• 30 Second Chemistry The 50 most elemental concepts in chemistry, each explained in half a minute.
    30 Second Chemistry The 50 most elemental concepts in chemistry, each explained in half a minute.
    ISBN: 9781782409724
    Title: 30 Second Chemistry The 50 most elemental concepts in chemistry, each explained in half a minute.
    Author: TRO NIVALDO

    As the central science that bridges biology and physics, chemistry explains the diversity of all things tangible at a molecular level. Chemistry is the science of matter - understand chemistry and you'll know why some things oxidize and others explode; why food is good to eat and coal is not. This book brings the subject out of the lab and boils it down to its essential elements - in just 30 seconds.

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  • 50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know
    50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know
    ISBN: 9781848666672
    Title: 50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know
    Author: BIRCH HAYLEY

    Chemistry is at the cutting ege of our lives. How does a silicon chip work? How can we harness natural products to combat human disease? And is it possible to create artificial muscles? Providing answers to these questions and many more, 50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know is an engaging guide to the world of chemistry. From the molecules that kick-started life itself to nanotechnology, chemistry offers some fascinating insights into our origins, as well as continuing to revolutionize life as we know it. In 50 short instalments, this accessible book discusses everything from the arguments of the key thinkers to the latest research methods, using timelines to place each theory in context - telling you all you need to know about the most important ideas in chemistry, past and present. Contents include: Thermodynamics, Catalysts, Fermentation, Green Chemistry, Separation, Chrystallography, Microfabrication, Computational Chemistry, Chemistry Occurring in Nature, Manmade Solutions: Beer, Plastic, Artificial Muscles and Hydrogen Future.

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  • Beyond Weird
    Beyond Weird
    ISBN: 9781784706081
    Title: Beyond Weird
    Author: BALL PHILIP

    "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." Since Niels Bohr said this many years ago, quantum mechanics has only been getting more shocking. We now realize that it's not really telling us that "weird" things happen out of sight, on the tiniest level, in the atomic world: rather, everything is quantum. But if quantum mechanics is correct, what seems obvious and right in our everyday world is built on foundations that don't seem obvious or right at all-or even possible. An exhilarating tour of the contemporary quantum landscape, Beyond Weird is a book about what quantum physics really means-and what it doesn't. Science writer Philip Ball offers an up-to-date, accessible account of the quest to come to grips with the most fundamental theory of physical reality, and to explain how its counterintuitive principles underpin the world we experience.

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  • Einstein's Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum
    Einstein's Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum
    ISBN: 9780141979168
    Title: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum
    Author: SMOLIN LEE

    From Canada's leading mind on contemporary physics, a daring new vision of the universe, and the scandals controversies, and questions that will illuminate our future.

    Quantum physics is the golden child of modern science. It is the basis of our understanding of our world--atoms, radiation, elementary particles, basic forces and the behavior of materials. But for a century it has also been the problem child of science, plagued by intense disagreements between its inventors, strange paradoxes, and implications that seem like the stuff of fantasy.
    In Einstein's Unfinished Revolution, theoretical physicist Lee Smolin takes us on a journey through the basics of quantum physics, introducing the stories of the experiments and figures that have transformed our understanding of the universe, before wrestling with the puzzles and conundrums that the quantum world presents. Along the way, he illuminates the existing theories that might solve these problems, guiding us towards a vision of the quantum that embraces common sense realism.
    Vibrant and accessible, Einstein's Unfinished Revolution brings us a step closer to resolving one of the greatest scientific controversies of our age.

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  • Energy: A Human History
    Energy: A Human History
    ISBN: 9781501105364
    Title: Energy: A Human History

    Through an unforgettable cast of characters, Pultizer-prize winning author Richard Rhodes explains how wood gave way to coal and coal made room for oil, as coal and oil are now making room for natural gas, nuclear power and renewable energy. Rhodes looks back on five centuries of progress, through such influential figures as Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, Benjamin Franklin, Herman Melville, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford.

    Rhodes highlights the successes and failures that led to each breakthrough in energy production; from animal and waterpower to the steam engine, from internal-combustion to the electric motor. He addresses how we learned from such challenges, mastered their transitions, and capitalized on their opportunities. Rhodes also looks at the current energy landscape. Specially, how wind energy is competing for dominance with cast supplies of coal and natural gas. He also addresses the specter of global warming, and a population hurtling towards ten billion souls by 2100.

    Human beings have confronted the problem of how to draw life from raw material since the beginning of time. Each invention, each discovery, each adaptation brought further challenges in its wake, and through such continuing transformations, we arrived at where we are today. In his singular style, Rhodes details how this curious knowledge from our history can inform our way tomorrow.

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  • Little Book of String Theory
    Little Book of String Theory
    ISBN: 9780691142890
    Title: Little Book of String Theory
    Author: GUBSER STEVEN S.

    The Little Book of String Theory offers a short, accessible, and entertaining introduction to one of the most talked-about areas of physics today. String theory has been called the "theory of everything." It seeks to describe all the fundamental forces of nature. It encompasses gravity and quantum mechanics in one unifying theory. But it is unproven and fraught with controversy. After reading this book, you'll be able to draw your own conclusions about string theory.

    Steve Gubser begins by explaining Einstein's famous equation E = mc2
    , quantum mechanics, and black holes. He then gives readers a crash course in string theory and the core ideas behind it. In plain English and with a minimum of mathematics, Gubser covers strings, branes, string dualities, extra dimensions, curved spacetime, quantum fluctuations, symmetry, and supersymmetry. He describes efforts to link string theory to experimental physics and uses analogies that nonscientists can understand. How does Chopin's Fantasie-Impromptu relate to quantum mechanics? What would it be like to fall into a black hole? Why is dancing a waltz similar to contemplating a string duality? Find out in the pages of this book.

    The Little Book of String Theory is the essential, most up-to-date beginner's guide to this elegant, multidimensional field of physics.

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  • Physics Squared: 100 Concepts You Should Know
    Physics Squared: 100 Concepts You Should Know
    ISBN: 9781845436469
    Title: Physics Squared: 100 Concepts You Should Know

    Physics is the oldest and deepest of all the sciences, revealing profound truths about the way in which the Universe operates. Schrödinger's Cat, the Higgs boson particle,& string theory-concepts we've all heard of, but how far do we really understand them? Physics Squared guides you through these topics and more. It may have taken us many centuries to realise it, but physical principles underpin all of the other sciences and much of modern technology, making an understanding of basic physics invaluable.

    Physics Squared takes you on a whistlestop journey - across 10 chapters and 100 topics, it guides you from the laws of motion and the basic mechanics of the everyday world, through hugely important fields such as electricity and nuclear physics, to the quantum physics and relativity theories that describe the Universe.

    With accessible yet authoritative text complimented by new colour illustrations, infographics and photos, Physics Squared is the ideal primer or refresher for those who want to learn more about the science that governs our Universe, to gain a better understanding of how the world we live in works.

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  • Quantum World: The Disturbing Theory at the Heart of Reality
    Quantum World: The Disturbing Theory at the Heart of Reality
    ISBN: 9781473629462
    Title: Quantum World: The Disturbing Theory at the Heart of Reality

    Quantum theory is our very best description of the microscopic world of atoms and their constituents. It has given us lasers, computers and nuclear reactors, and even tells us how the sun shines and why the ground beneath our feet is solid. But the quantum world defies our sensibilities - it is a place where objects can be in two places at once, influence each other at opposite sides of the cosmos and nothing is as it seems until you measure it. Why is the quantum world so strange? Where does it begin and end? And what does this mean for the bedrock of reality?

    In attempting to address such frontier questions, physicists have come to realize that the quantum world promises exciting new technologies: the ability to communicate with absolute security, computers more powerful than anything built before and even quantum teleportation.

    In The Quantum World leading physicists and New Scientist take us on journey through quantum theory, its mind-bending properties and the technologies transforming our world. There is a sting in the tale: is quantum theory truly the ultimate theory of reality?

    New Scientist Instant Expert books are definitive and accessible entry points to the most important subjects in science; subjects that challenge, attract debate, invite controversy and engage the most enquiring minds. Designed for curious readers who want to know how things work and why, the Instant Expert series explores the topics that really matter and their impact on individuals, society, and the planet, translating the scientific complexities around us into language that's open to everyone, and putting new ideas and discoveries into perspective and context.

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  • Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity
    Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity
    ISBN: 9780141983219
    Title: Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity

    For centuries the world has continued to change and expand around us. We see further, understand it better, and are astonished by its variety, by the limitations of the images we had of it... We are akin to small blind moles underground who know little or nothing about the world. But we continue to learn . . . ' What are time and space made of? Where does matter come from? And what exactly is reality? Scientist Carlo Rovelli has spent his life exploring these questions and pushing the boundaries of what we know. Here he explains how our image of the world has changed throughout centuries. From Aristotle to Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday to the Higgs boson, he takes us on a wondrous journey to show us that beyond our ever-changing idea of reality is a whole new world that has yet to be discovered.

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  • Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
    Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
    ISBN: 9780141981727
    Title: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    Instant "New York Times "Bestseller
    Short and resonant. . . . The essays in "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" arrive like shots of espresso. "The New York Times"
    A startling and illustrative distillation of centuries of science. "The Economist"
    Lean, lucid and enchanting. "New Scientist"
    The international bestseller that reveals all the beauty of modern physics in seven short and enlightening lessons
    "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" is a book about the joy of discovery. Carlo Rovelli brings a playful, entertaining, and mind-bending introduction to modern physics, offering surprising and surprisingly easy to grasp explanations of Einstein's general relativity, quantum mechanics, elementary particles, gravity, black holes, the complex architecture of the universe, and the role humans play in this weird and wonderful world. He takes us to the frontiers of our knowledge: to the most minute reaches of the fabric of space, back to the origins of the cosmos, and into the workings of our minds. Here, on the edge of what we know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and the beauty of the world, Rovelli writes. And it s breathtaking. "

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  • Special Relativity & Classical Field Theory #3 Theoretical Minimum
    Special Relativity & Classical Field Theory #3 Theoretical Minimum
    ISBN: 9780141985015
    Title: Special Relativity & Classical Field Theory #3 Theoretical Minimum

    In the first two books in his wildly popular The Theoretical Minimumseries, world-class physicist Leonard Susskind provided a brilliant first course in classical and quantum mechanics, offering readers not an oversimplified introduction, but the real thing - everything you need to start doing physics, and nothing more. Now, thankfully, Susskind and his former student Art Friedman are back, this time to introduce readers to special relativity and classical field theory. At last, waves, forces and particles will be demystified.

    Using their typical brand of relatively simple maths, enlightening sketches and the same fictional counterparts, Art and Lenny, Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory takes us on an enlightening journey through a world now governed by the laws of special relativity. Starting in their new watering hole, Hermann's Hideaway, with a lesson on relativity, Art and Lenny walk us through the complexities of Einstein's famous theory.

    Combining rigor with humour, Susskind and Friedman guarantee that Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory will become part of the reader's physics toolbox.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Why Does E=mc2? & Why Should We Care?
    Why Does E=mc2? & Why Should We Care?
    ISBN: 9780306818769
    Title: Why Does E=mc2? & Why Should We Care?

    What does E=mc2 actually mean? Dr. Brian Cox and Professor Jeff Forshaw go on a journey to the frontier of twenty-first century science to unpack Einstein's famous equation. Explaining and simplifying notions of energy, mass, and light-while exploding commonly held misconceptions-they demonstrate how the structure of nature itself is contained within this equation. Along the way, we visit the site of one of the largest scientific experiments ever conducted: the now-famous Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator capable of re-creating conditions that existed fractions of a second after the Big Bang.A collaboration between one of the youngest professors in the United Kingdom and a distinguished popular physicist, Why Does E=mc2? is one of the most exciting and accessible explanations of the theory of relativity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • World According to Physics
    World According to Physics
    ISBN: 9780691182308
    Title: World According to Physics
    Author: AL-KHALILI JIM

    Quantum physicist, New York Times bestselling author, and BBC host Jim Al-Khalili offers a fascinating and illuminating look at what physics reveals about the world

    Shining a light on the most profound insights revealed by modern physics, Jim Al-Khalili invites us all to understand what this crucially important science tells us about the universe and the nature of reality itself.

    Al-Khalili begins by introducing the fundamental concepts of space, time, energy, and matter, and then describes the three pillars of modern physics--quantum theory, relativity, and thermodynamics--showing how all three must come together if we are ever to have a full understanding of reality. Using wonderful examples and thought-provoking analogies, Al-Khalili illuminates the physics of the extreme cosmic and quantum scales, the speculative frontiers of the field, and the physics that underpins our everyday experiences and technologies, bringing the reader up to speed with the biggest ideas in physics in just a few sittings. Physics is revealed as an intrepid human quest for ever more foundational principles that accurately explain the natural world we see around us, an undertaking guided by core values such as honesty and doubt. The knowledge discovered by physics both empowers and humbles us, and still, physics continues to delve valiantly into the unknown.

    Making even the most enigmatic scientific ideas accessible and captivating, this deeply insightful book illuminates why physics matters to everyone and calls one and all to share in the profound adventure of seeking truth in the world around us.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $38.00