• 1001 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die
    1001 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die
    ISBN: 9781760525330
    Title: 1001 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die

    This latest book in the hugely popular 1001 series showcases the world's best designed and most important cars. With stunning full-solour photography representing the highest achievements of car design and visceral descriptions of what it is like to turn the key and rev the engine, this collection is the next best thing to a test drive. Strap yourself in for a cavalcade of the fastest, biggest, smallest, most expensive, and most innovative motorized vehicles ever produced. Arranged by date of launch and packed with beautiful photographs, incisive writing, and specification tables, this truly global guide offers a lush visual history of the automobile and highlights the technological innovations, major manufacturers, engineering feats, and designers, and the interplay between popular culture and car design. Discover the extraordinary contraptions that started it all more than one hundred years ago and marvel over today's most spectacular supercars. Read the remarkable stories behind the most famous Ferraris and Porsches and then explore the little-known, unsung heroes of motoring history, too. Survey the cars chosen by stars, millionaires, and world leaders. Admire James Bond's Aston Martin DB5, James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder, and Al Capone's Cadillac V16. 1001 Cars to Dream of Driving Before You Die reveals the stories behind the cars, the geniuses who designed them, the companies and factories who built them, and the people who drove them. It will keep you dreaming about cars forever.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • 15 Minute Pilates: Four 15-Minute Workouts for Strength, Stretch, & Control
    15 Minute Pilates: Four 15-Minute Workouts for Strength, Stretch, & Control
    ISBN: 9780241295892
    Title: 15 Minute Pilates: Four 15-Minute Workouts for Strength, Stretch, & Control

    Do you struggle to practise Pilates regularly? Stress no more- these four 15-minute programmes offer the flexibility and ease of use that busy lifestyles demand. At home, with just a mat and some weights, build these 15-minute routines into your week to get the lean, sculpted body you've always wanted.

    Clear step-by-step photographs paired with easy-to-follow instructions explain exactly what to do in each move, targeted "feel it here" graphics help you to understand which part of your body to focus on, and at-a-glance reminders at the end of each 15-minute programme show all the poses in sequence.

    15 Minute Pilates will inspire you to make Pilates part of your weekly routine, so you soon reap the benefits of enhanced health and wellness.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.00
  • 2019 Rugby Almanack
    2019 Rugby Almanack
    ISBN: 9781988516530
    Title: 2019 Rugby Almanack
    Author: AKERS & MILLER & HALL

    The Rugby Almanack is the world's longest running rugby book of record. It was first published in 1935 to cover the previous season's first-class rugby in New Zealand. Since then it has been published uninterrupted (apart from two combined issues during World War II). Now in its 83rd edition, the 2019 Rugby Almanack records another huge year, including the France in New Zealand, the All Blacks in the Rugby Championship and the Bledisloe Cup, plus Women's Rugby, Super Rugby, Mitre 10 Cup and Mitre 10 Championship and a full summary of sevens rugby.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
  • 281 & Beyond
    281 & Beyond
    ISBN: 9789387894402
    Title: 281 & Beyond
    Author: LAXMAN V V S

    A stylish batsman who could score against any kind of bowling, VVS Laxman played over a hundred Tests to aggregate more than 8,000 runs. Cricket fans still remember with awe his game-changing knock of 281 against Australia in 2001 at Eden Gardens. But playing for India was never easy. He was dropped as often as he was picked, and despite his vast experience and unimpeachable skill, he never made it to a World Cup team. All through his playing years, Laxman was known to be a soft-spoken man who kept his distance from controversy. Which is what makes this autobiography truly special. It's candid and reflective, happy and sad by turns, and deeply insightful. He writes of dressing-room meltdowns and champagne evenings, the exhilaration of playing with and against the best in the world, the nuances of batting in different formats and on various pitches, the learnings with John Wright and the rocky times under Greg Chappell. In 281 and Beyond, Laxman lays bare the ecstasy and the trauma of being one of the chosen XI in a country that is devoted to cricket.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • 50 Knots You Need to Know: Learn 50 Knots for Sailing, Climbing, Camping & More
    50 Knots You Need to Know: Learn 50 Knots for Sailing, Climbing, Camping & More
    ISBN: 9781909313569
    Title: 50 Knots You Need to Know: Learn 50 Knots for Sailing, Climbing, Camping & More
    Author: ALLEN MARTY

    Essential rope-and-string tying advice for the nerdily inclined. Includes two lengths of rope to help you& practice tying knots.

    Attention all nerds, put down that laptop and pick up this brilliant guide to tying 50 must-know knots. If you're unaware of the difference between a Cow Hitch and a Marlinspike Hoop or a Running Bowline and a Square& Lashing, all will be revealed in "Knot Nerds."

    Packed with step-by-step instructions, discover how to tie knots to get you through any situation, whether it's& nautical knots for sailing adventures or shanks and hitches for camping or climbing weekends. You will learn& simple knot-making techniques that can be used for all your nerdly pursuits. And once you've graduated from& the easy stuff you can move on to the more serious examples, such as a make-shift rope halter to you can& use to tame a wild beast or strong knots for securing and tying things together. Also included are a couple of& pieces of rope, so you can start tying knows right away. But be warned, it's VERY addictive!

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $22.00
  • Above Average at Games The Very Best of P. G. Wodehouse on Sport
    Above Average at Games The Very Best of P. G. Wodehouse on Sport
    ISBN: 9781786332004
    Title: Above Average at Games The Very Best of P. G. Wodehouse on Sport
    Author: WODEHOUSE P. G.

    As Wodehouse's biographer Frances Donaldson observed, it was vitally important to the boy Plum that he was 'above average at games'. Luckily, he was known at school as 'a noted athlete, a fine footballer and cricketer and a boxer', and sport inspired much of his earliest writings, as well as some of his very finest and laugh-out-loud funniest.

    Wodehouse wrote with trademark wit on a rich range of games - and on cricket and golf, in particular - as well as anyone ever has, bringing a knowledge and a passion born of practice.

    English cricket inspired in Wodehouse what he himself long considered to be his favourite work; and yet America (which he first visited keenly and then came to call home) led him to the love of baseball, and golf - enthusiasms that drew him to new tales for new audiences, including the celebrated golf stories which John Updike described as 'the best fiction ever done about the sport.'

    This rollicking anthology, selected, edited and introduced by the novelist Richard T. Kelly, offers a vivid picture of Wodehouse at play - in the ring, at the crease, on the tee - which is guaranteed to please any sporting crowd. Beginning with early journalism, taking in extracts from novels and short stories in their entirety, it all adds up to a medal-winning collection.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Ace Against Odds
    Ace Against Odds
    ISBN: 9789351362630
    Title: Ace Against Odds
    Author: MIRZA SANIA

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $51.00
  • Adventurous Spirit: Sometimes Life Takes Us to Places We Never Planned to Go
    Adventurous Spirit: Sometimes Life Takes Us to Places We Never Planned to Go
    ISBN: 9781760522803
    Title: Adventurous Spirit: Sometimes Life Takes Us to Places We Never Planned to Go

    Sometimes life takes us to places we never planned to go.

    An incredible journey from an ordinary life to one of extraordinary adventure.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Age of Football: the Global Game in the Twenty-First Century
    Age of Football: the Global Game in the Twenty-First Century
    ISBN: 9781509854264
    Title: Age of Football: the Global Game in the Twenty-First Century

    The epic exploration of society, politics, and economics in the twenty-first century through the prism of football, by the critically acclaimed author of The Ball is Round.'David Goldblatt is not merely the best football historian writing today, he is possibly the best there has ever been'Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday TimesIn the twenty-first century football is first. First among sports themselves, but it now commands the allegiance, interest and engagement of more people in more places than any other phenomenon. In the three most populous nations on the earth - China, India and the United States where just twenty years ago football existed on the periphery of society - it has now arrived for good. Nations, peoples and neighbourhoods across the globe imagine and invent themselves through playing and following the game.In The Age of Football, David Goldblatt charts football's global cultural ascent, its economic transformation and deep politicisation, taking in prison football in Uganda and amputee football in Angola, the role of football fans in the Arab Spring, the footballing presidencies of Bolivia's Evo Morales and Turkey's Recep Erdogan, China's declared intention to both host and win the World Cup by 2050, as well as the FIFA corruption scandal. Following the intersection of the game with money, power and identity, like no previous sports writer or historian, Goldblatt's sweeping story is remarkable in its scope, breathtaking in its depth of knowledge, and is a brilliantly original perspective of the twenty-first century. It is the account of how football has come to define every facet of our social, economic and cultural lives and at what cost, shaping who we think we are and who we want to be.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Air Pistol Shooting: a Guide to Pistols & Techniques
    Air Pistol Shooting: a Guide to Pistols & Techniques
    ISBN: 9781847975553
    Title: Air Pistol Shooting: a Guide to Pistols & Techniques
    Author: BEZZANT JOHN

    This book presents a carefully crafted, step-by-step programme which teaches the complete novice air pistol shooter how to attain a high level of marksmanship.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • Alim-ud-din - a Straight Bat : Cricketing Times of Pakistan Opener from Those Halcyon Days
    Alim-ud-din - a Straight Bat : Cricketing Times of Pakistan Opener from Those Halcyon Days
    ISBN: 9789699739965
    Title: Alim-ud-din - a Straight Bat : Cricketing Times of Pakistan Opener from Those Halcyon Days

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $74.00
  • Art of Running: Raising Your Performance With the Alexander Technique
    Art of Running: Raising Your Performance With the Alexander Technique
    ISBN: 9781910231838
    Title: Art of Running: Raising Your Performance With the Alexander Technique

    Run better and smarter--and lower your risk of injury--with the Alexander Technique!
    Whether you run a few miles a week or are training for a marathon, running properly takes time and energy. Using the Alexander Technique, runners can improve their competitive performance while multiplying the health benefits of the sport and virtually eliminating its hazards. This proven method encourages a greater awareness of the way the body functions and moves, and helps runners release tension and jog without risk of injury. With special exercises for the head, eyes, torso, and legs, this unique guide will transform your training program and show you how to radically improve results.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Art of Swimming: Raising Your Performance With the Alexandra Technique
    Art of Swimming: Raising Your Performance With the Alexandra Technique
    ISBN: 9781910231845
    Title: Art of Swimming: Raising Your Performance With the Alexandra Technique
    Author: SHAW STEPHEN

    Take the Alexander Technique into the pool and improve your performance
    Focusing on the most popular strokes front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly "The Art of Swimming "shows swimmers how to release tension from their head, neck, and back. Steven Shaw, whose method has received international acclaim, breaks his exercises down into a series of therapeutic movements that swimmers can practice either alone or with a partner, and in water or on dry land. His unique insights will become the building blocks for a better, more healthful swimming experience."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Art of the Race - V17
    Art of the Race - V17
    ISBN: 9781916156708
    Title: Art of the Race - V17

    Formula 1 is the aesthete's ultimate sport: an intoxicating cocktail of speed, spectacle, competition and power, at the heart of which are the thoroughbred racing machines - exquisite manifestations of form following function, driven at dizzying speeds by the quickest-of-the-quick, the best racing drivers on the planet. Darren Heath has been photographing Formula 1 for over 25 years. For 21 of these years he has worked freelance, and this has given him a unique perspective on the complex and exciting world of Formula 1. Darren Heath's photography in Art Of The Race V17 encapsulates the very essence of the speed, noise, excitement and colour of Formula 1 racing, whilst also highlighting the key moments of each race as the season unfolds, culminating in Lewis Hamilton winning his 4th world championship. AUTHOR: Darren Heath is one of the world's leading Formula 1 photographers and an Honorary Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society with over 25 years' experience photographing Formula 1. SELLING POINTS: * Encapsulating the speed, noise, excitement and colour of Formula 1, and highlighting the key moments of each race as the 2017 season unfolded * Art Of The Race, V17 is book 4 in a series of collaborations with Art of Publishing Limited * Darren Heath is one of the pre-eminent photographers in F1 today, with a unique ability to capture speed, colour and noise through the medium of a still photograph, often eschewing the obvious in favour of the abstract 236 colour and 20 b/w photographs

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss & Forgiveness
    At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss & Forgiveness
    ISBN: 9780552173728
    Title: At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss & Forgiveness

    From the daughter of Muhammad Ali comes an intimate portrait of the heavyweight boxing champion and a final love letter from a daughter to her father.

    Through audio journals, love letters and cherished memories, Ali's daughter Hana tells the story of a very typical and yet fully-unique family, the rise and fall of her parent's marriage and the struggles they faced as a family surrounding Ali's loss to Larry Holmes in 1981.

    With the decline of Ali's voice, his recordings are important to history as they are to his personal legacy. At Home with Muhammad Ali offers a candid look at a man who was trying to find his purpose in the world as he realized he was coming to the end of his lucrative sporting career, all the while trying to balance fatherhood and his worldly and political obligations. Additionally, Hana tells of the everyday adventures that the family experienced around the house-with visitors like Michael Jackson and Clint Eastwood dropping by. And for the first time, Hana's mother Veronica will share her memories of the 12-year relationship with Muhammad.

    At Home with Muhammad Ali is a candid and revealing portrait of a legend, a man admired and respected as the greatest sporting icon of our age.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Australia: Story of a Cricket Country
    Australia: Story of a Cricket Country
    ISBN: 9781740669375
    Title: Australia: Story of a Cricket Country

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Awa Book of NZ Sports Writing
    Awa Book of NZ Sports Writing
    ISBN: 9780958291620
    Title: Awa Book of NZ Sports Writing

    New Zealand sportspeople and their exploits regularly hit world headlines. This collection of writings by top authors is packed full of terrific stories of over 30 sports the triumphs, disasters, magic moments, and the ones that got away. You'll find Ed Hillary's account of being the first person on the summit of Everest, Jack Lovelock's famous 1500-metre victory in the shadow of Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and Jean Batten's daring first solo flight from England to New Zealand. There are graphic descriptions of the protests, controversy and arrests that surrounded the Springboks' 1981 tour of New Zealand, and the defection 19 years later of top South African netball player Irene van Dyk to play for New Zealand. Richard Boock writes about sexism in sport, Melissa Moon gives a graphic story of mountain-running in Alaska, and Roger Hall reveals why he's known as Jonah. And this is only the beginning. This exciting anthology goes from fly-fishing to motor-racing, cricket to archery. There's literally something for every sports lover.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Beetle Love
    Beetle Love
    ISBN: 9783667113900
    Title: Beetle Love

    - A tribute to the Volkswagen Beetle, the most-loved car in the world - Glorious photographs throughout Beetle Love endures. It's global and conquers every generation. And this love is classless. Never mind if used as a taxi on a daily basis, as a company car owned by a craft brewery in Ecuador, as a show piece in Great Britain or as a family heirloom in Indonesia: Beetle Love introduces them all. Convertibles and limousines, from red to rusty, from purple to polished. And it's always the story that their owners lost their hearts to the Beetle. And rightly so Hardly any other car arouses more emotions around the world. All covered in this book, more than 20 stories, 208 pages, a wonderful and unique picture and story book. Text in English and German.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $100.00
  • Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August
    Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August
    ISBN: 9781784705428
    Title: Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August

    LONGLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018'Compelling, suspenseful and beautifully done' Anna Funder, author of STASILANDA captivating account of the Nazi Olympics - told through the voices and stories of those who were there.For sixteen days in the summer of 1936, the world?s attention turned to the German capital as it hosted the Olympic Games. Seen through the eyes of a cast of characters - Nazi leaders and foreign diplomats, athletes and journalists, nightclub owners and jazz musicians - Berlin 1936 plunges us into the high tension of this unfolding scene.Alongside the drama in the Olympic Stadium - from the triumph of Jesse Owens to the scandal when an American tourist breaks through the security and manages to kiss Hitler - Oliver Hilmes takes us behind the scenes and into the lives of ordinary Berliners- the woman with a dark secret who steps in front of a train, the transsexual waiting for the Gestapo?s knock on the door, and the Jewish boy hoping that Germany may lose in the sporting arena. During the sporting events the dictatorship was partially put on hold; here then, is a last glimpse of the vibrant and diverse life in Berlin in the 1920s and 30s that the Nazis aimed to destroy.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Best American Sports Writing 2018
    Best American Sports Writing 2018
    ISBN: 9781328846280
    Title: Best American Sports Writing 2018

    For more than twenty-five years, The Best American Sports Writing has built a solid reputation by showcasing the greatest sports journalism of the previous year, culled from hundreds of national, regional, and specialty print and digital publications. Each year, the series editor and guest editor curate a truly exceptional collection. The only shared traits among all these diverse styles, voices, and stories are the extraordinarily high caliber of writing, and the pure passion they tap into that can only come from sports.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
  • Big O: The Life & Times of Olsen Filipaina
    Big O: The Life & Times of Olsen Filipaina
    ISBN: 9781988516844
    Title: Big O: The Life & Times of Olsen Filipaina

    The Big O by Patrick Skene is the story of Olsen Filipaina, a New Zealand Hall of Fame rugby league legend who was a pathfinder for the Maori and Pasifika players who today dominate the Australian National Rugby League. In a career that saw him play 29 Tests for New Zealand and more than 100 first grade NSWRL games, Filipaina was an object of fascination for the rugby league community.To fans he was "the Galloping Garbo", a working-class hero who thrilled crowds in between shifts as a garbageman. To opponents, who feared his Polynesian power game, he was The Big O. To coaches and critics, he was simply "Olsen the enigma".Featured in the book are some of the pivotal figures of 1980s Australia and New Zealand sport including Sir Graham Lowe, Arthur Beetson, Roy Masters, Sir Peter Leitch, David Tua, Sir Bryan Williams, Wayne Pearce, Sir Michael Jones, John Ribot, Mark Graham, David Lange and NRL Immortal Wally Lewis who for the first time opens up about being outplayed by Filipaina in the 1985 Test series.The Big O tracks Olsen's story from his rise out of working-class South Auckland, to overcoming depression, racism and cultural dislocation in Sydney, to the Cinderella story of his success for the New Zealand Kiwis.Forty years after Filipaina burst into Australian rugby league, Skene relates the tale of a humble and principled man, a dynamic and magical pioneer of the 'Pacific Revolution'.The Big O' is a timely story of resilience, redemption, bravery and love. To understand Olsen's story is to understand the cultural changes that have reshaped the game of rugby league.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Bike Deconstructed: a Grand Tour of the Road Bicycle
    Bike Deconstructed: a Grand Tour of the Road Bicycle
    ISBN: 9781845338831
    Title: Bike Deconstructed: a Grand Tour of the Road Bicycle

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Bill Pratney: Never Say Die
    Bill Pratney: Never Say Die
    ISBN: 9780958267328
    Title: Bill Pratney: Never Say Die
    Author: ROBINSON JIM

    Bill Pratney's cycling career began in 1926 at the age of 17 and spanned and astounding seven decades. He won an array of championship titles, from one-mile to 120-mile. He triumphed in numerous classic races and became New Zealand's greatest Maori cyclists.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Black Boots: NZ Rugby Legends
    Black Boots: NZ Rugby Legends
    ISBN: 9781869539948
    Title: Black Boots: NZ Rugby Legends
    Author: GIFFORD PHIL

    Over 200 photographs from a classic era of NZ rugby - 1950s-early 1990s, many unusual images from behind the scenes. Fascinating (and funny) captions from renowned rugby writer Phil Gifford. Perfect gift for the nostalgia-loving rugby fan - will bring back many great memories of AB greats and tours.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Blood Iron & Gold How the Railways Transformed the World
    Blood Iron & Gold How the Railways Transformed the World
    ISBN: 9781848871700
    Title: Blood Iron & Gold How the Railways Transformed the World

    This is a Christmas hardback with tremendous sales potential. "Blood, Iron and Gold" tells the dramatic story of the people and events that shaped the world's railways, stimulating economic growth and social change on an unprecedented scale. The opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830 marked the beginning of a revolution in transportation.

    "Blood, Iron and Gold" reveals the huge impact of the railways as they spread rapidly across the world, linking cities that had hitherto been isolated, stimulating both economic growth and social change on an unprecedented scale. From Panama to the Punjab, Tasmania to Turin, Christian Wolmar describes the vision and determination of the pioneers who developed railways that would one day span continents, as well as the labour of the navvies who endured horrific conditions to build this global network. Wolmar shows how the rise of the train stimulated daring feats of engineering, architectural innovation and the rapid movement of people and goods around the world.

    He shows how cultures were enriched - and destroyed - by the unrelenting construction and how they had a vital role in civil conflict, as well as in two world wars. Indeed, "Blood, Iron and Gold" reveals that the global expansion of the railways was key to the spread of modernity and the making of the modern world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Born to Fight
    Born to Fight
    ISBN: 9780733638800
    Title: Born to Fight
    Author: HUNT MARK

    Raw, confronting and honest, UFC champion Mark Hunt's inspiring autobiography shows it is possible to defy the odds and carve a better life. Born into a Mormon Samoan family, Hunt details his harrowing early life, his troubled teen years, and his angry youth with no apparent future.

    After being plucked from an Auckland street fight and dropped into his first kickboxing bout, Mark went on to achieve unprecedented success in Australian and New Zealand combat sports. In an ongoing career that has spanned the globe, Mark Hunt has been in some of the UFC, Pride and K-1's most memorable battles. But in some ways those fights pale in comparison to that which he has overcome out of the ring and cage.

    As fearless with his opinions as he is in the Octagon, Mark pulls no punches in revealing the highs and lows of his extraordinary life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Box on Wheels
    Box on Wheels
    ISBN: 9783667113245
    Title: Box on Wheels

    - Dedicated to the VW camper, a cult classic, celebrating its many guises, in all their glory "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." The VW camper van has been a cult classic for decades and has a broad fanbase all around the world. But Norbert Nettekoven is not interested in immaculately restored collector's pieces, he is looking for the maddest and baddest, the funniest, nicest and strangest camper vans on the planet. From born-again rust bucket to lowered street racer, from stretch limo to steam punk. This eclectic collection of camper vans will blow your mind.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Boy in the Water: A Memoir
    Boy in the Water: A Memoir
    ISBN: 9780241354124
    Title: Boy in the Water: A Memoir
    Author: GREGORY TOM

    **Winner of the William Hill 2018 Sports Book of the Year Award**
    A Sunday Times Book of the Year and Telegraph Best Book of 2018
    'Extraordinary' Clare Balding

    The poignant, life-affirming story of a determined boy, a visionary coach, and how the dream of a record-breaking Channel swim became reality

    Eltham, South London. 1984: the hot fug of the swimming pool and the slow splashing of a boy learning to swim but not yet wanting to take his foot off the bottom. Fast-forward four years. Photographers and family wait on the shingle beach as a boy in a bright orange hat and grease-smeared goggles swims the last few metres from France to England. He has been in the water for twelve agonizing hours, encouraged at each stroke by his coach, John Bullet, who has become a second father.

    This is the story of a remarkable friendship between a coach and a boy, and a love letter to the intensity and freedom of childhood.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $37.00
  • Boys in the Boat: An Epic True-life Journey to the Heart of Hitler's Berlin
    Boys in the Boat: An Epic True-life Journey to the Heart of Hitler's Berlin
    ISBN: 9781447210986
    Title: Boys in the Boat: An Epic True-life Journey to the Heart of Hitler's Berlin

    The Boys in the Boat is the story of Joe Rantz, a charismatic young man born dirt poor in the woods of Washington State, who dreams of escaping the challenges of the Great Depression, and a complicated family life full of painful memories. What follows is an extraordinary journey, as Joe and eight other young men exchange the sweat and graft and dust of ordinary life for the purer rigours of sport at its very highest level - a journey at the end of which lies a gold medal rowing race at the Berlin Olympics of 1936, in front of Hitler himself. Told against the grand backdrop of 1930s America, The Boys in the Boat is a story full of lyricism and unexpected beauty; a story that rises above sport, and even the grand sweep of history itself, in favour of something more personal. For as becomes clear in an interview with Joe shortly before his death, during the writing of this book, what shines most brightly in the old man's mind is not memories of medals, or the boat in particular, or even the boys that he called his friends. It is the thought of something more transcendent; a singular thing that had happened in a fleeting, golden sliver of time long gone, when nine good-hearted young men strove together, pulled together as one, gave everything they had for one another, bound together forever by unspoken bonds of pride and respect and love. Joe was crying, at least in part, for the loss of that vanished time, but much more, I think, for the sheer beauty of it.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Bradman Albums
    Bradman Albums
    ISBN: 9781742573458
    Title: Bradman Albums

    Format: Slipcased
    Price: $75.00
  • Brave New Pitch: The Evolution of Modern Cricket
    Brave New Pitch: The Evolution of Modern Cricket
    ISBN: 9789350293713
    Title: Brave New Pitch: The Evolution of Modern Cricket
    Author: CHOPRA SAMIR

    Cricket as we know it may soon be no more. Thanks to Twenty20, technology, media, and the sheer financial power of Indian cricket, the gentleman's game is on the brink of radical changes. Nation-based cups might give way to T20 professional leagues; umpires might be replaced by technology; and professional franchises, not national boards, might call the shots. Could cricket go the way of professional football? Will Test cricket survive in an entertainment-driven field? Will television rights deals determine the nature of the game? This upheaval has been accompanied by conflict between the old guard England and Australia and the new boss, India. If the spirit of cricket is to survive these changes, it requires the balancing of economic, political and sporting imperatives. The game must find a way to remain a financially solvent global sport that caters to the changing tastes of its fans and players by creatively using new media and limited-overs cricket. In 'Brave New Pitch', Samir Chopra takes a hard look at cricket's tumultuous present, and considers what could and should lie ahead.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $58.00
  • Brothers in Black: The Long History of Brotherhood in NZ Rugby
    Brothers in Black: The Long History of Brotherhood in NZ Rugby
    ISBN: 9781988547176
    Title: Brothers in Black: The Long History of Brotherhood in NZ Rugby
    Author: WALL JAMIE

    There's an astounding number of brothers playing in top level rugby in New Zealand. How is this so? What's it like for the siblings: do they compete with each other or do they support each other? Is there a particular climate in some families that encourages this success?

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • But Seriously: An Autobiography
    But Seriously: An Autobiography
    ISBN: 9781409147978
    Title: But Seriously: An Autobiography
    Author: MCENROE JOHN


    John McEnroe's long-awaited follow-up to his #1 bestseller

    He is one of the most controversial and beloved athletes in history, a tennis legend and a volcanic, mesmerizing presence. But after reaching the top of his game - what came next? Fifteen years after his international number-one bestseller You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe is back and ready to talk.

    Now the undisputed elder statesman of tennis, McEnroe has won over his critics as a brilliant commentator at the US Open, Wimbledon, and other Grand Slam tournaments - with outspoken views on the modern game, its top players, and the world of 21st century sport and celebrity. Who are the game's winners and losers? What's it like playing guitar onstage with the Rolling Stones, hitting balls with today's greats, confronting his former on-court nemeses, getting scammed by an international art dealer, and raising a big family while balancing McEnroe-sized expectations?

    In But Seriously, John McEnroe confronts his demons and reveals his struggle to reinvent himself from champion and tennis legend to father, broadcaster, and author. The result is a richly personal account, blending anecdote and reflection with razor sharp and brutally honest opinions, all in McEnroe's signature style. This is the sports book of the year: wildly entertaining, very funny, surprisingly touching, and 100% McEnroe.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00

  • Call of the Road: The History of Cycle Road Racing
    Call of the Road: The History of Cycle Road Racing
    ISBN: 9780008220808
    Title: Call of the Road: The History of Cycle Road Racing

    Eddy Merckx. Fausto Coppi. Jacques Anquetil. Bernard Hinault. Beryl Burton. Marianne Vos.

    A sole cyclist battling over a pass high in the mountains is one of the most romantic of sporting images. In the past 150 years road cycling has been dominated by a series of iconic people who have redefined endurance and fortitude. Every decade has pushed human limits, until limits were extended by inhuman pharmacology. And these battles have not been fought over just one race, but an annual series beginning with the Spring Classics and then culminating in the three great tours - the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta d'Espagne and the Tour de France - before the cyclists retire to lick their wounds and start on another winter of training.

    The Call of the Road is the definitive story of cycle road racing, from the first race in 1868 to the present day. It is a story that has never been told as the professionals experience it - as a whole energy-sapping year. It looks at the beginning and development of the sport, it explains the tactics and looks at the different physical types that succeed. It explains why some nations have dominated this sport and why, until recently, British riders have underperformed. It also looks at the way the great races were founded and developed, and how the great riders stamped their authority on them through the ages.

    Sidwells doesn't shy away from controversy: dissecting the vexed and seemingly ever-present question of doping. The final chapter brings the story of road racing completely up to date with insight into jiffy bags and salbutamol levels.

    Truly international in scope, looking at road racing in North and Latin America, Australia, Africa and Asia, as well as continental Europe, The Call of the Road is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the history, tactics or personalities of cycle road racing.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.00
  • Cars in Cuba You Should See Before You Die
    Cars in Cuba You Should See Before You Die
    ISBN: 9781742579702
    Title: Cars in Cuba You Should See Before You Die
    Author: BUDDEE KIM

    The streets of Cuba are filled with a magnificent collection of unique cars which reflect the island's dramatic heritage and decades of isolation.

    Cut off from the world of modern transportation, the Cubans have been forced to make the most of their limited resources.

    The result is an astonishing array of vehicles--from outlandish automobiles which seemingly defy belief, to other models of majestic beauty, lovingly restored with outstanding ingenuity.

    'Cars of Cuba' captures the glory of these kings of the road, before they disappear as a new wave of change sweeps across the country.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Cars: Accelerating the Modern World
    Cars: Accelerating the Modern World
    ISBN: 9781851779673
    Title: Cars: Accelerating the Modern World

    A world without cars would be unrecognizable. They have altered the shape of our cities, transformed our nations and landscapes, revolutionised the way we make and buy things, and profoundly influenced our relationship with speed itself.
    From the Ford Model T and the legacy of mass production, to the GM LaSalle and the birth of style and obsolescence, and from the original Volkswagen expression of national identity to the GM Firebird and the desire for frictionless movement, this book presents the car as the driving force that accelerated the twentieth century. It takes an in-depth look at the history of the automobile and its impact, to better understand where we might want to go in the future.

    Published to accompany the V&A's exhibition Cars: Accelerating the Modern World(5 October 2019 - 20 April 2020)

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • CARS: Driven by Design
    CARS: Driven by Design
    ISBN: 9783777431222
    Title: CARS: Driven by Design

    The sports cars of the 1950s to the 1970s are fast, beautiful, eccentric and innovative. In recent decades these automobiles not only became coveted collector_s items; they also enjoy cult statu s. In an exciting journey through time the volume presents 25 outstanding sports cars as design icons and illuminates their presentation in film and photography.

    As a design object beyond its practical purpose, the automobile has left an indelible mark on the world we live in. There is scarcely another everyday item which has been designed in a more sophisticated and inventive manner and which offers a larger projection area. This can be seen with particular clarity in the sports car. The volume pays homag e to a selection of exclusive sports cars by legendary manufacturers, from Porsche to Ferrari to Jaguar, as artworks in their own right and as a unity of form, technology, design and emotions. Essays, selected texts and biographies shed light on the multi - layered development of automobile design and introduce the vehicles and their designers .

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $80.00
  • Chasing Glory? Twelve Months with the All Blacks
    Chasing Glory? Twelve Months with the All Blacks
    ISBN: 9781988547329
    Title: Chasing Glory? Twelve Months with the All Blacks
    Author: WALL JAMIE

    The 2019 Rugby World Cup campaign is shaping up to be the most intriguing World Cup campaign ever for the All Blacks, because they're going for their third title in a row. It will cap a decade of dominance for the team, who broke their 24-year drought in 2011 and then breezed through to win the 2015 edition.

    This year will be a much tougher challenge, though.

    The signs are there that most of the other test playing nations have gained some serious ground on the All Blacks in the last couple of seasons. This was seen in the results against England and Ireland late last year.

    Road to Glory? focuses on the lead up and World Cup campaign itself, which very much started in October 2018. The All Blacks went to Japan for a couple of tests and then on to Europe for three more, which was seen as a dry run for what would happen in a year's time. The tour itself was a hard slog, with the team clearly feeling the effects of a long season. Notably, coach Steve Hansen and captain Kieran Read came under considerable scrutiny throughout.

    Jamie Wall covers the year leading up to the cup, including Super Rugby and the Six Nations, the test season in New Zealand (and the games that will be played in Buenos Aires and Perth), then the final preparations that lead up to the squad being named. Then, a blow-by-blow account of the All Blacks' games, trainings, press conferences and dramas throughout the World Cup as Jamie follows the team through the campaign in Japan.

    All of which will lead to either a Triumphant final victory on 2 November. . .or a crushing defeat that will signal a new era in world rugby.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00

  • Cicerone Tour of Mont Blanc Complete Two-way Trekking Guide
    Cicerone Tour of Mont Blanc Complete Two-way Trekking Guide
    ISBN: 9781852847791
    Title: Cicerone Tour of Mont Blanc Complete Two-way Trekking Guide
    Author: REYNOLDS KEV

    The Tour of Mont Blanc is one of the best - if not the best - of the world's classic hikes. It circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif in about eleven days. This new edition incorporates details of the new routes on the Italian section, as well as all other recent route changes and variants. The walk has all the excitement of the high mountains yet none of the worry of altitude sickness. It crosses numerous cols with stunning views of spectacular snow and rock peaks. Accommodation along the route is plentiful.The 'official' Tour du Mont Blanc follows an established route around the main block of mountains containing not only Mont Blanc but its principal allied summits. The author describes the tour both in the traditional 'anti-clockwise' direction and the 'clockwise' direction. There are several alternative routes that subsequently link, and these are also described. The routes, along with suggestions for alternative exploration, give what the author thinks is the very best perspective and appreciation of the whole region.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $42.00
  • Circuit: A Tennis Odyssey
    Circuit: A Tennis Odyssey
    ISBN: 9781250234926
    Title: Circuit: A Tennis Odyssey

    Winner of the 2019 PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing

    "The Circuit is the best sports book I've read in years, maybe ever." --Rich Cohen, author of The Chicago Cubs and Monsters

    "As sports writing goes, The Circuit is unusual in the very best way. Rowan Ricardo Phillips writes with such fluidity, and packs the book with bursts of brilliance. This is a compulsively readable guide to one truly Homeric year of professional tennis." --John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars

    An energetic, lyrical, genre-defying account of the 2017 tennis season.

    In The Circuit: A Tennis Odyssey, the award-winning poet--and Paris Review sports columnist--Rowan Ricardo Phillips chronicles 2017 as seen through the unique prism of its pivotal, revelatory, and historic tennis season. The annual tennis schedule is a rarity in professional sports in that it encapsulates the calendar year. And like the year, it's divided into four seasons, each marked by a final tournament: the Grand Slams.

    Phillips charts the year from winter's Australian Open, where Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal renewed their rivalry in a match for the ages, to fall's U.S. Open. Along the way, Phillips paints a new, vibrant portrait of tennis, one that captures not only the emotions, nerves, and ruthless tactics of the point-by-point game but also the quicksilver movement of victory and defeat on the tour, placing that sense of upheaval within a broader cultural and social context. Tennis has long been thought of as an escapist spectacle: a bucolic, separate bauble of life.

    The Circuit will convince you that you don't leave the world behind as you watch tennis--you bring it with you.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
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