• Invention of Numbers

    Invention of Numbers
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    ISBN: 9781844039111
    Title: Invention of Numbers

    Discover the entertaining, often surprising, story of numbers.

    Numbers are at the heart of the existence of the universe and everything in it, and yet a lot of us have little understanding of their creation, let alone their part in philosophy, art, music, physics, literature, religion and computing.

    Dr Bentley's fascinating history of the origins of numbers will unlock the secrets of these things that we take for granted and shows how numbers seem to take on human characteristics - as they can be perfect or irrational, amicable or prime, real or imaginary.

    From zero to infinity, learn about the way numbers have shaped our world, discover amazing facts and enjoy the pure beauty of mathematical logic.

    Dr Peter Bentley is an Honorary Reader and Senior College Teacher at the Department of Computer Science, University College London and is known for his research covering all aspects of Evolutionary Computation and Digital Biology. He is the author of the popular science books Digital Biology, The Undercover Scientist and Digitized, and editor of the books Evolutionary Design by Computers, Creative Evolutionary Systems and On Growth, Form and Computers.

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