• Best of the Best

    Best of the Best
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    ISBN: 9780733639425
    Title: Best of the Best

    From the drama of Shipsterns to the cyclonic fury of an east coast low; sunrise at Cloudbreak and rainbows at Teahupo'o, this is an awe-inspiring collection of award-winning photographs showcasing all the energy, beauty and drama of the ocean. It reveals surfers like Gilmore, Florence, Fanning and Slater in their element and the power of a moment caught in time. Featuring the winners and finalists of the Nikon/Surfing Australia Surf Photo of the Year Award from 2013 to 2017 ... these are the best of the best.

    'It's one thing to have an image transport you to a different place but to actually make you feel like you're on a surfboard riding in the barrel behind of the world's best surfers on a gnarly wave is another level of "best"!' - Stephanie Gilmore

    Format: Hardback
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