• 50 Book: Women Celebrate Life

    50 Book: Women Celebrate Life
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    ISBN: 9780987426017
    Title: 50 Book: Women Celebrate Life

    There are just shy of 1 MILLION WOMEN in Australia between the ages of 50 and 55, and a further 3000 turn 50 every week, but where are they? not in your newspapers, not on your TV screens, not in your workplace apparently missing-in-action or invisible after 50. But, good news: we found some of them and put them in this gorgeous book. What is it like being 50? This book peels back the layers of how it feel to be 50, revealing the naked truth behind aging for women in today's Australia. Following 50 key words, real women provide real answers, which will move and inspire you. And make you want to celebrate this milestone age, for yourself, a friend, your mum or other loved ones.

    Format: Hardback
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