• 100 Best Novels in Translation

    100 Best Novels in Translation
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    ISBN: 9781903385678
    Title: 100 Best Novels in Translation
    Author: TONKIN BOYD

    An extraordinary selection of classics ranging from the well known authors such as Proust, Dostoyevsky, Sartre, Cervantes, Nabokov, Marquez, Kundera etc, to name just a handful, to lesser known, but no less deserving, authors writing in languages from every corner of the earth. For each selection Boyd Tonkin has written a commentary on the plot and theme of the work concerned, as well as writing about the merits of the particular translation(s) into the English language. The works are arranged in date order of publication, and are not ranked in any other way. The result is a rich tapestry of the best fiction from around the world that will surely accelerate the recent trend towards a more outward looking approach to what we read. It is both a work of reference but as importantly a book that can read from cover to cover with huge enjoyment.
    Published: August 2018

    Format: Hardback
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