• Why Is Uranus Upside Down?

    Why Is Uranus Upside Down?
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    ISBN: 9781741752533
    Title: Why Is Uranus Upside Down?
    Author: WATSON FRED

    Have you ever wondered what dark matter is or why galaxies collide? Or why the Moon is gradually drifting away from Earth? Space is really, really big, as Douglas Adams once pointed out, and there is no better guide to it than Fred Watson, astronomer to the stars. Fred Watson has taken the many, many questions that have been asked by listeners of his popular, long-running radio shows, and answered them in this collection. Questions he answers include How can you identify the constellations? Does the Earth wobble? Could you dump nuclear waste into the Sun? What makes planets round? Where's the nearest black hole?Are there other universes? and Can we ever know everything? This highly entertaining and informative introduction to our planet and the Universe we live in is a must-read for enquiring minds of all ages.

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