• Bedside Book of Chemistry

    Bedside Book of Chemistry
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    ISBN: 9781742660356
    Title: Bedside Book of Chemistry
    Author: LEVY JOEL

    THE BEDSIDE BOOK OF CHEMISTRY is a fascinating, interactive guide to the history and uses of chemistry, with particular reference to the famous periodic table of elements. It contains clear and concise explanations of different chemical concepts, as well as profiles of key scientists and their discoveries. A unique feature of the book is its simple, step-by-step exercises. Some of these have everyday applications, others are theoretical puzzles, but all are designed to challenge you and test your newly acquired knowledge. The perfect companion for beginners and experts alike, THE BEDSIDE BOOK OF CHEMISTRY does not assume prior knowledge of the subject. It conveys the basic elements of chemistry in a way that is clear and accessible, no matter your level of ability.

    Format: Hardback
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