• Art & Craft of Policy Advising: A Practical Guide

    Art & Craft of Policy Advising: A Practical Guide
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    ISBN: 9783319524931
    Title: Art & Craft of Policy Advising: A Practical Guide

    This book offers a practical guide for new policy advisors and their managers, grounded in the author’s extensive experience as a senior policy practitioner in central and local government.

    Effective policy advising does not proceed in ‘cycles’ or neatly ordered ‘stages’ and ‘steps’, but is first and foremost a relationship built on careful listening, knowing one’s place in the constitutional scheme of things, becoming useful and winning the confidence of decision makers.

    The author introduces readers to a public value approach to policy advising that uses collective thinking to address complex policy problems; evidence-informed policy analysis that also factors in emotions and values; and the practice of ‘gifting and gaining’ (rather than ‘trade-offs’) in collaborative governing for the long term. Theory is balanced with practical illustration and processes, tools and techniques, helping readers master the art of communicating what decision-makers need to hear, as well as what they want to hear.

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