• Chambers Thesaurus 4th Rev Ed

    Chambers Thesaurus 4th Rev Ed
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    ISBN: 9780550102485
    Title: Chambers Thesaurus 4th Rev Ed

    This new, fourth edition& of The Chambers Thesaurus is fully revised and updated with the latest words entering the language that reflect a range of social and technological changes.& From the digital world comes the growth of 'citizen journalism', the menace of the 'cyberbully' and the tricky rules of 'netiquette'.& The green agenda is explored through the evolution of recycling - 'precycle' and 'upcycle' - as well as the inclusion of 'organic' and 'e-waste'. From the economic recession comes 'agflation', 'NEET', 'cash-strapped' and the increasingly popular 'daycation'.

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