• Car Hacks

    Car Hacks
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    ISBN: 9781785216510
    Title: Car Hacks

    Driving, owning, repairing and maintaining a car can be expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. Car Hacks is here to explain how to use the things you have around your home to improve your car life, and balance your well-being in the process. From ensuring you never lose a screw when repairing your car, to spending less on fuel, and using cereal boxes to keep you car tidy, this book will open your eyes to the joys of car hacking.

    Here are some favorite hacks you'll find in Car Hacks
    • Interior hacks - Storage, cleaning, fixes, upgrades
    • Exterior hacks - Bodywork, mechanical, quick repairs using everyday items
    • Workshop hacks/Garage hacks - Working on your car
    • Journey hacks - Easy storage solutions, luggage packing hacks, avoiding motorway food prices
    • Driving hacks - Getting better fuel economy, avoiding motorway fuel prices, avoiding jams
    • Family hacks - Entertaining kids (and adults ), simple tablet holders, ensuring everything stays charged, cable tidies, adding WiFi to your car
    • Everyday hacks
    • PLUS 'Tool Hacks' box outs placed throughout the book

    Format: Hardback
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