• Collins Dict for Writers & Editors

    Collins Dict for Writers & Editors
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    ISBN: 9780007203505
    Title: Collins Dict for Writers & Editors

    The only reference you will need for writing, editing and proofreading. Well-known or well known? Affect or effect? Majorca or Mallorca? Royal Family or royal family? Spell check cannot be relied upon to help you with the trickest aspects of the English language. Even the most sophisticated writers of English will be faced with these and many similar problems in the quest for clear, elegant and correct writing. The Collins Dictionary for Writers and Editors answers these and thousands of other usage conundrums with a comprehensive collection of entries designed to sweep the minefield of the English language. So whether you're a writer, proof reader or editor, for books, periodicals or websites, the Collins Dictionary for Writers and Editors will be your essential reference. With accessible information covering everything from style and Americanization (or Americanisation), to proofreading marks and transliterations, this is the only reference you will need. Also includes '¢ abbreviations and acronyms '¢ misspellings '¢ compound words '¢ plurals '¢ capitalization '¢ apostrophes '¢ titles

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