• Physics of the Future How Science Will Shape Human Destiny & Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
    Physics of the Future How Science Will Shape Human Destiny & Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
    ISBN: 9780385530804
    Title: Physics of the Future How Science Will Shape Human Destiny & Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
    Author: KAKU MICHIO

    Space elevators. Internet-enabled contact lenses. Cars that fly by floating on magnetic fields. This is the stuff of science fiction—it’s also daily life in the year 2100.

    Renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku details the developments in computer technology, artificial intelligence, medicine, space travel, and more, that are poised to happen over the next hundred years. He also considers how these inventions will affect the world economy, addressing the key questions: Who will have jobs? Which nations will prosper? Kaku interviews three hundred of the world’s top scientists—working in their labs on astonishing prototypes. He also takes into account the rigorous scientific principles that regulate how quickly, how safely, and how far technologies can advance. InPhysics of the Future,Kaku forecasts a century of earthshaking advances in technology that could make even the last centuries’ leaps and bounds seem insignificant.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $49.00
  • Physics: Why Matter Matters!
    Physics: Why Matter Matters!
    ISBN: 9780753462140
    Title: Physics: Why Matter Matters!
    Author: BASHER SIMON

    Basher Science: Physics, Why Matter Matters created and illustrated by Simon Basher, Written by Dan Green:

    Imagine physics as a community full of wacky characters--the building blocks of the universe each with a unique personality. This book throws open the doors and welcomes you into their amazing world. From gravity to the theory of relativity, this unique book provides visual interpretations of complex concepts, designed to make learning physics easier and a whole lot more fun

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Planet Factory: Exoplanets & the Search for a Second earth
    Planet Factory: Exoplanets & the Search for a Second earth
    ISBN: 9781472917744
    Title: Planet Factory: Exoplanets & the Search for a Second earth

    Forget about rockets to Mars the future of space science lies with the search for exoplanets.
    Fifteen years ago, the search for planets and life outside the Solar System was a job restricted to science-fiction writers. Now it's one of the fastest-growing fields in astronomy; more than 4,600 of these 'exoplanets' have been discovered to date.
    There have been some truly stunning recent discoveries, predominantly through the findings of the Kepler Space Telescope, not least the fact that there seem to be planetary systems around pretty much every star. So what are these worlds like? Some of them are mind-boggling planets that orbit binary stars, giant 'hot' jupiters that orbit closer to their stars than Mercury is to the sun, earth-like planets that orbit dying, purple-coloured stars, shrinking planets with tails like a giant comet. The diversity is incredible, and growing. And then of course, there's the ultimate prize an earth-sized planet in what's known as the 'goldilocks' zone, the right distance from its star for water to be liquid and, perhaps, for life to occur. Such a planet hasn't been found so far, but it is probably a matter of time.

    The Planet Factory tells the story of exoplanets and exoplanetary research. It discusses their way planets form, what their structure is and what features they exhibit, and describes in detail the detection techniques used to find them, before looking at what we can learn about surface environments and planetary atmospheres, and whether this hints at the tantalising possibility of life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Plato's Alarm Clock & Oher Amazing Inventions
    Plato's Alarm Clock & Oher Amazing Inventions
    ISBN: 9781782439349
    Title: Plato's Alarm Clock & Oher Amazing Inventions

    We all like to think we are pretty smart. New medical advances seem to come along every day; space travel suddenly doesn't seem so difficult; self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the future . but if we were stranded on a desert island tomorrow, most of us wouldn't know how to catch a fish or start a fire, let alone rebuild all that extraordinary technology we now rely on.The truth is that we're not necessarily more clever than our ancestors, we just have an accumulation of centuries of technological progress on which we can rely. As this book shows, many of the ancients were much more advanced that we realize - indeed there are recent inventions that had actually been discovered centuries earlier and then forgotten. And what about all those modern day devices and machines that rely on ancient inventions such as paper, levers and gears?From brain surgery in the Stone Age to Chinese whisky from the 7th century BC, to Damascus steel - once the hardest metal in the world, which we no longer know how to make - this insightful book collects together the stories of hundreds of ancient devices, inventions and breakthroughs from around the world and across the centuries, giving us a fascinating glimpse into past eras that were far more technologically advanced than we sometimes realize.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $23.00
  • Popular Mechanics Man Crafts: Leather Tooling, Fly Tying, Ax Whittling, & Other Cool Things to Do
    Popular Mechanics Man Crafts: Leather Tooling, Fly Tying, Ax Whittling, & Other Cool Things to Do
    ISBN: 9781618371645
    Title: Popular Mechanics Man Crafts: Leather Tooling, Fly Tying, Ax Whittling, & Other Cool Things to Do

    As its servicemen returned home at the end of World War II, the US Army turned to popular mechanics to help them find new and lucrative occupations. A series of ten pamphlets was created, teaching skills that were fun to do and profitable too. Reprinted here in a single volume, and featuring all of the original artwork, these mini instructional courses will entertain men of all ages, even if their workbench is really the living room coffee table

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $25.00
  • Power of Onlyness Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World
    Power of Onlyness Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World
    ISBN: 9780525429135
    Title: Power of Onlyness Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World

    An 800-CEO-READ Staff Pick
    Shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award
    A Financial Times Business Book of the Month

    "For any would-be activists who hear the voice: 'not me' or 'not now, ' Merchant makes the strong case for 'yes you' and 'yes now'--and even shows you how to jump in." --Van Jones, host of CNN's The Messy Truth, author of Rebuild the Dream and The Green Collar Economy

    "The Power of Onlyness is a book for our times. . . . Merchant forces us to dig deep, into the book and ourselves, and it goes beyond self-knowledge and self-empowerment, obliterating the fear of otherness with an understanding of the onlyness of us all." --Sally Haldorson, 800-CEO-READ

    An innovation expert illuminates why your power to make a difference is no longer bound by your status

    If you're like most people, you wish you had the ability to make a difference, but you don't have the credentials, or a seat at the table, can't get past the gatekeepers, and aren't high enough in any hierarchy to get your ideas heard.

    In The Power of Onlyness, Nilofer Merchant, one of the world's top-ranked business thinkers, reveals that, in fact, we have now reached an unprecedented moment of opportunity for your ideas to "make a dent" on the world. Now that the Internet has liberated ideas to spread through networks instead of hierarchies, power is no longer determined by your status, but by "onlyness"--that spot in the world only you stand in, a function of your distinct history and experiences, visions and hopes. If you build upon your signature ingredient of purpose and connect with those who are equally passionate, you have a lever by which to move the world.

    This new ability is already within your grasp, but to command it, you need to know how to meaningfully mobilize others around your ideas. Through inspirational and instructive stories, Merchant reveals proven strategies to unleash the centrifugal force of a new idea, no matter how weird or wild it may seem.

    Imagine how much better the world could be if every idea could have its shot, not just the ones that come from expected people and places. Which long-intractable problems would we solve, what new levels of creativity would be unlocked, and who might innovate a breakthrough that could benefit ourselves, our communities, and especially our economy. This limitless potential of onlyness has already been recognized by Thinkers 50, the Oscars of management, which cited it one of the five ideas that will shape business for next twenty years.

    Why do some individuals make scalable impact with their ideas, regardless of their power or status? The Power of Onlyness unravels this mystery for the first time so that anyone can make a dent. Even you.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00

  • Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction
    Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction
    ISBN: 9781473614079
    Title: Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction

    Now completely revised, Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction covers the key areas of electronics you need to be confident in, whether you are a keen amateur hobbyist, an engineering student or a professional who wants to keep up to date. It outlines the basics in clear jargon-free English and provides added-value features like key ideas, memorable quotations and even lists of questions you might be asked in a seminar or exam.

    The book has been updated to remove complex and abstract technical thought and replace it with practical information that will be essential for students and general readers alike. It builds on basic principles such as simple circuits and switches, going on to explain how basic components can be used to form versatile digital systems, which can be combined and programmed to create new functional systems. It also covers microprocessor technology and microcontroller chips, showing how to program microcontrollers for learners wishing to explore this new technology.

    Practical Electronics employs the 'Breakthrough Method' to help you advance quickly at any subject, whether you're studing for an exam or just for your own interst. The Breakthrough Method is designed to overcome typical problems you'll face as learn new concepts and skills.

    - Problem: "I find it difficult to remember what I've read."; Solution: this book includes end-of-chapter summaries and questions to test your understanding.
    - Problem: "Lots of introductory books turn out to cover totally different topics than my course."; Solution: this book is written by a university lecturer who understands what students are expected to know.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Practical Permaculture: For Home Landscapes, Your Community, & the Whole Earth
    Practical Permaculture: For Home Landscapes, Your Community, & the Whole Earth
    ISBN: 9781604694437
    Title: Practical Permaculture: For Home Landscapes, Your Community, & the Whole Earth

    The idea behind permaculture is simple: take care of the earth, and the earth will take care of you. In clear, logical steps, "Practical Permaculture" offers the tools you need to live a life rich in healthy food, safe housing, and renewable resources. This hardworking book covers the basic principles of permaculture, showing the entire design process from land assessment to the completed master plan, with detailed information on the plants, water, waste, energy, shelter, food, animals, and structures that make up the garden. Filled with real-life examples from all over the world, this invaluable resource will help you turn your property into a sustainable ecosystem.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $65.00

  • Practical Self Sufficiency
    Practical Self Sufficiency
    ISBN: 9780143796930
    Title: Practical Self Sufficiency

    Practical Self Sufficiency is a wonderfully useful and accessible book that contains something for absolutely everyone.
    This fully updated guide, now in a paperback edition, offers clear step-by-step information in classic DK style and offers a greater focus on the issues surrounding sustainable living for people in urbanised parts of Australia. You will find practical advice on reducing your carbon footprint; growing and using your own fruit and vegetables; keeping chickens and other animals; community gardening, design options for energy saving and retrofitting, and doing more with less.
    With authoritative advice, step-by-step guidance and fascinating illustrations, Practical Self Sufficiency will help you make simple changes that can have a major impact on your life and reduce your impact on the planet.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $48.00
  • Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth
    Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth
    ISBN: 9780756699109
    Title: Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth

    With an extensive catalog at its heart, "Prehistoric Life" profiles hundreds of fascinating species in incredible detail. The story starts in earnest 3.8 billion years ago, with the earliest-known form of life on Earth, a bacteria that still exists today, and journeys through action-packed millennia, charting the appearance of new life forms as well as devastating extinction events. Of course, the ever-popular and endlessly intriguing dinosaurs feature large, but "Prehistoric Life" gives you the whole picture, and the plants, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals that are the ancestors of today's species also populate its pages, making this book unprecedented in its coverage of prehistory. Specially commissioned artworks use cutting-edge technology to render species in breathtakingly realistic fashion, with astonishing images of prehistoric remains, such as skeletons and fossils, to complete the story. To put all the evidence in context, the concept of geological time is explored, as is the classification of species and how the evidence for their evolution is preserved and can be deciphered.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $54.00
  • Prescott's Microbiology
    Prescott's Microbiology
    ISBN: 9780073402406
    Title: Prescott's Microbiology

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $177.00
  • Presence of the Past Morphic Resonance & the Memory of Nature
    Presence of the Past Morphic Resonance & the Memory of Nature
    ISBN: 9781594774614
    Title: Presence of the Past Morphic Resonance & the Memory of Nature

    Explains how self-organizing systems, from crystals to human societies, share collective memories that influence their form and behavior. In this fully revised and updated edition of THE PRESENCE OF THE PAST, Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake lays out new evidence and research in support of his controversial theory of morphic resonance and explores its far-reaching implications in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and sociology. His theory proposes that all self-organizing systems, from crystals to human society, inherit a collective memory that influences their form and behavior. This collective memory works through morphic fields, which organize the bodies of plants and animals, coordinate the activities of brains, and underlie conscious mental activity. Sheldrake shows how all human beings draw upon and contribute to a collective human memory and that even our individual recollections depend on morphic resonance rather than physical storage in the brain. He explores the major role that morphic resonance plays not just in animal instincts and cultural inheritance, such as religion and ritual, but also in the larger process of evolution, which Sheldrake shows to be more an interplay of habit and creativity than a mere "survival of the fittest." Offering a replacement for the outdated, mechanistic worldview that has dominated biology since the nineteenth century, Sheldrake's new understanding of life, matter, and mind shows that rather than being ruled by fixed laws, nature is essentially habitual. And because memory is inherent in nature, he explains, in order to survive successfully for generations to come, we will have to give up our old habits of thought and adopt new ones: habits that are better adapted to life in a world living in the presence of the past--as well as the presence of the future.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $43.00
  • Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon: How James Clerk Maxwell Unravelled the Mysteries of Electromagnetism & Matter
    Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon: How James Clerk Maxwell Unravelled the Mysteries of Electromagnetism & Matter
    ISBN: 9781785784958
    Title: Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon: How James Clerk Maxwell Unravelled the Mysteries of Electromagnetism & Matter
    Author: CLEGG BRIAN

    Asked to name a great physicist, most people would mention Newton or Einstein, Feynman or Hawking. But ask a physicist and there's no doubt that James Clerk Maxwell will be near the top of the list.

    Maxwell, an unassuming Victorian Scotsman, explained how we perceive colour. He uncovered the way gases behave. And, most significantly, he transformed the way physics was undertaken in his explanation of the interaction of electricity and magnetism, revealing the nature of light and laying the groundwork for everything from Einstein's special relativity to modern electronics.

    Along the way, he set up one of the most enduring challenges in physics, one that has taxed the best minds ever since. 'Maxwell's demon' is a tiny but thoroughly disruptive thought experiment that suggests the second law of thermodynamics, the law that governs the flow of time itself, can be broken. This is the story of a groundbreaking scientist, a great contributor to our understanding of the way the world works, and his duplicitous demon.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $37.00
  • Psychedelic Apes: From Parallel Universes to Mushroom Gods - The Weirdest Theories from the History of Science
    Psychedelic Apes: From Parallel Universes to Mushroom Gods - The Weirdest Theories from the History of Science
    ISBN: 9781509860517
    Title: Psychedelic Apes: From Parallel Universes to Mushroom Gods - The Weirdest Theories from the History of Science
    Author: BOESE ALEX

    What if we're living inside a black hole? What if we've already found extraterrestrial life? What if the dinosaurs died in a nuclear war? What if Jesus Christ was actually a mushroom?In Psychedelic Apes, bestselling author Alex Boese will delve into the curious scientific subculture of weird theories.
    Thoroughly bizarre and contrary to the established norm, these ideas are often vehemently rejected by the intellectual community.From the creation of the universe to the evolution of humans, the birth of civilization right through to our more recent past, Psychedelic Apes explores some of the craziest ideas from science and history and shows that, sometimes, even the weirdest theories may be proved true . . .

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook
    Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook
    ISBN: 9781925322408
    Title: Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook

    A book of science like no other, about a scientist like no other.

    This is a landmark in science writing. It resurrects from the vaults of neglect the polymath Jerome Cardano, a Milanese of the sixteenth century. Who is he? A gambler and blasphemer, inventor and chancer, plagued by demons and anxieties, astrologer to kings, emperors and popes. This stubborn and unworldly man was the son of a lawyer and a brothel keeper, but also a gifted physician and the unacknowledged discoverer of the mathematical foundations of quantum physics. That is the argument of this charming and intoxicatingly clever book, which is truly original in its style, and in the manner of the modernists embodies in its very form its theories about the world.

    The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook is a science book with the panache of a novel, for readers of Carlo Rovelli or Umberto Eco. It is a work of and about genius.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Quantum Chance : Nonlocality, Teleportation & Other Quantum Marvels
    Quantum Chance : Nonlocality, Teleportation & Other Quantum Marvels
    ISBN: 9783319054728
    Title: Quantum Chance : Nonlocality, Teleportation & Other Quantum Marvels

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • Quantum Fuzz: the Strange True Makeup of Everything Around Us
    Quantum Fuzz: the Strange True Makeup of Everything Around Us
    ISBN: 9781633882393
    Title: Quantum Fuzz: the Strange True Makeup of Everything Around Us

    Quantum physics has turned our commonsense notion of reality on its head. This accessible book describes in layperson's terms the strange phenomena that exist at the quantum level--a world of tiny dimensions where nothing is absolutely predictable, where we rethink causality, and information seemingly travels faster than light. The author, a veteran physicist, uses illuminating analogies and jargon-free language to illustrate the basic principles of the subatomic world and show how they explain everything from the chemistry around us to the formation of galaxies. He also explains how scientists and engineers interact with this nebulous reality and, despite its mysteries, achieve results of great precision.
    Up front is a brief history of the early 20th-century "quantum revolution," focusing on some of the brilliant individuals whose contributions changed our view of the world--Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger, and others. The work concludes with a discussion of the many amazing inventions that have resulted from quantum theory, including lasers, semiconductors, and the myriad of electronic devices that use them.
    Lucidly written, this book conveys the excitement of discovery while expanding the reader's appreciation for a science that explores the basis of everything we know.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman & John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality
    Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman & John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality
    ISBN: 9781541672987
    Title: Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman & John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality
    Author: HALPERN PAUL

    The story of the unlikely friendship between the two physicists who fundamentally recast the notion of time and history
    In 1939, Richard Feynman, a brilliant graduate of MIT, arrived in John Wheeler's Princeton office to report for duty as his teaching assistant. A lifelong friendship and enormously productive collaboration was born, despite sharp differences in personality. The soft-spoken Wheeler, though conservative in appearance, was a raging nonconformist full of wild ideas about the universe. The boisterous Feynman was a cautious physicist who believed only what could be tested. Yet they were complementary spirits. Their collaboration led to a complete rethinking of the nature of time and reality. It enabled Feynman to show how quantum reality is a combination of alternative, contradictory possibilities, and inspired Wheeler to develop his landmark concept of wormholes, portals to the future and past. Together, Feynman and Wheeler made sure that quantum physics would never be the same again.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Quantum Physics in Minutes
    Quantum Physics in Minutes
    ISBN: 9781786481214
    Title: Quantum Physics in Minutes

    The fastest way to understanding quantum physics - learn about how our universe works, in minutes.

    Quantum physics is the most fundamental, but also the most bewildering, of sciences. Allowing for simultaneously dead-and-alive cats, teleportation, antimatter and parallel universes, it also underpins all digital technology and even life itself. But at last it's possible through this clear and compact book, illuminated with 200 simple diagrams for anyone to understand the strange and beautiful subatomic world, and hence the nature of reality itself.

    Contents include: inside the atom, the Higgs boson, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Schr#65533;dinger's cat, relativity, dark energy and matter, black holes, God playing dice, the Theory of Everything, the birth and fate of the Universe, string theory, quantum computing, superconductivity, quantum biology and consciousness, and much more.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You: a Guide to the Universe
    Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You: a Guide to the Universe
    ISBN: 9780571235469
    Title: Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You: a Guide to the Universe
    Author: CHOWN MARCUS

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Radical Abundance How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization
    Radical Abundance How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization
    ISBN: 9781610391139
    Title: Radical Abundance How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization
    Author: DREXLER ERIC K

    K. Eric Drexler is the founding father of nanotechnology-the science of engineering on a molecular level. In Radical Abundance, he shows how rapid scientific progress is about to change our world. Thanks to atomically precise manufacturing, we will soon have the power to produce radically more of what people want, and at a lower cost. The result will shake the very foundations of our economy and environment.

    Already, scientists have constructed prototypes for circuit boards built of millions of precisely arranged atoms. The advent of this kind of atomic precision promises to change the way we make things-cleanly, inexpensively, and on a global scale. It allows us to imagine a world where solar arrays cost no more than cardboard and aluminum foil, and laptops cost about the same.

    A provocative tour of cutting edge science and its implications by the field's founder and master, Radical Abundance offers a mind-expanding vision of a world hurtling toward an unexpected future.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Radical Gardening Politics Idealism & Rebellion  in the Garden
    Radical Gardening Politics Idealism & Rebellion in the Garden
    ISBN: 9780711230309
    Title: Radical Gardening Politics Idealism & Rebellion in the Garden
    Author: MCKAY GEORGE

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
  • Reality Frame: Relativity & Our Place in the Universe
    Reality Frame: Relativity & Our Place in the Universe
    ISBN: 9781785782817
    Title: Reality Frame: Relativity & Our Place in the Universe
    Author: CLEGG BRIAN

    Weaving together the great ideas of science, The Reality Frame takes us on a thrilling journey from empty space all the way to the human mind.
    Acclaimed science writer Brian Clegg builds up reality piece by piece, from space, to time, to matter, movement, the fundamental forces, life, and the massive transformation that life itself has wrought on the natural world. He reveals that underlying it all is not, as we might believe, a system of immovable absolutes, but the ever-shifting, amorphous world of relativity.

    From religion to philosophy, humanity has traditionally sought out absolutes to explain the world around us, but as science has developed, relativity has swept away many of these certainties, leaving only a handful of unchangeable essentials- such as absolute zero, nothingness, light- leading to better science and a new understanding of the essence of being human.

    This is an Ascent of Man for the 21st century, the gripping story of modern science that will fill you with wonder and give you a new insight into our place in the universe.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey
    Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey
    ISBN: 9780446676137
    Title: Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey
    Author: GOODALL JANE

    Those who know Jane Goodall through her many books, speeches, and National Geographic television specials, know she is obviously no ordinary scientist. She is a genuinely spiritual woman who cares passionately about the preservation and enhancement of life in all its forms.Based upon the many spiritual experiences that have graced and shaped her outlook on life, Dr. Goodall is convinced there is a higher purpose to life, and that this purpose can best be served by a sense of reverence for creation- a commitment to opening our hearts and minds to the spiritual ties that bind us to the Earth.In this book, Dr. Goodall takes us through the pivotal events of her life- her childhood in war-torn England, her relationship with the Leakeys, her groundbreaking work with the chimpanzees of Gombe- and in doing so, touches upon such topics as faith and love, mysticism and science, the origins of good and evil and evolution, and the existence of the soul and of God. She sheds light not only on why millions of people today are hungry for meaning, but on the steps we can take to transform our lives for the better; to rekindle our spirits and reawaken our minds

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Reassembler
    ISBN: 9781473656918
    Title: Reassembler
    Author: MAY JAMES

    Reassembly is merely a form of therapy; something that stimulates a part of my brain that is left wanting in my daily life. When I rebuild a bicycle, I re-order my head. So might you...

    I'm delighted that you will be holding in your hands a book about putting things back together. It's a subject that fascinates me but which I assumed was a lonely passion that I would take to the grave, unconsummated by the normal channels of human interaction.

    Welcome! You and I, we are not alone, and our screwdrivers are our flashing Excaliburs as we sally forth to make small parts of the fragmented world whole again.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Relativity
    ISBN: 9780415854719
    Title: Relativity

    Relativity Time's 'Man of the Century', Albert Einstein is the unquestioned founder of modern physics. His theory of relativity is the most important scientific idea of the modern era. In this short book Einstein explains, using the minimum of mathematical terms, the basic ideas and principles of the theory which has shaped the world we live in today. Unsurpassed by any subsequent books on relativity, this remains the most popular and useful exposition of Einstein's immense contribution to human knowledge.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Revolutionizing the Sciences: European Knowledge & Its Ambitions, 1500-1700
    Revolutionizing the Sciences: European Knowledge & Its Ambitions, 1500-1700
    ISBN: 9780230545168
    Title: Revolutionizing the Sciences: European Knowledge & Its Ambitions, 1500-1700
    Author: DEAR PETER

    Peter Dear creates a fascinating picture of the origins and development of scientific thought and practice in early modern Europe. The second edition of this successful text has been updated and expanded in the light of recent scholarship, offering greater treatment of key topics such as alchemy, medicine and gender.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $73.00
  • Richness of Life
    Richness of Life
    ISBN: 9780099488675
    Title: Richness of Life

    "There aren't many scientists famous enough in their lifetime to be canonized by the US Congress as one of America's 'living legends'. It is still more unlikely that the title should have been conferred on a man regarded by many in the US as a notorious radical and sometime Marxist - controversial throughout his life as a theorist and polemicist even amongst colleagues in his own chosen fields of palaeontology and evolutionary theory. Yet few would have grudged this accolade to Stephen Jay Gould, whose writings on history - both of the natural world and of the study of that natural world - had made him a household name by the time of his death in 2002. And not just in the Anglophone world, for his books and articles have been widely translated and read in their hundreds of thousands in every society in which debate about evolution and the human condition are the stuff of intellectual life. ould's written legacy is prodigious - the unbroken series of 300 essays published in Natural History magazine, a clutch of books culminating in the monumental 1400 page Structure of Evolutionary Theory, appearing just months before his death, and of course his academic papers. A committed Darwin

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Right Stuff
    Right Stuff
    ISBN: 9780312427566
    Title: Right Stuff
    Author: WOLFE TOM

    A wildly vivid and entertaining chronicle of America's manned space program, from the author of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


    'What is it' asks Tom Wolfe, 'that makes a man willing to sit on top of an enormous Roman Candle...and wait for someone to light the fuse?' Arrogance? Stupidity? Bravery? Courage? Or, simply, that quality we call 'the right stuff'?

    A monument to the men who battled to beat the Russians into space, The Right Stuff is a voyage into the mythology of the American space program, and a dizzying dive into the sweat, fear, beauty and danger of being on the white-hot edge of history in the making.

    'Tom Wolfe at his very best... Learned, cheeky, risky, touching, tough, compassionate, nostalgic, worshipful, jingoistic...The Right Stuff is superb' - New York Times Book Review

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China, & the West
    Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China, & the West
    ISBN: 9781107571075
    Title: Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China, & the West
    Author: HUFF TOBY E.

    Now in its third edition, The Rise of Early Modern Science argues that to understand why modern science arose in the West it is essential to study not only the technical aspects of scientific thought but also the religious, legal and institutional arrangements that either opened the doors for enquiry, or restricted scientific investigations. Toby E. Huff explores how the newly invented universities of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and the European legal revolution, created a neutral space that gave birth to the scientific revolution. Including expanded comparative analysis of the European, Islamic and Chinese legal systems, Huff now responds to the debates of the last decade to explain why the Western world was set apart from other civilisations.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $47.00
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game Theory in Everyday Life Strategies for Co-operation
    Rock Paper Scissors Game Theory in Everyday Life Strategies for Co-operation
    ISBN: 9781848502024
    Title: Rock Paper Scissors Game Theory in Everyday Life Strategies for Co-operation
    Author: FISCHER LEN

    Game Theory is the study of co-operation and the underlying strategies that shape human behaviour and it can show you how to live a more productive, more harmonious and happier life. In Rock, Paper, Scissors, Len Fisher unearths the wide-ranging applications for this science, and the ways we can use its discoveries to find effective means to co-operate in daily life. Whether we want to understand where a shared supply of teaspoons disappears to, or why countries take themselves to the brink of nuclear war, Game Theory reveals the decision-making process. Len Fisher's writing brings this science of interaction to life with anecdotes and applications that are sure to spark the imagination and give you pause for thought. Dealing with collaboration, co-operation, completion and confrontation, Rock, Paper, Scissors is essential reading for anyone interest in what it takes to get people to work together.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Royal Society
    Royal Society
    ISBN: 9781786691897
    Title: Royal Society

    The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge has been at the forefront of scientific endeavour for more than 350 years, since receiving its royal charter from Charles II in 1662. Philosophical Transactions, published in 1665, established the concepts of scientific priority and peer review and is the oldest scientific journal in continuous publication in the world. The 8,000 fellows elected to the Society to date include all of the scientific leading lights of the last four centuries, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Tim Berners-Lee and Stephen Hawking.

    The Society's motto, nullius in verba, 'on the word of no one', is a reminder of its founders' belief that authority must always be questioned; hypotheses can never be taken for granted; truths must be demonstrated or they are not truths at all. Adrian Tinniswood examines why the Royal Society has been such a pivotal institution in the cultural life of Britain and the world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Scatter, Adapt & Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction
    Scatter, Adapt & Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction
    ISBN: 9781863956031
    Title: Scatter, Adapt & Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction

    Climate change. Pandemics. Catastrophic volcanoes. Should we just give up and accept our doom? Absolutely not. Homo sapiens will survive the next mass extinction.Annalee Newitz's brilliantly speculative and hopeful work of popular science focuses our attention on humanity's long history of dodging the bullet of extinction - and suggests practical ways to keep doing it. From bacteria labs in St. Louis to ancient underground cities in central Turkey, we discover the keys to long-term survival. This book leads us away from apocalyptic thinking, into a future where we live to build a better world.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Scent of Time: A Philosophical Essay on the Art of Lingering
    Scent of Time: A Philosophical Essay on the Art of Lingering
    ISBN: 9781509516056
    Title: Scent of Time: A Philosophical Essay on the Art of Lingering
    Author: HAN BYUNG-CHUL

    In his philosophical reflections on the art of lingering, acclaimed cultural theorist Byung-Chul Han argues that the value we attach today to the vita activa is producing a crisis in our sense of time. Our attachment to the vita activa creates an imperative to work which degrades the human being into a labouring animal, an animal laborans. At the same time, the hyperactivity which characterizes our daily routines robs human beings of the capacity to linger and the faculty of contemplation. It therefore becomes impossible to experience time as fulfilling.

    Drawing on a range of thinkers including Heidegger, Nietzsche and Arendt, Han argues that we can overcome this temporal crisis only by revitalizing the vita contemplativa and relearning the art of lingering. For what distinguishes humans from other animals is the capacity for reflection and contemplation, and when life regains this capacity, this art of lingering, it gains in time and space, in duration and vastness.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Scheme of Heaven: The History & Science of Astrology, from Ptolemy to the Victorians & Beyond
    Scheme of Heaven: The History & Science of Astrology, from Ptolemy to the Victorians & Beyond
    ISBN: 9781781259634
    Title: Scheme of Heaven: The History & Science of Astrology, from Ptolemy to the Victorians & Beyond

    'A delightful and utterly fascinating work of intellectual history.' Joshua Foer author of Moonwalking with EinsteinDespite a resurgence in popularity, horoscopes are generally considered to be pseudoscience today - but they were once a cutting-edge scientific tool. In this ingenious work of history, data scientist Alexander Boxer examines a treasure trove of esoteric classical sources to expose the deep imaginative framework by which - for millennia - we made sense of our fates. Astrology, he argues, was the ancient world's most ambitious applied mathematics problem, a grand data-analysis enterprise sustained by some of history's most brilliant minds, from Ptolemy to al-Kindi to Kepler.A Scheme of Heaven explores the wonderful subtleties of astrological ideas. Telling the stories of their inventors and most influential exponents, Boxer puts them through their paces using modern data sets - finding that the methods of today's scientists are often uncomfortably close to those of astrology's ancient sages.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Science
    ISBN: 9781784875688
    Title: Science
    Author: MCEWAN IAN

    'This is a history of intellectual courage, hard work, occasional inspiration and every conceivable form of human failing. It is also an extended invitation to wonder, to pleasure'

    How far have we come in our understanding of the world around us? In this eye-opening collection, Ian McEwan looks back at the history of scientific discovery from Darwin to Dawkins as well as exploring, with brilliant originality, what a future with AI and climate change could hold for us.

    Selected from Solar, Enduring Love, Machines Like Me


    A series of short books by the world's greatest writers on the experiences that make us human

    Also in the Vintage Minis 'Great Ideas' series-
    Religion by Karen Armstrong
    Art by Simon Schama

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Science & Human Values
    Science & Human Values
    ISBN: 9780060972813
    Title: Science & Human Values

    Science and Human Values was originally a lecture by Jacob Bronowski at MIT in 1953. Published five years later, it opens unforgettably with Bronowski's description of Nagasaki in 1945: 'a bare waste of ashes', making him acutely aware of science's power both for good and for evil. After such knowledge, what forgiveness? With care and erudition Bronowski argues that scientific endeavour is an essentially creative act, part of a great shared human interest in ourselves and the world around us; and, routinely, a process of trial-and-error, the end of which is not - cannot be - preordained. 'Above all, Bronowski strove to make science and technology answerable to social progress, to 'human values.' He anticipated the deepening gap between the 'two cultures' and knew that the sciences must be restored to a place in political common sense.' George Steiner

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.00
  • Science & Islam: a History
    Science & Islam: a History
    ISBN: 9781785782022
    Title: Science & Islam: a History
    Author: MASOOD EHSAN

    Long before the European Enlightenment, scholars and researchers working from Samarkand in modern-day Uzbekistan to Cordoba in Spain advanced our knowledge of astronomy, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medicine and philosophy.
    From Musa al-Khwarizmi, who developed algebra in ninth-century Baghdad, to al-Jazari, a 13th-century Turkish engineer whose achievements include the crank, the camshaft and the reciprocating piston, Ehsan Masood tells the amazing story of one of history s most misunderstood yet rich and fertile periods in science, via the scholars, research, and science of the Islamic empires of the Middle Ages."

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Science & Sustainability: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom
    Science & Sustainability: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom
    ISBN: 9781137435910
    Title: Science & Sustainability: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom
    Author: HENDRY JOY

    Indigenous science is often dismissed as quackery or nonsense, out of touch with progress and current events. However, Indigenous peoples have passed down vital information for generations, from which local plants help cure common ailments, to which parts of the land are unsuitable for buildings because of likely earthquakes. These scientific practices that have been developed by Indigenous peoples around the world have been largely ignored by Western colonizers in their lands. From Japan and& New Zealand& to Australia and Canada, Indigenous science involves environmentally-focused, sustainable practices that allow people to live with the land rather than in spite of it. Here, Hendry examines science through these Indigenous roots, problematizing the idea that Western science is the only type that deserves that name and drawing attention to some of its shortcomings. She takes the reader with her on the learning process and shares a myriad of sustainable examples that can be put into practice.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $64.00
  • Science Book
    Science Book
    ISBN: 9781409350156
    Title: Science Book

    All the big ideas in science, simply explainedPart of the popular Big Ideas series, The Science Book explores the history of science, how scientists have sought to explain our incredible universe and how amazing scientific discoveries have been made.Discover how Galileo worked out his scientific theories of motion and inertia, why Copernicus's ideas were contentious and what the discovery of DNA meant. All the big scientific ideas and discoveries are brought to life with quirky graphics, pithy quotes and step-by-step 'mind maps', plus every area of science is covered, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, maths and physics. You'll be brought up-to-date on scientific ideas from black holes to genetic engineering with eye-catching artworks showing how the ideas of key scientists have impacted our understanding of the world. Whether you are a science student or just have an interest in scientific ideas, The Science Book is a perfect way to explore this fascinating subject.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
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