• Collins Gem NZ Dictionary
    Collins Gem NZ Dictionary
    ISBN: 9780008301309
    Title: Collins Gem NZ Dictionary

    A fully up-to-date new edition, including the most popular new words to enter the English language. With extensive coverage of New Zealand words and meanings. The ideal portable companion for all. This handy little dictionary gives you practical, applied knowledge in your pocket. It contains clear definitions for all the words you need on a daily basis and provides tips on spelling, and help with difficult pronunciations. The clear layout makes the content easily accessible and suitable for immediate use. Includes an up-to-date supplement tackling problems of style and etiquette in everything from letters to emails to social media sites.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $13.00
  • Concise Oxford English Dict 12th Rev Ed
    Concise Oxford English Dict 12th Rev Ed
    ISBN: 9780199601080
    Title: Concise Oxford English Dict 12th Rev Ed
    Author: 12TH EDITION

    Authoritative and up to date, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary offers unsurpassed coverage of English, perfect for anyone who needs a handy, reliable resource for home, school, or office. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most popular choices in Oxford's renowned dictionary line. Now in print through its various editions for a century it has been selected by decades of users for its up-to-date and authoritative coverage of the English language. This centenary edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary presents the most accurate picture of English today. It contains over 240,000 words, phrases, and definitions, providing superb coverage of contemporary English, including rare, historical, and archaic terms, scientific and technical vocabulary, and English from around the world. The dictionary has been updated with hundreds of new words--including sub-prime, social networking, and carbon footprint--all based on the latest research from the Oxford English Corpus. In addition, the dictionary features an engaging new center section, with quick-reference word lists (containing, for example, lists of Fascinating Words and Onomatopoeic Words), and a revised and updated English Uncovered supplement, which examines interesting facts about the English language. Sprinkled throughout the text are intriguing Word Histories, detailing the origins and development of numerous words. The volume also retains such popular features as the hundreds of usage notes which give advice on tricky vocabulary and pointers to help you improve your use of English. Finally, the dictionary contains full appendices on topics such as alphabets, currencies, electronic English, and the registers of language (from formal to slang), plus a useful Guide to Good English with advice on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Includes 12 months' access to Oxford Dictionaries Online at oxforddictionaries.com.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $78.00
  • Concise Oxford Thesaurus 3ed
    Concise Oxford Thesaurus 3ed
    ISBN: 9780199215133
    Title: Concise Oxford Thesaurus 3ed
    Author: 3RD EDITION

    This is a new edition of the Concise Oxford Thesaurus, with updated andimproved text, new choices of synonyms, and a new design.The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is a comprehensive reference text for the bookshelfat home or in the office. Its usefulness means that it won't stay on the shelf,however. The thesaurus is the perfect tool to use to improve your writing style,whether you are composing a letter, essay or report, or writing creatively. Itis also great for finding the word on the tip of your tongue, or for word games.The new centre section in this Concise Oxford Thesaurus contains lists of nounsfrom illnesses to insects, and vegetables to veins to give you the edge insolving crosswords and word puzzles, as well as being a useful encyclopedicreference.The Concise Oxford Thesaurus also contains Word Links to help you find relatedwords. So, for example, look up the word 'night' and you will find 'nocturnal';look up 'light', and you will find 'optics'. Hundreds more have been added newto this edition, helping you find the word you need every time.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Countries of the World in Minutes
    Countries of the World in Minutes
    ISBN: 9781786485830
    Title: Countries of the World in Minutes
    Author: FIELD JACOB F.

    For each of the 195 officially recognized countries of the world, a mini essay clearly and concisely explains its key history, characteristics, and social and political structures. Alongside, an outline map shows each country's global location, main geographic features, and capital city, while a table of essential data details its population, political system, languages, major religions, currency, gross domestic product, main industries, and much more.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Oxford Dict of English Idioms 3ed
    Oxford Dict of English Idioms 3ed
    ISBN: 9780199543786
    Title: Oxford Dict of English Idioms 3ed
    Author: AYTO JOHN

    Did you know that 'flavour of the month' originated in a marketing campaign in American ice-cream parlours in the 1940s, when a particular flavour would be specially promoted for a month at a time? And did you know that 'off the cuff' refers to the rather messy practice of writing impromptunotes on one's shirt cuff before speaking in public? These and many more idioms are explained and put into context in this third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms. The volume takes a fresh look at the idiomatic phrases and sayings that make English the rich and intriguing language that it is. This major new edition contains entries for over 6,000 idioms, including 700 entirely new entries, based on Oxford's language monitoring and the ongoing third edition ofthe Oxford English Dictionary. These include a range of recently established idioms such as 'the elephant in the corner', 'go figure', 'like a rat up a drainpipe', 'sex on legs', 'step up to the plate', 'too posh to push', 'a walk in the park', 'win ugly'. This edition also features a greatlyincreased number of cross-references, making it ideal for quick reference. Many entries include additional features which give more detailed background on the idiom in question. For example, did you know that 'taken aback' was adopted from nautical terminology that described a ship unable to move forward because of a strong headwind pressing its sails back against themast? Anyone interested in the colourful side of the English language will get hours of fun browsing from this fascinating and informative volume.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $31.00
  • Oxford English Dictionary Paperback 7ed
    Oxford English Dictionary Paperback 7ed
    ISBN: 9780199640942
    Title: Oxford English Dictionary Paperback 7ed
    Author: 7TH EDITION

    This fully updated edition offers over 120,000 words, phrases, and definitions. It covers all the words you need for everyday use, carefully selected from the evidence of the Oxford English Corpus, a databank of 21st century English, containing over 2 billion words.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
  • Oxford English Minidicitonary: 8th Edition
    Oxford English Minidicitonary: 8th Edition
    ISBN: 9780199640966
    Title: Oxford English Minidicitonary: 8th Edition

    The latest edition of this small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 90,000 words, phrases, and definitions based on evidence from the Oxford English Corpus, a unique databank comprising hundreds of millions of words of English. Definitions are easy to understand, given in a clear, simple style, and avoiding technical language.
    Access our free dictionary service Oxford Dictionaries Online at oxforddictionaries.com.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $17.00
  • Philip's Atlas of NZ & the World
    Philip's Atlas of NZ & the World
    ISBN: 9781869713492
    Title: Philip's Atlas of NZ & the World
    Author: PHILIP'S

    Philip's is one of Britain's best-known map, atlas and reference book publishers, with long-established market leaders such as the classic Philip's Modern School Atlas. Philip's products are created entirely from electronic databases and are continually updated to incorporate new information and real-world changes.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Pocket Oxford English Dictionary  11ed
    Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 11ed
    ISBN: 9780199666157
    Title: Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 11ed
    Author: 11TH EDITION

    The best-selling Pocket Oxford English Dictionary in its eleventh edition offers 120,000 words, phrases, and definitions. Particularly suitable for students, it is also a handy dictionary for the home and office. It covers all the words you need for everyday use, and has excellent coverage of curriculum vocabulary. With clear, concise definitions there is a great deal of help with difficult aspects of the English language such as spelling, pronunciation, and usage. In particular, there are hundreds of spelling notes to help with tricky words that are commonly misspelled, extra usage notes giving advice on proper English, and help with the pronunciations of difficult words. The open design ensures that this dictionary is even more accessible and easier to use than ever before.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $34.00
  • Rogets International Thesaurus 7ed
    Rogets International Thesaurus 7ed
    ISBN: 9780061715211
    Title: Rogets International Thesaurus 7ed

    Roget's International Thesaurus is the ultimate cure for tip-of-the-tongue-itis. Easy To Use: Unlike alphabetical thesauruses, Roget's International Thesaurus works the same way your brain does. First, you figure out the general category: Are you looking for a word related to values and ideals? Measure and shape? Then, look up the keywords to find the exact entry you're seeking. Plus, thousands of cross-references throughout lead to other helpful categories. Comprehensive: More than 325,000 words and phrases in 1,072 categories compose this new edition of Roget's, including the newest slang words and expressions. In addition, hundreds of supplemental word lists supply the names of things that have no synonyms (wines, weapons, animals, state mottoes, and more). Better Than The Rest: Just look at how a single entry lines up: Roget's International Thesaurus {ADJS}14 wealthy, rich, affluent, affluential, moneyed or monied, in funds or cash, well-to-do, well-to-do in the world, well-off, well-situated, prosperous, comfortable, provided for, well provided for, fat, flush, flush with or of money, abounding in riches, worth a great deal, in clover, frightfully rich, rich as Croesus; independent, independently rich, independently wealthy; luxurious 501.21; opulent 991.7; privileged, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth; higher-income, upper-income, well-paid Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus Wealthy adj syn rich I, affluent, moneyed oofy, opulent con impoverished, penniless, poor ant indigent Random House Webster's College Thesaurus Wealthy adj. The debutante comes from a very wealthy family: rich, prosperous, affluent, moneyed, well-to-do, well-off, well-heeled, well-fixed, flush, loaded. Roget's II The New Thesaurus, Third Edition Wealthy adjective Possessing a large amount of money, land, or other material possessions: affluent, flush, moneyed, rich. Slang: loaded. Idioms: having money to burn, in the money, made of money, rolling in money. See rich.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 6ed
    Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 6ed
    ISBN: 9780199206872
    Title: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 6ed
    Author: 6TH EDITION

    From the beginning, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary was intended to be an abridgement of the full Oxford English Dictionary. The first editor, William Little, was appointed in 1902. He worked on it until his death in 1922, after which the dictionary was completed by H. W. Fowler, JessieCoulson, and C. T. Onions. The First Edition was published in 1933, in two volumes. The Second Edition, published in 1936, contained about 3,000 revisions and additions. The Third Edition (1944) contained an appendix of addenda and corrigenda, and this edition was reprinted several times with corrections and additions, the most significant being in 1973, with enlarged addenda (nowrunning to over 70 pages) and a major revision of all the etymologies. The New Shorter was prepared under the editorship of Lesley Brown 1980-1993. It was the first complete revision of the dictionary, being in fact not so much an overhaul of the existing text as a reabridgement of the OED and its Supplements. The Fifth Edition was published in 2002, and reverted tothe name Shorter Oxford English Dictionary to emphasize the link between this 2-volume dictionary and the original 20-volume OED. The Sixth Edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary provides a complete update of this unique reference work. Based on the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary contains an incredible one-third of the coverage of the Oxford English Dictionary, is justone-tenth of the size, and includes all words in current English from 1700 to the present day, plus the vocabulary of Shakespeare, the Bible and other major works in English from before 1700. The new edition, with a new introductory essay by language expert David Crystal on the History of English, includes 2,500 new words and senses, plus thousands of antedatings of existing words, drawing on the huge ongoing research project for the Oxford English Dictionary and the wealth ofinformation on language in use provided by the Oxford English Corpus. In addition, the work includes many new quotations from recent authors, a refreshed design, and a complete review of spelling forms and defining vocabulary, making it the most authoritative reference work available for both modernand historical English. This Deluxe Edition also contains a CD-ROM. The brand-new software features the full text of the dictionary and is designed to run on both Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. With an elegant interface providing quick and intutitive searching, it also has advanced searching facilities for in-depthexploration, allowing searching of the definitions, eytmologies, subject, geographical region of use, register, and source language, as well as the ability to limit searches by the date of a word's first recorded usage. There is also an automatic look-up facility; by double-clicking on a word in adocument or web page the user can view the entry for that word. Sound recordings enable you to listen to standard British pronunciations for over 100,000 words. In addition, the CD-ROM features a crossword puzzle solver and anagram solver. The new edition of the CD-ROM is designed to benefit all users. It can be controlled solely from the keyboard for the convenience of users who prefer not to use a mouse, and offers a simple and attractive interface which is fully customizable, making it easy to change the text size, fonts, and thecolor of both text and background. For scholars and everyone with a serious interest in the English language, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is an unrivalled resource, providing a unique description of the historical development of the language together with excellent coverage of current English. The Sixth Edition showcasesthe best of the traditional strengths of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, while bringing it up to date in its scholarship and research, in the design and layout, and in its treatment of the changing face of English.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $237.00
  • Surgeon of Crowthorne (Pop Penguin)
    Surgeon of Crowthorne (Pop Penguin)
    ISBN: 9780141037714
    Title: Surgeon of Crowthorne (Pop Penguin)

    Simon Winchester's The Surgeon of Crowthorne was an international bestseller and tells an extraordinary true story of murder, madness and an extraordinary friendship in the nineteenth century. It is the tale of James Murray, the compiler of the first Oxford English Dictionary, and his most valued helper: Dr Minor of Crowthorne, who was also a homicidal lunatic, confined to Broadmoor asylum for murder. This is an enthralling and beautifully written work of literary detection.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.00
  • Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 15th Edition
    Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 15th Edition
    ISBN: 9780008293383
    Title: Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 15th Edition

    The 15th edition contains over 200,000 place names, more than any other world atlas, which means even small villages are included in the index and on the maps. It is a benchmark of cartographic excellence, trusted by governments, media and international organisations as well as being a go to reference source for households across the country. It's independent--apolitical and neutral, elegant in an attractive slipcase, and endlessly fascinating. Produced by the world's leading atlas makers for over 100 years, it's bought by over 1 million people worldwide.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $340.00
  • Times Reference Atlas of the World 8th Ed
    Times Reference Atlas of the World 8th Ed
    ISBN: 9780008262495
    Title: Times Reference Atlas of the World 8th Ed

    Eighth edition of this popular atlas from the prestigious and authoritative Times Atlas range. Latest satellite images and fascinating historical maps. This world atlas contains the breadth, scale and detail to make it an ideal reference resource for school, home and business.

    The atlas has been brought fully up-to-date to provide a detailed and attractive picture of the world today. The beautifully illustrated introductory section gives a detailed profile of today's world and covers major contemporary geographical and global issues - such as environment and population growth - through maps, images, statistics and graphics.

    The fully up-to-date reference maps give exceptional detail and provide accurate, accessible and attractive coverage, helping you explore the world.

    44 city plans of the world's major cities, showing major places of interest, have also been revised.

    A comprehensive guide to the world's states and territories including flags, profiles and key facts in included, making this the ideal reference atlas for home, school or office.


    * 104 pages of authoritative mapping of the whole world

    * Plans of 44 of the world's major cities

    * Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for the world's states and territories

    * Statistics and world maps on major geographical themes, including earthquakes, population, cities, climate and the environment

    * The latest images of the earth from space

    * Historical mapping of the world from 1858 to the present day

    * 45,000 index entries

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Times Universal Atlas of the World
    Times Universal Atlas of the World
    ISBN: 9780008320317
    Title: Times Universal Atlas of the World

    The latest mapping provides an amazingly detailed view of the world with extensive geographical information beside each map. The reference mapping, produced in the beautifully clear and distinctive Times style, has been completely updated with thousands of changes reflecting recent geopolitical and geographical change around the world. This atlas features a fascinating collection of maps from the last 150 years of world atlases included in an expanded historical mapping section; satellite image shown for each continent along with textual description; the latest satellite images from around the world showcased in the imagery section; a geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for all the world's countries; and more than 50,000 index entries.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $120.00