• Big Fight My Autobiography

    Big Fight My Autobiography
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    ISBN: 9780091946807
    Title: Big Fight My Autobiography

    Sugar Ray Leonard is quite simply one of the greatest fighters of the last fifty years. An artist and a showman he was always willing to take the difficult fight: his gruelling encounters with Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler have become legendary. Ruthlessly honest and inspiring, Ray's autobiography lets you get into the ring - with the mind games, brutality and euphoria. But, outside of the ring, Ray's biggest opponent of all was himself. From early domestic violence and experience of sexual abuse, he began a determined rise to Olympic champion and national icon, before losing control of his life at the height of his career in the blur of fame, sex, greed, drink and drug addiction that cost him so much. The Big Fight is a remarkable portrait of the rise, fall and final redemption of a true fighter in every sense.

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