• Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka

    Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka
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    ISBN: 9781782067979
    Title: Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a small island with a long, savage and enthralling history. Home to thousands of wild elephants, this is a place where natural beauty and majesty have endured, indifferent to the pain of its people.

    Journeying for a year through its many regions - some loved by tourists, some haunted by war, many rarely seen by our eyes - award-winning travel writer John Gimlette intersperses tales from its past with the encounters he has en-route: meeting the elephant herders of its many reserves, the Vedda tribespeople of the wild east, and the Sinhalese and Tamil enemies. He raises the ghosts of old Portuguese colonies, speaks to survivors of the tsunami and treads through the thorny battlegrounds of a civil war that has shaped Sri Lanka anew.

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