• A to Z of Modern Manners

    A to Z of Modern Manners
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    ISBN: 9780857983671
    Title: A to Z of Modern Manners

    Some clear guidelines to navigate a rapidly changing world

    Change is now constant. The world is faster than ever before. The way we live and interact with one another has changed significantly. Social media is all-pervasive. Everyone from the author's 85 year-old mother to his 13 year-old niece is using it in some way. Misbehave on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social networking site and the evidence and influence of your post lives in perpetuity. Today it s perfectly acceptable to text the boss and let him or her know you are sick, or need leave, or whatever else is happening. In fact, waste the boss's time with a phone call? You wouldn't do it Man about town of impeccable manners and intuition David Meagher, in warm and witty prose, shares with us the guidelines for co-existing and working in a stylish and harmonious manner."

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