• Buddhas, Bombs & the Babu

    Buddhas, Bombs & the Babu
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    ISBN: 9780909608163
    Title: Buddhas, Bombs & the Babu
    Author: TOLSON KERRY

    Kerry's marriage is disintegrating and Sebastian is disconnected from his father. To save their rocky relationships, Kerry convinces her work-obsessed and over cautious husband Mal into taking a family holiday - wandering around Nepal is just what the three need. Kerry books nothing, plans little and anticipates a gentle 'hippy-trail'; ramble. Instead, the family find themselves stumbling through a land imploding upon itself and are soon caught in the midst of bombs, croc-infested waters, paint-bombing monks and a kidnapping. A delightful, and at times hilarious, journey of a family finding each other, losing their inhibitions, and along the way, discovering the richness of life through the resilience of Nepal and her ever-smiling people.

    Format: Paperback
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