• Figures in a Landscape: People & Places

    Figures in a Landscape: People & Places
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    ISBN: 9780241977507
    Title: Figures in a Landscape: People & Places
    Author: THEROUX PAUL

    "A& portrait of an optimist with curiosity and affection for humanity in all its forms."--The New York Times Book Review
    "Theroux is at the top of his game with his third collection of essays, a magisterial grouping of intimate remembrances, globe-trotting adventures, and incisive literary critiques."--Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
    "Theroux's observations are so keen and writerly skills so sharp that he butter-slices& narratives with a& razor-thin surgeon's scalpel, masterfully serving up both the world's dark underbelly and its gloriously uplifting& sustenance of love, longing and& wonder-lust."--Forbes

    Paul Theroux's latest collection of essays applies his signature searching curiosity to a life lived as much in reading as on the road. This writerly tour-de-force features a satisfyingly varied selection of topics. Travel essays take us to Ecuador, Zimbabwe, and Hawaii, to name a few. Gems of literary criticism reveal fascinating depth in the work of Henry David Thoreau, Muriel Spark, Joseph Conrad, and Hunter Thompson. And in a series of breathtakingly personal profiles, we take ahelicopter ride with Elizabeth Taylor, go diagnosing with Oliver Sacks, eavesdrop on the day-to-day life of a Manhattan dominatrix, and explore New York with Robin Williams.

    An extended meditation on the craft of writing binds together this wide-ranging collection, along with Theroux's constant quest for the authentic in a person or in a place.

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