• Cruise of the Snark Penguin Classic

    Cruise of the Snark  Penguin Classic
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    ISBN: 9780142437735
    Title: Cruise of the Snark Penguin Classic
    Author: LONDON JACK

    Inspired by the examples of his heroes Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Joshua Slocum, Jack London determined to sail around the world. In April 1907 he sailed from San Francisco in the forty-five-foot ketch Snark, with his wife, Charmian, a skeleton crew, and his writing to keep him company. Beset by seasickness and tropical disease, London wrote incessantly?ot only his major autobiographical novel Martin Edenand numerous short stories, but also a series of sketches recording the voyage itself. These entertaining pieces, collected together into the book he called The Cruise of the Snark, reveal London? indefatigable spirit and love of adventure at sea and among the Pacific islands.

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