• All Good Things

    All Good Things
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    ISBN: 9780732288037
    Title: All Good Things

    Sumptuous sunsets. Palm-fringed private beach. Lagoon on our doorstep. Sweet papaya by the bagful. Vanilla beans bundled up by lush and fragrant firesticks. I know, I know. Paradise... For many women, the prospect of living in Paris with the love of your life would come pretty close to having it all. Having shared her story in her bestselling memoir, ALMOST FRENCH, Australian writer Sarah Turnbull seemed to have had more than her fair share of dreams come true. While Sarah went on to carve out an idyllic life in Paris with Frederic, there was still one dream she was beginning to fear might be impossible - starting a family together. Then out of the blue an opportunity to make a dramatic sea change and embark on another adventure offers a new beginning - and new hope. Leaving behind life in the world's most romantic and beautiful city was never going to be easy. But it helps when your destination is another paradise on earth, Tahiti.

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