• Driving Home

    Driving Home
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    ISBN: 9780330480826
    Title: Driving Home

    For over thirty years Jonathan Raban has written about people and places in transition or on the margins, of journeys undertaken and destinations never quite reached; of isolation and alienation, but also of what it means to belong, to feel rooted.
    Driving Home, a collection of pieces spanning two decades, charts its course through American history and recent world events. Raban writes with an outsider's eye for the public and the personal, about political, social, and cultural affairs, and about literature, his tone intimate but never nostalgic, and always fresh. Variously frank, witty, and provocative, Driving Home is part essay collection, part diary and wholly engrossing.
    A passionate history buff and a skilled raconteur . . . it's a fine ride' Sunday Times
    A fabulous collection' Observer

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