• Don't Hold My Head Down

    Don't Hold My Head Down
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    ISBN: 9781783528776
    Title: Don't Hold My Head Down

    I want to have slow sex, work out what to do with a penis, and experience the fourteen different types of female orgasm.In her mid-thirties, Lucy-Anne Holmes still felt like a novice when it came to sex. But when she tried to find out what she could do about it, she realised everything she googled was geared to male pleasure rather than to women's. Determined not to let this stop her, Lucy penned a list, less bucket more fuckit, and set out to discover what her sex life was missing.She embarked on an adventure which would change her life.Lucy has written the book about sex she wanted to read. It will make you snort with laughter one minute and weep the next; it is frank, eye-opening and inspiring, and will speak to women everywhere.

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