• 50 Races to Run Before You Die

    50 Races to Run Before You Die
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    ISBN: 9781781314449
    Title: 50 Races to Run Before You Die
    Author: MEWS TOBIAS

    "50 Races to Run Before You Die" is the essential guide to 50 of the best foot-races across the globe.

    Tobias Mews, runner and author, has tried, tested and completed each race, to give first-hand accounts of the challgenges, highlihgts and insider tips on what to expect.

    From iconic half marathons and obstacle races, to some of the world's most prestigious marathons and hardest mountain and desert foot races, the unique challenges, high-points and race best bits are described. Each race is accompanied with stunning photography, as well as, detailed elevation charts, race-specific graphics, fastest times and finisher rates.

    Presented from beginner to expert, this is the essential guide for anyone who wants to test themselves on the world's best races.

    Format: Paperback
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