• How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids

    How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids
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    ISBN: 9780091959654
    Title: How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids
    Author: DUNN JANCEE

    'Clever, honest and hilarious . . . her book should become a baby shower classic.' Publishers Weekly

    How did I become the 'expert' at changing a nappy? Jancee Dunn wondered.

    This, combined with a lack of sleep, a suddenly unfair division of household chores and her husband's new found passion for very long bike rides, meant that Jancee found it hard to look at her well-meaning, clever, funny husband playing with his i-phone without feeling a white-hot rage.

    Like many expectant parents, they'd spent weeks researching the safest car seat but little time thinking about the titanic impact the baby would have on their marriage - and the way their marriage would affect their child.

    Tired of having the same fights over and over, Dunn consults the latest relationship research, solicits the counsel of the renowned sex and couples' therapists, canvasses friends and parents, and even consults an FBI hostage negotiator on how to effectively contain an 'explosive situation'.

    No one said it would be easy, but could it be that the person who got you into this position is the ally you'd forgotten you had?

    Funny, honest and actually helpful, this book can't do the washing but it might just save your marriage.

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