• Calculus for Dummies

    Calculus for Dummies
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    ISBN: 9781118791295
    Title: Calculus for Dummies
    Author: RYAN MARK

    Slay the calculus monster with this user-friendly guide

    "Calculus For Dummies, 2nd Edition" makescalculus manageable--even if you're one of the many studentswho sweat at the thought of it. By breaking down differentiationand integration into digestible concepts, this guide helps youbuild a stronger foundation with a solid understanding of the bigideas at work. This user-friendly math book leads you step-by-stepthrough each concept, operation, and solution, explaining the "how"and "why" in plain English instead of math-speak. Through relevantinstruction and practical examples, you'll soon learn thatreal-life calculus isn't nearly the monster it's made out tobe.

    Calculus is a required course for many college majors, and forstudents without a strong math foundation, it can be a real barrierto graduation. Breaking that barrier down means recognizingcalculus for what it is--simply a tool for studying the waysin which variables interact. It's the logical extension of thealgebra, geometry, and trigonometry you've already taken, and"Calculus For Dummies, 2nd Edition" proves that ifyou can master those classes, you can tackle calculus and win.Includes foundations in algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculusconceptsExplores sequences, series, and graphing common functionsInstructs you how to approximate area with integrationFeatures things to remember, things to forget, and things youcan't get away with

    Stop fearing calculus, and learn to embrace the challenge. Withthis comprehensive study guide, you'll gain the skills andconfidence that make all the difference. "Calculus For Dummies,2nd Edition" provides a roadmap for success, and thebackup you need to get there.

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