• Details On Love, Death and Reading

    Details On Love, Death and Reading
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    ISBN: 9781760855253
    Title: Details On Love, Death and Reading

    A book about the connections we form with literature and each other
    Tegan Bennett Daylight has led a life in books - as a writer, a teacher and a critic, but first and foremost as a reader.
    In this deeply insightful and intimate work, Daylight describes how her reading has nourished her life, and how life has informed her reading. In both, she shows us that it's the small points of connection - the details - that really matter: what we notice when someone close to us dies, when we give birth, when we make friends. In life's disasters and delights, the details are what we can share and compare and carry with us.
    Daylight writes with invigorating candour and compassion about her mother's last days; her own experiences of childbearing and its aftermath (in her celebrated essay 'Vagina'); her long admiration of Helen Garner and George Saunders; and her great loves and friendships. Each chapter is a revelation, and a celebration of how books offer not an escape from 'real life' but a richer engagement with the business of living.
    The result is a work that will truly deepen your relationship with books, and with other readers. The delight is in the details.

    'A superb writer... If you love reading, you'll cherish this book for showing you why.' Charlotte Wood, author of The Weekend and The Natural Way of Things
    'An intimate and wise celebration of the joy and solace we find in books.'& Books & Publishing

    'If you care about reading and writing, past, present and future, read this book.' Stephen Romei, The Weekend Australian

    'The Details is a joyful and vital adventure alongside a sophisticated reader, and a timely reminder of the critical role of art in turbulent times.' Justine Hyde, The Saturday Paper

    'A testament to the enriching power of reading.' Thuy On, Sydney Morning Herald

    'An immersive and thought-provoking read, ideal for any bibliophile.' The Monthly

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