• 50 Quantum Physics Ideas

    50 Quantum Physics Ideas
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    ISBN: 9781780879116
    Title: 50 Quantum Physics Ideas
    Author: BAKER JOANNE

    Following on from the highly successful 50 Physics Ideas You Really Need to Know, author Joanne Baker consolidates the foundation concepts of physics and moves on to present clear explanations of the most cutting-edge area of science: quantum physics.

    With 50 concise chapters covering complex theories and their advanced applications - from string theory to black holes, and quarks to quantum computing - alongside informative two-colour illustrations, this book presents key ideas in straightforward, bite-sized chunks. Ideal for the layperson, this book will challenge the way you understand the world.

    The ideas explored include: Theory of relativity Schrödinger's cat; Nuclear forces: fission and fusion; Antimatter; Superconductivity.

    Format: Hardback
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