• Chambers Paperback Thesaurus 4ed

    Chambers Paperback Thesaurus 4ed
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    ISBN: 9780550105516
    Title: Chambers Paperback Thesaurus 4ed
    Author: CHAMBERS (ED.)

    With over 155,000 synonyms and antonyms, this comprehensive and affordable paperback thesarurus provides alternatives for about 9,000 common English words. It also gives words with the opposite meaning (antonyms) where appropriate. In addition, there are 200 panels included that contain lists of words ranging from the technical (phobias, parts of the brain) to the more general (breeds of dog, currencies of the world). This new edition also includes a âœGood Writing and Spellingâ#157; supplement full of practical guidance and covering everything from the most commonly misspelled English words to prefixes and suffixes in both British and American English.

    Format: Paperback
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