• Pocket A-Z World Atlas

    Pocket A-Z World Atlas
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    ISBN: 9780241317525
    Title: Pocket A-Z World Atlas
    Author: DK

    Now in its 7th Edition, Atlasis both appealing and affordable, providing a fascinating insight into the world in which we live. Featuring DK's outstanding cartography and design, this new edition has been updated to reflect recent geopolitical changes, such as the new nation of South Sudan, the annexation of Crimea, the Inuit place names in Canada and the populations of Chinese towns.

    It might be small but with over 165 fully up-to-date maps and a reference section with profiles of each of the world's 196 nations, Atlasis the perfect companion for those wanting to know all the essential facts. With figures and insights, from geography and climate to population and economy, Atlas's handy pocket size is the ideal addition to your bag or desk.

    Format: Paperback
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