• Strange Science

    Strange Science
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    ISBN: 9781626869820
    Title: Strange Science

    This amazing volume from the Bathroom Readers' Institute contains the strangest short science articles from dozens of Bathroom Readers--along with 50 all-new pages. From the oddest theories to the most astounding discoveries to the biggest blunders, Strange Science has all the facts your professors didn't teach you, but should have. It's packed with earth-shattering eurekas, outlandish inventions, silly "scientific" studies, and the stories behind the weirdos who made it all happen. Put on your lab coat and get ready to discover...

    The freakiest franken-foods scientists have created
    Bad movie science: when Hollywood gets it wrong
    One dentist's quest to clone John Lennon
    Unbelievable inventions, such as the Bird Trap and Cat Feeder...for people who really hate birds
    How scientists have solved some of history's most stupefying mysteries
    Schrodinger simplified: What's up with the cat in the box?
    Real-life time travelers (or so they claim)
    Everyday products made with radium...until people started dying
    How to hypnotize a chicken
    The seven-year-long study that found earthquakes are not caused by catfish waving their tails...and other breakthrough findings

    And much, much more

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