chess has long been a touchstone for shrewd tacticians and master strategists. But enfolded within this ancient game can be found a singularly resonant metaphor for the challenges, thrills and setbacks that fill our lives with meaning and complexity.Jonathan Rowson's competitive success as a Grandmaster and his work as a philosopher of public policy have given him a unique perspective on why the great game is more important than ever for understanding the conflicts and uncertainties of the modern world. In sixty-four witty and addictive vignettes, Rowson takes us on a tour of life where everything is at play - an exhilarating journey from the aesthetics of cyborgs to the psychology of gang violence, the joys of parenting to the ultimate endgame of death. Chess emerges as a rich and endlessly evocative way of thinking about the desires that shape the world around us.The Moves That Matter celebrates the redeeming power of intense concentration, while offering a humane and compassionate account of our interdependence and need for community. Jonathan Rowson reveals, one move at a time, what it means to love, think or care deeply in the intricate game of life.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Myth of Sisyphus
    Myth of Sisyphus
    ISBN: 9780141182001
    Title: Myth of Sisyphus
    Author: CAMUS ALBERT

    The summation of the existentialist philosophy threaded throughout all his writing, Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus is translated by Justin O'Brien with an introduction by James Wood in Penguin Classics. In this profound and moving philosophical statement, Camus poses the fundamental question: is life worth living? If human existence holds no significance, what can keep us from suicide? As Camus argues, if there is no God to give meaning to our lives, humans must take on that purpose themselves. This is our 'absurd' task, like Sisyphus forever rolling his rock up a hill, as the inevitability of death constantly overshadows us. Written during the bleakest days of the Second World War, The Myth of Sisyphus (Le Mythe de Sisyphe) argues for an acceptance of reality that encompasses revolt, passion and, above all, liberty. This volume contains several other essays, including lyrical evocations of the sunlit cities of Algiers and Oran, the settings of his great novels The Outsider and The Plague. Albert Camus (1913-60) is the author of a number of best-selling and highly influential works, all of which are published by Penguin. They include The Fall, The Outsider and The First Man. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, Camus is remembered as one of the few writers to have shaped the intellectual climate of post-war France, but beyond that, his fame has been international. If you enjoyed The Myth of Sisyphus, you might like Camus' The Outsider, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'Camus could never cease to be one of the principal forces in our domain, nor to represent, in his own way, the history of France and of this century'Jean-Paul Sartre

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation
    Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation
    ISBN: 9780809071944
    Title: Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation

    What is astrology? Fiction for the bourgeoisie. The Tour de France? An epic. The brain of Einstein? Knowledge reduced to a formula. Like iconic images of movie stars or the rhetoric of politicians, they are fabricated. Once isolated from the events that gave birth to them, these "mythologies" appear for what they are: the ideology of mass culture. When Roland Barthes's groundbreaking Mythologies first appeared in English in 1972, it was immediately recognized as one of the most significant works in French theory--yet nearly half of the essays from the original work were missing. This new edition of Mythologies is the first complete, authoritative English version of the French classic. It includes the brilliant "Astrology," never published in English before.Mythologies is a lesson in clairvoyance. In a new century where the virtual dominates social interactions and advertisement defines popular culture, it is more relevant than ever.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Myths We Live By: Adventures in Democracy, Free Speech & Other Liberal Inventions
    Myths We Live By: Adventures in Democracy, Free Speech & Other Liberal Inventions
    ISBN: 9781786495204
    Title: Myths We Live By: Adventures in Democracy, Free Speech & Other Liberal Inventions
    Author: CAVE PETER

    In this witty and mischievous book, philosopher Peter Cave dissects the most controversial disputes today and uses philosophical argument to reveal that many issues are less straightforward than we'd like to believe. Leaving no sacred cow standing, Cave uses ingenious stories and examples to challenge our most strongly held assumptions. Is democracy inherently a good thing? What is the basis of so-called human rights? Is discrimination always bad? Are we morally obliged to accept refugees?
    In an age of identity politics and so-called 'fake news', this book is an essential resource for reinvigorating genuine public debate - and an entertaining challenge to accepted wisdom.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $33.00
  • Naked Future: What Happens in a World that Anticipates Your Every Move?
    Naked Future: What Happens in a World that Anticipates Your Every Move?
    ISBN: 9781591847700
    Title: Naked Future: What Happens in a World that Anticipates Your Every Move?

    "Where I saw a thrilling and historic transformation in the world's oldest idea-the future-other people saw only Target, Facebook, Google, and the government using their data to surveil, track, and trick them . . . But in fact, your data is your best defense against coercive marketing and intrusive government practices. Your data is nothing less than a superpower waiting to& be harnessed." -FROM THE INTRODUCTION. In the past, the future was opaque-the territory of fortune-tellers, gurus, and dubious local TV weathermen. But thanks to recent advances in computing and the reams of data we create through smartphone and Internet use, prediction models for individual behavior grow smarter and more sophisticated by the day. Whom you should marry, whether you'll commit a crime or fall victim to one, if you'll contract a specific strain of flu-even your precise location at any given moment years into the future-are becoming easily accessible facts. The naked future is upon us, and the implications are staggering.

    Patrick Tucker draws on stories from health care to urban planning to online dating to reveal the shape of a future that's ever more certain. In these pages you'll meet scientists and inventors who can predict your behavior based on your friends' Twitter updates. They are also hacking the New York City sewer system to predict environmental conditions, anticipating how much the weather a year from now will cost an individual farmer, figuring out the time of day you're most likely to slip back into a bad habit, and guessing how well you'll do on a test before you take it. You'll learn how social networks like Facebook are using your data to turn you into an advertisement and why the winning formula for a blockbuster movie is more predictable than ever.

    The rise of big data and predictive analytics means that governments and corporations are becoming much more effective at accomplishing their goals and at much less cost. Tucker knows that's not always a good thing. But he also shows how we've gained tremendous benefits that we have yet to fully realize.
    Thanks to the increased power of predictive science, we'll be better able to stay healthy, invest our savings more wisely, learn faster and more efficiently, buy a house in the right neighborhood at the right time, avoid crime, thwart terrorists, and mitigate the consequences of natural disasters. What happens in a future that anticipates your every move? The surprising answer: we'll live better as a result.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Nature of Things
    Nature of Things
    ISBN: 9780141396903
    Title: Nature of Things
    Author: LUCRETIUS

    Lucretius' poem On the Nature of Things combines a scientific and philosophical treatise with some of the greatest poetry ever written. With intense moral fervour he demonstrates to humanity that in death there is nothing to fear since the soul is mortal, and the world and everything in it is governed by the mechanical laws of nature and not by gods; and that by believing this men can live in peace of mind and happiness. He bases this on the atomic theory expounded by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, and continues with an examination of sensation, sex, cosmology, meteorology, and geology, all of these subjects made more attractive by the poetry with which he illustrates them.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Nihilism: Essential knowledge Series
    Nihilism: Essential knowledge Series
    ISBN: 9780262537179
    Title: Nihilism: Essential knowledge Series
    Author: GERTZ NOLEN

    An examination of the meaning of meaninglessness: why it matters that nothing matters.

    When someone is labeled a nihilist, it's not usually meant as a compliment. Most of us associate nihilism with destructiveness and violence. Nihilism means, literally, "an ideology of nothing. " Is nihilism, then, believing in nothing? Or is it the belief that life is nothing? Or the belief that the beliefs we have amount to nothing? If we can learn to recognize the many varieties of nihilism, Nolen Gertz writes, then we can learn to distinguish what is meaningful from what is meaningless. In this addition to the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Gertz traces the history of nihilism in Western philosophy from Socrates through Hannah Arendt and Jean-Paul Sartre.

    Although the term "nihilism" was first used by Friedrich Jacobi to criticize the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, Gertz shows that the concept can illuminate the thinking of Socrates, Descartes, and others. It is Nietzsche, however, who is most associated with nihilism, and Gertz focuses on Nietzsche's thought. Gertz goes on to consider what is not nihilism--pessimism, cynicism, and apathy--and why; he explores theories of nihilism, including those associated with Existentialism and Postmodernism; he considers nihilism as a way of understanding aspects of everyday life, calling on Adorno, Arendt, Marx, and prestige television, among other sources; and he reflects on the future of nihilism. We need to understand nihilism not only from an individual perspective, Gertz tells us, but also from a political one.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
    Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
    ISBN: 9780691173320
    Title: Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities

    In this short and powerful book, celebrated philosopher Martha Nussbaum makes a passionate case for the importance of the liberal arts at all levels of education.

    Historically, the humanities have been central to education because they have been seen as essential for creating competent democratic citizens. But recently, Nussbaum argues, thinking about the aims of education has gone disturbingly awry in the United States and abroad. We increasingly treat education as though its primary goal were to teach students to be economically productive rather than to think critically and become knowledgeable, productive, and empathetic individuals. This shortsighted focus on profitable skills has eroded our ability to criticize authority, reduced our sympathy with the marginalized and different, and damaged our competence to deal with complex global problems. And the loss of these basic capacities jeopardizes the health of democracies and the hope of a decent world.

    In response to this dire situation, Nussbaum argues that we must resist efforts to reduce education to a tool of the gross national product. Rather, we must work to reconnect education to the humanities in order to give students the capacity to be true democratic citizens of their countries and the world.

    In a new preface, Nussbaum explores the current state of humanistic education globally and shows why the crisis of the humanities has far from abated. Translated into over twenty languages, Not for Profit draws on the stories of troubling--and hopeful--global educational developments. Nussbaum offers a manifesto that should be a rallying cry for anyone who cares about the deepest purposes of education.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Not Working: Why We Have to Stop
    Not Working: Why We Have to Stop
    ISBN: 9781783782062
    Title: Not Working: Why We Have to Stop
    Author: COHEN JOSH

    'A probing exploration of the creative and imaginative possibilities of inactivity' - The Financial Times 'To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world.' - Oscar Wilde More than ever before, we live in a culture that excoriates inactivity and demonises idleness. Work, connectivity and a constant flow of information are the cultural norms, and a permanent busyness pervades even our quietest moments. Little wonder so many of us are burning out. In a culture that tacitly coerces us into blind activity, the art of doing nothing is disappearing. Inactivity can induce lethargy and indifference, but is also a condition of imaginative freedom and creativity. Psychoanalyst Josh Cohen explores the paradoxical pleasures of inactivity, and considers four faces of inertia - the burnout, the slob, the daydreamer and the slacker. Drawing on his personal experiences and on stories from his consulting room, while punctuating his discussions with portraits of figures associated with the different forms of inactivity - Andy Warhol, Orson Welles, Emily Dickinson and David Foster Wallace - Cohen gets to the heart of the apathy so many of us feel when faced with the demands of contemporary life, and asks how we might live a different and more fulfilled existence.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Object-Oriented Ontology: A New Theory of Everything
    Object-Oriented Ontology: A New Theory of Everything
    ISBN: 9780241269152
    Title: Object-Oriented Ontology: A New Theory of Everything

    We humans tend to believe that things are only real in as much as we perceive them, an idea reinforced by modern philosophy, which privileges us as special, radically different in kind from all other objects. But as Graham Harman, one of the theory's leading exponents, shows, Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) rejects the idea of human specialness: the world, he states, is clearly not the world as manifest to humans. "To think a reality beyond our thinking is not nonsense, but obligatory." At OOO's heart is the idea that objects--whether real, fictional, natural, artificial, human, or non-human--are mutually autonomous. This core idea has significance for nearly every field of inquiry which is concerned in some way with the systematic interaction of objects, and the degree to which individual objects resist full participation in such systems. In this brilliant new introduction, Graham Harman lays out OOO's history, ideas, and impact, taking in art and literature, politics and natural science along the way.& From Sherlock Holmes, unicorns, and videogames to Dadaism, Voltaire, and string theory, this book will change the way you understand everything.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
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