• Math Geek

    Math Geek
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    ISBN: 9781440583810
    Title: Math Geek

    The new "sine" of mathematical geekdom.

    Do you dream about long division in your sleep? Does the thought of solving abstruse equations bring a smile to your face? Do you love celebrating pi every March? Then, "Math Geek" was made for you With this guide, you'll learn even more about the power of numbers as you explore their brilliant nature in ways you've never imagined. From manhole covers to bubbles to subway maps, each page gives you a glimpse of the world through renowned mathematicians' eyes and reveals how their theorems and equations can be applied to nearly everything you encounter. Covering dozens of your favorite math topics, you'll find fascinating answers to questions like:

    How are the waiting times for buses determined?
    Why is Romanesco Broccoli so mesmerizing?
    How do you divide a cake evenly?
    Should you run or walk to avoid rain showers?

    Filled with compelling mathematical explanations, "Math Geek" sheds light on the incredible world of numbers hidden deep within your day-to-day life.

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