• Alex's Adventures in Numberland Tenth Anniversary Edition
    Alex's Adventures in Numberland Tenth Anniversary Edition
    ISBN: 9781526623997
    Title: Alex's Adventures in Numberland Tenth Anniversary Edition
    Author: BELLOS ALEX

    The tenth anniversary edition of the Sunday Times bestselling book
    The world of maths can seem mind-boggling, irrelevant and, let's face it, boring. This groundbreaking book reclaims maths from the geeks. Mathematical ideas underpin just about everything in our lives- from the surprising geometry of the 50p piece to how probability can help you win in any casino. In search of weird and wonderful mathematical phenomena, Alex Bellos travels across the globe and meets the world's fastest mental calculators in Germany and a startlingly numerate chimpanzee in Japan. Packed with fascinating, eye-opening anecdotes, Alex's Adventures in Numberland is an exhilarating cocktail of history, reportage and mathematical proofs that will leave you awestruck.
    Shortlisted for the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize

    This anniversary edition has been revised and updated by the author.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions
    Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions
    ISBN: 9780007547999
    Title: Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

    What should we do, or leave undone, in a day or a lifetime? How much messiness should we accept? What balance of the new and familiar is the most fulfilling? These may seem like uniquely human quandaries, but they are not. Computers, like us, confront limited space and time, so computer scientists have been grappling with similar problems for decades. And the solutions they ve found have much to teach us.

    In a dazzlingly interdisciplinary work, Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths show how algorithms developed for computers also untangle very human questions. They explain how to have better hunches and when to leave things to chance, how to deal with overwhelming choices and how best to connect with others. From finding a spouse to finding a parking spot, from organizing one s inbox to peering into the future, Algorithms to Live By transforms the wisdom of computer science into strategies for human living.


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  • Art of Statistics: Learning from Data
    Art of Statistics: Learning from Data
    ISBN: 9780241258767
    Title: Art of Statistics: Learning from Data

    'This marvellous book will transform your relationship with the numbers that swirl all around us. Read it and learn. I did' Tim Harford

    Statistics has played a leading role in our scientific understanding of the world for centuries, yet we are all familiar with the way statistical claims can be sensationalised, particularly in the media. In the age of big data, as data science becomes established as a discipline, a basic grasp of statistical literacy is more important than ever.

    In The Art of Statistics, David Spiegelhalter guides the reader through the essential principles we need in order to derive knowledge from data. Drawing on real world problems to introduce conceptual issues, he shows us how statistics can help us determine the luckiest passenger on the Titanic, whether serial killer Harold Shipman could have been caught earlier, and if screening for ovarian cancer is beneficial.

    How many trees are there on the planet? Do busier hospitals have higher survival rates? Why do old men have big ears? Spiegelhalter reveals the answers to these and many other questions - questions that can only be addressed using statistical science.

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  • Change Is the Only Constant: The Wisdom of Calculus in a Madcap World
    Change Is the Only Constant: The Wisdom of Calculus in a Madcap World
    ISBN: 9780316509084
    Title: Change Is the Only Constant: The Wisdom of Calculus in a Madcap World
    Author: ORLIN BEN

    By spinning 28 engaging mathematical tales, Orlin shows us that calculus is simply another language to express the very things we humans grapple with every day - love, risk, time and, most importantly, change. Divided into two parts, "Moments" and "Eternities," and drawing on everyone from Sherlock Holmes to Mark Twain to David Foster Wallace, Change is the Only Constant unearths connections between calculus, art, literature and a beloved dog named Elvis. This is not just maths for maths' sake; it's maths for the sake of becoming a wiser and more thoughtful human.

    Format: Hardback
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  • Cryptonomicon
    ISBN: 9780099410676
    Title: Cryptonomicon

    Neal Stephenson hacks into the secret histories of nations and the private obsessions of men, decrypting with dazzling virtuosity the forces that have shaped the past century. Weaving together the cracking of the Axis codes during WWII and the quest to establish a free South East Asian 'data haven' for digital information in the present, Cryptonomicon explores themes of power, information, secrecy and war in the twentieth century in a gripping and page-turning thriller.

    Format: Paperback
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  • Do Dice Play God? The Mathematics of Uncertainty
    Do Dice Play God? The Mathematics of Uncertainty
    ISBN: 9781781259443
    Title: Do Dice Play God? The Mathematics of Uncertainty
    Author: STEWART IAN

    Professor Ian Stewart explores the development and limits of the mathematics that tame uncertainty.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Fermat's Last Theorem: the Story of a Riddle that Confounded the World's Greatest Minds for 358 Years
    Fermat's Last Theorem: the Story of a Riddle that Confounded the World's Greatest Minds for 358 Years
    ISBN: 9781841157917
    Title: Fermat's Last Theorem: the Story of a Riddle that Confounded the World's Greatest Minds for 358 Years
    Author: SINGH SIMON

    This is the story of the solving of a puzzle that has confounded mathematicians since the 17th century, but which every child can understand. It includes the fascinating story of Andrew Wiles who finally cracked the code.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • How to Bake Pi: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths
    How to Bake Pi: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths
    ISBN: 9781781252888
    Title: How to Bake Pi: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths

    Möbius bagels, Euclid's flourless chocolate cake and apple pi - this is maths, but not as you know it.In How to Bake Pi, mathematical crusader and star baker Eugenia Cheng has rustled up a batch of delicious culinary insights into everything from simple numeracy to category theory ('the mathematics of mathematics'), via Fermat, Poincaré and Riemann.Maths is much more than simultaneous equations and pr2 : it is an incredibly powerful tool for thinking about the world around us. And once you learn how to think mathematically, you'll never think about anything - cakes, custard, bagels or doughnuts; not to mention fruit crumble, kitchen clutter and Yorkshire puddings - the same way again.Stuffed with moreish puzzles and topped with a generous dusting of wit and charm, How to Bake Pi is a foolproof recipe for a mathematical feast.*Previously published under the title Cakes, Custard & Category Theory*

    Format: Paperback
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  • Introducing Game Theory: A Graphic Guide
    Introducing Game Theory: A Graphic Guide
    ISBN: 9781785780820
    Title: Introducing Game Theory: A Graphic Guide

    Why did countries engage in a nuclear arms race? How do we make decisions when we don t have all the information? What makes international environmental cooperation possible?
    Game theory is the study of how we make a decision when the outcome of our moves depends on the decisions of someone else. But it s not just about predicting your opponent s next play in a game of chess; conflict and cooperation lie at the heart of game theory, which is useful for understanding behaviour in everything from our social lives to business, global politics to evolutionary theory.
    In Introducing Game Theory, economists Ivan and Tuvana Pastine explore this fascinating area, which looks beneath the surface of human behavior calling upon psychology, evolutionary biology, political science and sociology to explain why, when faced with a decision, we sometimes cooperate, sometimes clash, and sometimes act in a way that seems completely random.
    Stylishly brought to life by regular Guardian illustrator Tom Humberstone, the book takes readers on a tour of the key ideas and thinkers, and puts you into a series of games that provide a new perspective on the world we live in."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries
    Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries
    ISBN: 9780262044080
    Title: Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries

    Sixteen of today's greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles in a story-driven, illustrated volume that invites readers to peek over the edge of the unknown.
    Most people think of mathematics as a set of useful tools designed to answer analytical questions, beginning with simple arithmetic and ending with advanced calculus. But, as Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries shows, mathematics is filled with intriguing mysteries that take us to the edge of the unknown. This richly illustrated, story-driven volume presents sixteen of today's greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles, all understandable by anyone with elementary math skills. These intriguing mysteries are presented to readers as puzzles that have time-traveled from Camelot, preserved in the notebook of Merlin, the wise magician in King Arthur's court.

    Our guide is Mage Maryam (named in honor of the brilliant young mathematician, the late Maryam Mirzakhani), a distant descendant of Merlin. Maryam introduces the mysteries--each of which is presented across two beautifully illustrated pages--and provides mathematical and historical context afterward. We find Merlin confronting mathematical puzzles involving tinker toys (a present for Camelot's princesses from the sorceress Morgana), cake-slicing at a festival, Lancelot's labyrinth, a vault for the Holy Grail, and more. Each mystery is a sword awaiting removal from its stone, capturing the beauty and power of mathematics.

    Format: Hardback
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  • Mathematics Workbook Year 6
    Mathematics Workbook Year 6
    ISBN: 9781877234965
    Title: Mathematics Workbook Year 6

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Maths Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
    Maths Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
    ISBN: 9780241350362
    Title: Maths Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
    Author: DK

    Take a journey through the fascinating story of fractions, numbers, patterns, and shapes in order to better understand the complex world we live in.

    Continuing the "Big Ideas" series' trademark combination of authoritative, clear
    text and bold graphics to chart the development of maths through history, the book explores and explains some of the most complex and fascinating mathematical subjects. Delve into everything from the mathematical ideas and inventions of the ancient world such as the first number systems, magic squares, and the Chinese abacus, through to the developments in mathematics during medieval and Renaissance Europe, to the rise of group theory and cryptography more recently.

    This diverse and inclusive account of mathematics will have something for everybody- for those interested in the maths behind world economies, secret spies, modern technology and plenty more, taking readers around the world from Babylon to Bletchley Park. Tracing maths through the Scientific Revolution to its 21st-century use in computers, the internet, and AI, The Maths Bookuses an innovative visual approach to make the subject accessible to everyone, casual readers and students alike.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $48.00
  • Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics
    Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics
    ISBN: 9780062064011
    Title: Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics

    Inthe tradition of Fermat's Enigma and Pi, Marcus du Sautoy tells the illuminating, authoritative, and engagingstory of Bernhard Reimann and the ongoing quest tocapture the holy grail of mathematics--the formula to predict prime numbers.Oliver Sacks, author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, calls TheMusic of the Primes "an amazing book.& .& .& .& I could not put it down once Ihad started." Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman,writes, "this fascinating account, decoding the inscrutable language of themathematical priesthood, is written like the purest poetry. Marcus du Sautoy's enthusiasm shines through every line of this hymnto the joy of high intelligence, illuminating as it does so even the darkestcorners of his most arcane universe."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Number Bias: How Numbers Lead & Mislead Us
    Number Bias: How Numbers Lead & Mislead Us
    ISBN: 9781529342741
    Title: Number Bias: How Numbers Lead & Mislead Us
    Author: BLAUW SANNE

    Even if you don't consider yourself a numbers person, you are a numbers person. The time has come to put numbers in their place. Not high up on a pedestal, or out on the curb, but right where they belong: beside words. It is not an overstatement to say that numbers dictate the way we live our lives. They tell us how we're doing at school, how much we weigh, who might win an election and whether the economy is booming. But numbers aren't as objective as they may seem; behind every number is a story. Yet politicians, businesses and the media often forget this - or use it for their own gain.Sanne Blauw travels the world to unpick our relationship with numbers and demystify our misguided allegiance, from Florence Nightingale using statistics to petition for better conditions during the Crimean War to the manipulation of numbers by the American tobacco industry and the ambiguous figures pedalled during the EU referendum. Taking us from the everyday numbers that govern our health and wellbeing to the statistics used to wield enormous power and influence, The Number Bias counsels us to think more wisely.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Pluses & Minuses How Maths Solves Our Problems
    Pluses & Minuses How Maths Solves Our Problems
    ISBN: 9781922268570
    Title: Pluses & Minuses How Maths Solves Our Problems

    You look up from your phone for a moment to order an espresso. It's made with one of those large stainless-steel coffee makers that heats the water until it's precisely the right temperature. It keeps track of how fast the water warms up and uses that to calculate whether it needs to apply more or less heat, until the perfect temperature is attained. You're not aware of any of it, but right in front of your nose those formulae that your maths teacher talked about are being used to make your cup of coffee.

    Thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia became the first humans to use numbers. Since then, mathematics has become an unstoppable force. It's behind almost everything, from search engines to cruise control, from coffee-makers to timetables. But now that we hardly ever need to do arithmetic, how relevant is mathematics to everyday life?

    Drawing on examples within the interconnected fields of philosophy, psychology and history, Dr Stefan Buijsman explores the role mathematics plays in the modern world.

    Stefan Buijsman gained a master's degree in philosophy in Leiden at the age of eighteen. He then moved to Sweden, where he gained his doctorate within eighteen months, making him one of the youngest ever PhDs. He is currently studying the philosophy of mathematics as a post-doctoral researcher.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Ten Equations That Rule the World & How You Can Use Them Too
    Ten Equations That Rule the World & How You Can Use Them Too
    ISBN: 9780241467930
    Title: Ten Equations That Rule the World & How You Can Use Them Too

    They know something you don't know. They work inside investment banks, betting companies and social media giants. What are the secrets held by mathematicians and what can everyone else learn from them?Their advantage can be reduced to a small number of equations. Ten of them. And, surprisingly, it isn't their technical details that give them an edge. It is the way these equations allow them to view problems from a different angle -- a way of seeing the world that anyone can learn.In this eye-opening book, mathematician David Sumpter reveals the formulas that make the modern world go round, and how we can use them to better our chances of success, solidify friendships and live healthier lives, to guard against failure and financial ruin, and to see through scaremongering. Writing with clarity and wit, Sumpter explains how the same equations that are integral to Facebook can help you to work out how long to persist with a difficult task or how many episodes of a new Netflix series to watch before giving up.Empowering and enlightening, The Ten Equations shows how maths can truly change our way of understanding the world.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Understanding Numbers
    Understanding Numbers
    ISBN: 9781781318157
    Title: Understanding Numbers

    Mathematics is an indispensable tool for life. From the systems that underpin our newsfeeds, through to the data analysis that informs our health and financial decisions, to the algorithms that power how we search online - mathematics is at the heart of how our modern world functions.

    In 20 dip-in lessons, Understanding Numbers explains how and why mathematics fuels your world and arms you with the knowledge to make wiser choices in all areas of your life.

    - Make sense of health statistics
    - Understand the mathematics behind political voting systems
    - Get to grips with how online search tools work
    - Discover how mathematics can create the perfect city

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken
    X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken
    ISBN: 9780750987820
    Title: X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken

    December, 1932In the bathroom of a Belgian hotel, a French spymaster photographs top-secret documents - the operating instructions of the cipher machine, Enigma. A few weeks later a mathematician in Warsaw begins to decipher the coded communications of the Third Reich and lays the foundations for the code-breaking operation at Bletchley Park. The co-operation between France, Britain and Poland is given the cover-name 'X, Y & Z'. December, 1942It is the middle of World War Two. The Polish code-breakers have risked their lives to continue their work inside Vichy France, even as an uncertain future faces their homeland. Now they are on the run from the Gestapo. People who know the Enigma secret are not supposed to be in the combat zone, so MI6 devises a plan to exfiltrate them. If it goes wrong, if they are caught, the consequences could be catastrophic for the Allies. Based on original research and newly released documents, X, Y & Z is the exhilarating story of those who risked their lives to protect the greatest secret of World War Two.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $53.00