• Absolute Book
    Absolute Book
    ISBN: 9781776562305
    Title: Absolute Book

    Taryn Cornick believes that the past is behind her - her sister's death by violence, and her own ill-concieved revenge. She has chosen to live a life more professional than personal. She has written a book about the things that threaten libraries - insects, damp, light, fire, carelessness and uncaring. The book is a success, but not all of the attention it brings her is good. There are questions about a fire in the library at Princes Gate, her grandparents' house, and about an ancient scroll box known as the Firestarter. A policeman, Jacob Berger, has questions about a cold case. There are threatening phone calls. And a shadowy young man named Shift appears, bringing his shadows with him. Taryn, Jacob, Shift - three people are driven towards a reckoning felt in more than one world. The Absolute Book is an epic fantasy, intimate in tone. A book where hidden treasures are recovered; where wicked things people think they've shaken from their trails find their scent again. A book about beautiful societies founded on theft and treachery, and one in which dead sisters are a living force. It is a book of journeys and returns, set in London, Norfolk, and the Wye Valley; in Auckland, New Zealand; in the Island of Apples and Summer Road of the Sidhe; at Hell's Gate; in the Tacit with its tombs; and in the hospitals and train stations of Purgatory. Cover: Catherine Nelson, Lost (2014). `The master is present. To read Knox on such a huge canvas - to be immersed in her worlds, wrapped in her intelligence and craft so completely - is an experience not be missed. Lessing, Le Guin, Knox - books where the best hearts meet the best minds meet the best imaginations are few and far between. The Absolute Book is a triumph of fantasy grounded in the reality and challenges of the moment we live in.' -Pip Adam

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Aotearotica #4
    Aotearotica #4
    ISBN: 9780274010218
    Title: Aotearotica #4

    Yet another slickly presented, beautifully styled journal filled with exciting and thoughtful art and writing about sex and gender. But come on... that's what you expect from us.

    Featuring writing from Katherine Baltimore, Laura Borrowdale, Erin Harrington, Lana Lopesi, T.C. Mills, Sam Riviere, Che/r Silva, Lena Tichy, Chris Tse, NJ van Vugt and Will Whiten.

    Images by Michael Bergt, Wolfgang Fritz, Samuel Gold, Ahilapalapa Rands, Kylah Reed, Filippo Spinelli, Synaesthetics Illustration and featuring Kfir Toledano (cover).

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Aotearotica #7
    Aotearotica #7
    ISBN: 9780200108936
    Title: Aotearotica #7

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Aotearotica #8
    Aotearotica #8
    ISBN: 978024636657
    Title: Aotearotica #8

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Black Marks on the White Page
    Black Marks on the White Page
    ISBN: 9780143770299
    Title: Black Marks on the White Page

    A stunning collection of Oceanic stories for the 21st century. Stones move, whale bones rise out of the ground like cities, a man figures out how to raise seven daughters alone. Sometimes gods speak or we find ourselves in a not-too-distant future. Here are the glorious, painful, sharp and funny 21st century stories of Maori and Pasifika writers from all over the world. Vibrant, provocative and aesthetically exciting, these stories expand our sense of what is possible in Indigenous Oceanic writing. Witi Ihimaera and Tina Makereti present the very best new and uncollected stories and novel excerpts, creating a talanoa, a conversation, where the stories do the talking. And because our commonalities are more stimulating than our differences, the anthology also includes guest work from an Aboriginal Australian writer, and several visual artists whose work speaks to similar kaupapa. Join us as we deconstruct old theoretical maps and allow these fresh Black Marks on the White Page to expand our perception of the Pacific world.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Brief 53: 1995-2015
    Brief 53: 1995-2015
    ISBN: 1154301120151
    Title: Brief 53: 1995-2015
    Author: WILD ALEX (ED)

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Broadsheet #27
    Broadsheet #27
    ISBN: 9781704211640
    Title: Broadsheet #27
    Author: PIRIE MARK ED

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Fake Baby
    Fake Baby
    ISBN: 9780143774631
    Title: Fake Baby
    Author: MCDAID AMY

    Fake Baby is a tender and funny exploration of the power of words, our perception of resilience and what it means to be real.

    Nine Days.

    One City.

    Three Oddballs.

    Stephen's dead father is threatening to destroy the world. If Stephen commits the ultimate sacrifice and throws himself into the harbour, he will save humanity. The last thing he needs is a Jehovah's Witness masquerading as a schoolboy and an admission to a mental health facility.
    Jaanvi steals a life-like doll called James and cares for him as if he were her dead baby. Her husband demands she return him. But she and James have already bonded, and it's nobody's business how she decides to grieve.
    Lucas, pharmacist and all-round nice guy, is having one of the worst weeks of his life. His employees forgot his birthday, his mother's gone manic, and now his favourite customer is in hospital because of a medication error he made. Can he make things right? Or is life all downhill after forty?

    'A darkly funny satire that's both moving and wise.' - Paula Morris

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Ko Aotearoa Tatou: We Are NZ
    Ko Aotearoa Tatou: We Are NZ
    ISBN: 9781988592527
    Title: Ko Aotearoa Tatou: We Are NZ

    In the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attacks of 15 March 2019, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared: 'We are all New Zealanders.' These words resonated, an instant meme that asserted our national diversity and inclusiveness and, at the same time, issued a rebuke to hatred and divisiveness. Ko Aotearoa Tatou We Are New Zealand is bursting with new works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art created in response to the editors' questions: What is New Zealand now, in all its rich variety and contradiction, darkness and light? Who are New Zealanders? The works flowed in from well-known names and new voices, from writers and artists from Kerikeri to Bluff. Some are teenagers still at school; some are in their eighties. Maori, Pakeha, Pasifika, Asian, new migrants, young voices, queer writers, social warriors ... Aotearoa's many faces are represented in this unique and important compendium. In a society where the arts, especially marginalised arts, are under threat, this anthology shows that creative work can explore, document, interrogate, re-imagine - and celebrate - who we are as citizens of this diverse country, in a diverse world.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Landfall 233: 70th Anniversary Issue
    Landfall 233: 70th Anniversary Issue
    ISBN: 9780947522520
    Title: Landfall 233: 70th Anniversary Issue

    Featured Artists Chris Corson-Scott, Heather Straka, Jenna Packer, Samuel Harrison Writers Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, Nick Ascroft, Claire Baylis, Miro Bilbrough, Victoria Broome, Iain Britton, Owen Bullock, Christine Burrows, Brent Cantwell, Marisa Cappetta, Joanna Cho, Stephanie Christie, Makyla Curtis, Doc Drumheller, Mark Edgecombe, Lynley Edmeades, Johanna Emeney, Riemke Ensing, Ciaran Fox, Michael Gould, Sarah Grout, Shen Haobo, Paula Harris, Ren#65533; Harrison, Stephen Higginson, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Amanda Hunt, Anna Jackson, Ted Jenner, Anne Kennedy, Erik Kennedy, Jessica Le Bas, Wes Lee, Michele Leggott, Carolyn McCurdie, Robert McLean, Fardowsa Mohamed, Kavita Ivy Nandan, Emma Neale, Piet Nieuwland, Claire Orchard, Bob Orr, Jenny Powell, Chris Price, Helen Rickerby, Ron Riddell, L.E. Scott, Iain Sharp, Charlotte Simmonds, Peter Simpson, Tracey Slaughter, Laura Solomon, Barry Southam, Matafanua Tamatoa, Philip Temple, Dunstan Ward, Elizabeth Welsh, Sue Wootton, Mark Young, Karen Zelas.

    Reviews Paul Moon on Artefacts of Encounter, eds Nick Thomas et al. Kristyn Harman on Mothers' Darlings of the South Pacific, eds Judith A. Bennett & Angela Wanhalla Edmund Bohan on The Big Smoke: New Zealand cities 1840-1920 by Ben Schrader Chris Else on My Father's Island by Adam Dudding James Norcliffe on Beside Herself by Chris Price and Fits and Starts by Andrew Johnston Airini Beautrais on Playing for Both Sides: Love across the Tasman by Stephanie Johnson and Late Love: Sometimes doctors need saving as much as their patients by Glenn Colquhoun Peter Bland on Selected Poems by Gordon Challis Murray Edmond on Shooting Gallery by Wes Lee Erena Johnson on Lucky Punch by Simone Kaho and is Explains Everything by Richard von Sturmer Jeffrey Paparoa Holman on The Collected Poems of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Landfall 236: Aotearoa NZ Arts & Letters
    Landfall 236: Aotearoa NZ Arts & Letters
    ISBN: 9781988531557
    Title: Landfall 236: Aotearoa NZ Arts & Letters

    Results and winning essay from the Landfall Essay Competition 2018 • Results from Caselberg Trust International Poetry Prize 2018 FEATURED ARTISTS John Z Robinson, Justin Spiers, Susan Te Kahurangi King AWARDS & COMPETITIONS Results and winning essays from the Landfall Essay Competition 2018, with judge’s report by Emma Neale, and results from the Caselberg Trust International Poetry Prize 2018, with judge’s report by David Eggleton WRITERS Philip Armstrong, Jane Arthur, Tusiata Avia, Antonia Bale, Tony Beyer, Victor Billot, Madeleine Child, Thom Conroy, Jodie Dalgleish, Doc Drumheller, Breton Dukes, Ciaran Fox, David Gregory, Michael Hall, René Harrison, Siobhan Harvey, Trevor Hayes, Kerry Hines, Joy Holley, Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod, Megan Kitching, Jessica Le Bas, Therese Lloyd, Jess MacKenzie, Frankie McMillan, Alice Miller, Michael Mintrom, Lissa Moore, James Norcliffe, Heidi North, Jilly O’Brien, Vincent O’Sullivan, Aiwa Pooamorn, John Prins, Lindsay Rabbitt, essa may ranapiri, Sudha Rao, Richard Reeve, Harry Ricketts, Alan Roddick, Derek Schulz, Di Starrenburg, Jillian Sullivan, John Summers, Jasmine Taylor, Angela Trolove, Iain Twiddy, Bryan Walpert, Susan Wardell, Rose Whitau, C.A.J. Williams, Briar Wood, Helen Yong REVIEWS Landfall Review Online: books recently reviewed Mark Broatch on This Mortal Boy by Fiona Kidman Tom Brooking on Strangers Arrive by Leonard Bell Janet Charman on Telling the Real Story by Erin Mercer Gail Pittaway on Gabriel’s Bay by Catherine Roberston Gina Cole on Free Love by Sia Figiel Michael Harlow on Athens to Aotearoa, eds. Diana Burton, Simon Perris and Jeff Tatum Emma Gattey, Awhina Clarke-Tahana and Jacinta Ruru on Juridical Encounters by Shaunnagh Dorsett Published with the assistance of Creative New Zealand Order

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Landfall 239
    Landfall 239
    ISBN: 9781988592435
    Title: Landfall 239

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Landfall 240
    Landfall 240
    ISBN: 9781988592633
    Title: Landfall 240
    Author: NEALE EMMA ED

    FEATURED ARTISTS Scott Eady, Yonel Watene, Fatu Feu`u AWARDS & COMPETITIONS Results and winning essay from the: • Landfall Essay Competition 2020 • Caselberg Trust International Poetry Prize 2020 • Frank Sargeson Prize 2020 WRITERS John Allison, Nick Ascroft, Wanda Baker, Peter Belton, Victor Billot, Ella Borrie, Cindy Botha, Liz Breslin, Brent Cantwell, Marisa Cappetta, Catherine Chidgey, Jennifer Compton, Lynn Davidson, Breton Dukes, Norman Franke, Jasmine Gallagher, Giles Graham, Charlotte Grimshaw, Rebecca Hawkes, Nathaniel Herz-Edinger, Zoe Higgins, Gail Ingram, Ash Davida Jane, Pippi Jean, Stacey Kokaua, A.M. McKinnon, Cilla McQueen, Alice Miller, Jessica Le Bas, Art Nahill, Jilly O’Brien, Chris Parsons, Sarah Paterson, Robyn Maree Pickens, Angela Pope, Sugu Pillay, essa may ranapiri, Vaughan Rapatahana, Alan Roddick, Ruth Russ, Lynda Scott Araya, Tracey Slaughter, Matafanua Tamatoa, Jessica Thompson-Carr, Catherine Trundle, Chris Tse, Iain Twiddy, Oscar Upperton, Tim Upperton, Dunstan Ward, Harris Williamson, Sharni Wilson, Sophia Wilson, Anna Woods REVIEWS Landfall Review Online: books recently reviewed. And: JAMES NORCLIFFE on Eileen Duggan Selected Poems, ed. Peter Whiteford; Denis Glover Selected Poems, ed. Bill Manhire; and R.A.K. Mason: Uncollected Poems, ed. Roger Hickin CATHERINE ROBERTSON on All the Way to Summer: Stories of love and longing by Fiona Kidman GIOVANNI TISO on Not in Narrow Seas: The economic history of Aotearoa New Zealand by Brian Easton GENEVIEVE SCANLAN on Mezzaluna by Michele Leggott CHRIS TSE on How to Be Old by Rachel McAlpine and The Lifers by Michael Steven

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    ISBN: 9781869408619
    Title: Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    Author: MCRAE JANE

    Maori oral tradition is the rich, poetic record of the past handed down by voice over generations through whakapapa, whakatauk?, k'rero and waiata. In genealogies and sayings, histories, stories and songs, M'ori tell of `te ao tawhito¿ or the old world: the gods, the migration of the Polynesian ancestors from Hawaiki and life here in Aotearoa. A voice from the past, today this remarkable record underpins the speeches, songs and prayers performed on marae and the teaching of tribal genealogies and histories. Indeed, the oral tradition underpins M'ori culture itself. This book introduces readers to the distinctive oral style and language of the traditional compositions, acknowledges the skills of the composers of old and explores the meaning of their striking imagery and figurative language. And it shows how ng? k'rero tuku iho ¿ the inherited words ¿ can be a deep well of knowledge about the way of life, wisdom and thinking of the M'ori ancestors."

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019
    Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019
    ISBN: 2463646052013
    Title: Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019

    Like dipping your head into a gradient sunburst.
    A pile of things we unwished, Tim the Tool-Man Taylor, a sea of microplastics, an ancient admin job, titillated architects, a fridge stacked with Mountain Dew, memes for anxious teens, a template for modern living, palms read as roadmaps, the forgotten MH370, realising we are in a snowglobe: this is issue five.

    Partnering with Wellington creative media collective Mouthfull Productions, Mimicry presents a high-octane issue of electric art, poetry, prose, photography and music from some of Aotearoa’s best emerging artists.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Mimicry Journal #2
    Mimicry Journal #2
    ISBN: 24636460
    Title: Mimicry Journal #2

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Minarets Issue 10
    Minarets Issue 10
    ISBN: 1709201923819
    Title: Minarets Issue 10

    Hurrah for arbitrary numerical milestones! The tenth issue of New Zealand’s
    premier marginal poetry journal is here!
    Assembled by seasoned editor Sarah Jane Barnett, this collection is an
    incisive glimpse into what our contemporary poets are capable of. Expansive
    prose poems, taught verse, experimental procedures, historical reckoning,
    borderline dangerous humour, and deadly seriousness, we promise. The
    pages are graced by both establishing and emerging writers, with words from
    these shores as well as overseas.
    Issue 10 features poetry by essa may ranapiri, Elizabeth Welsh, Erik
    Kennedy, Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Louise Wallace, Joan
    Fleming, Travis Tate (US), jackson Nieuwland, Eliana Gray, Rachel
    O’Neill, and art by Toyah Webb.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $17.00
  • Minarets Issue 11
    Minarets Issue 11
    ISBN: 9780708201138
    Title: Minarets Issue 11
    Author: BROWN PAM (ED)

    Last spring, catastrophic climate-altered bushfires brought freakish firestorms with huge walls of flame and smouldering debris to the east coast of Australia. Suffocating particulate smoke spread out across the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean as far as Aotearoa, Chile and Argentina. Then, in March, the stealthy corona virus pandemic wreaked further dislocation and consequent behavioural change on the entire planet. Ways of living were fractured as restrictions on movement and congregation were instituted by governments. Socialisation became almost completely virtualised.

    Compelled to stay at home, I appreciated Chris Holdaway’s earlier invitation to choose some poems for Minarets during these time-bending disruptions.

    Here, we present work that was selected from over two hundred local and international poems of diverse scope and enlivening attitude that we read, re-read and read again. Reluctantly surrendering to the exigencies of page space in a small print journal we reduced the scale to a concise cluster of poems that came, inadvertently, from Aotearoa, Singapore and Australia (give or take an expat or two).

    I think we can parcel them up as ‘eastern hemisphere poems’ mostly engaged with ironic acts that push established meanings (as, in general, poetry must) into a variety of imaginative takes on disentangling language from its limits.

    Let’s salute the minimal, the fragmentary, the acerbic, the complex, the indefinite and the conceptual. Here is Minarets 11—ready for reading, ruminating and reflecting.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Palemia: Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi of Samoa - A Memoir
    Palemia: Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi of Samoa - A Memoir
    ISBN: 9781776561155
    Title: Palemia: Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi of Samoa - A Memoir
    Author: SWAIN PETER

    Palemia tells the story of how a boy from an isolated village grew up to become Prime Minister of Samoa. It follows his journey from Lepa to Apia, Wellington, Brussels, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, London, New York and many other international destinations, always returning to Lepa and the Fa‘asamoa that shaped him.

    Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi is Samoa’s longest-serving Prime Minister. His premiership has been marked by political and economic crises, natural disasters, regional tensions and local challenges. Tuila'epa’s political career started during turbulent times but has resulted in an unprecedented period of political stability and economic development through his leadership in modernising the economy, improving education and health and reducing poverty in Samoa.

    Palemia captures the voice, documents the life, and places in context a record of the most significant Samoan political leader of this generation, and contains many useful insights into the social, cultural and economic development of Samoa and the wider Pacific region.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Some Other Country: NZ's Best Short Stories New Ed
    Some Other Country: NZ's Best Short Stories New Ed
    ISBN: 9780864735881
    Title: Some Other Country: NZ's Best Short Stories New Ed

    First published in 1984, SOME OTHER COUNTRY quickly became established as New Zealand's essential single-volume anthology of short stories, and has since been enjoyed by many thousands of visitors, students and readers of all kinds. Now this fourth edition adds four new writers, bringing the collection completely up to date with the diverse energies of New Zealand life and writing. The country to be found in these pages is not the place depicted in glossy picture books or economic profiles. But it is a real place, composed of that blend of accuracy and vision which only the imagination, committed to language and experience, can supply. It is the New Zealand of Janet Frame and Katherine Mansfield, of Frank Sargeson and Maurice Gee, of Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace. SOME OTHER COUNTRY is a collection of stories from the body of New Zealand writing that began with the work of the young expatriate writer, Katherine Mansfield. It includes well-known stories by major writers including Vincent O'Sullivan, Joy Cowley, C. K. Stead, Owen Marshall and Keri Hulme, alongside stories by writers who have come into prominence in the last 20 years, such as Barbara Anderson, Fiona Farrell, Emily Perkins, Damien Wilkins and Alice Tawhai. SOME OTHER COUNTRY represents the editors' choice of simply 'the best we could find'.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Some Things to Place in a Coffin
    Some Things to Place in a Coffin
    ISBN: 9781776561056
    Title: Some Things to Place in a Coffin
    Author: MANHIRE BILL

    Bill Manhire’s first new collection of poems for seven years takes its title from his elegy for his close friend the painter Ralph Hotere, who died in 2013. At its heart is the sequence ‘Known Unto God’, commissioned for the centenary of the Battle of the Somme in 2016. These are poems of memory and mortality, which are also full of jokes and good tunes.

    Some Things to Place in a Coffin is published simultaneously with Tell Me My Name, Bill Manhire’s new poetry + photographs + CD collaboration with composer Norman Meehan, singer Hannah Griffin and photographer Peter Peryer.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Southern Jimmy
    Southern Jimmy
    ISBN: 9780473465100
    Title: Southern Jimmy
    Author: KELLY ROBERT

    From the cells of the Old Bailey to the shores of Port Jackson, and the Foveaux Strait of New Zealand, a young Irish youth overcomes the odds to settle eventually in Southland, New Zealand. This story is based on the lives of Invercargill's first settler family.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Sport 44
    Sport 44
    ISBN: 0243290220165
    Title: Sport 44

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Sport 44
    Sport 44
    ISBN: 1243290220165
    Title: Sport 44

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Sport 47
    Sport 47
    ISBN: 9781776562954
    Title: Sport 47
    Author: TIBBLE TAYI (ED.)

    Edited by Tayi Tibble, with Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young.

    A Wananga with Patricia Grace and Anahera Gildea

    Plus new fiction, poetry and essays by

    Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor

    Hana Pera Aoake

    Tusiata Avia

    Airini Beautrais

    Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle

    Vanessa Crofskey

    Alayne Dick

    Sam Duckor Jones

    Anahera Gildea

    Eliana Gray

    Isabel Haarhaus

    Jordan Hamel

    Rebecca Hawkes

    Nicole Titihuia Hawkins

    Emma Hislop

    Joy Holley

    Patrick Hunn

    Nadine Anne Hura

    Ash Davida Jane

    Claudia Jardine

    Erik Kennedy

    Catarina de Peters Leitão

    Talia Marshall

    Anna McAllister

    Eleanor Rose King Merton

    Fardowsa Mohamed

    Mikaela Nyman

    Rebecca Tobo Olul

    Rachel O’Neill

    Sinead Overbye
    Aiwa Pooamorn
    Meg Prasad
    Michelle Rahurahu Scott
    Essa May Ranapiri
    Amanda Jane Robinson
    Freya Daly Sadgrove
    Charlotte Simmonds
    Carin Smeaton
    Ruby Solly
    Michelle Tayler
    Anne Marie Te Whiu
    Chris Tse
    Oscar Upperton
    Faith Wilson
    Eefa Yasir Jauhary

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Stories on the Four Winds
    Stories on the Four Winds
    ISBN: 9781775503064
    Title: Stories on the Four Winds

    This collection brings together twenty short stories from eighteen of New Zealand’s accomplished Maori and Pacific writers. They explore the dark and dangerous milieu of our comfortable existence. There is humour, tenderness, surprise, anger, sorrow and abject desperation in these stories from the four winds. Authors include Patricia Grace, Albert Wendt, Alice Tawhai, Paula Morris, James George, Renée and several new storytellers you will want to read more of. The authors are Patricia Grace, Albert Wendt, Alice Tawhai, Briar Grace-Smith, Paula Morris, Tina Makereti, James George, Renée, Jacqui McRae, Eru Hart, Helen Waaka, Toni Pivac, K-t Harrison, Anya Ngawhare, Ann
    French, Piripi Evans, Mark Sweet and Terence Rissetto.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    ISBN: 2382146931011
    Title: Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Author: VARIOUS

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    ISBN: 2382146931207
    Title: Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Author: VARIOUS

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    ISBN: 2382146931201
    Title: Sweet Mammalian Issue 7
    Author: VARIOUS

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Te Korero Ahi Ka: To Speak of the Home Fires Burning
    Te Korero Ahi Ka: To Speak of the Home Fires Burning
    ISBN: 9780473428341
    Title: Te Korero Ahi Ka: To Speak of the Home Fires Burning

    Here, between the realms of the Sky Father and Earth Mother, hellhounds race, ghosts drift aimless, and the taniwha stalks. Home fires drive them back, at the same time sparking stories and poems that traverse seconds, eons, and parsecs. Tales of gatekeepers, cloak wearers, and secret keepers. Of pigs with AK-47s or ruby-hued eyes, of love-struck moa, and unruly reflections. Stark truths, and beautiful possibilities...Te Korero Ahi Ka, a term which means to speak of the home fires burning, is an anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, showcasing work from both established and emerging members of the SpecFicNZ organisation of writers, poets, artists, and creatives. It is a statement about how New Zealand creators of speculative fiction and art shine their light on our literary landscape.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Tell Me My Name
    Tell Me My Name
    ISBN: 9781776561070
    Title: Tell Me My Name

    Tell Me My Name
    Bill Manhire riddles
    Norman Meehan music
    Hannah Griffin song
    Peter Peryer photographs

    Tell Me My Name is a sequence of thirteen riddles by Bill Manhire, set to music by composer Norman Meehan and sung by Hannah Griffin. This hardback book includes the full texts and eight photographs by celebrated artist Peter Peryer, and includes a music CD. The stage production will be premiered at Wanaka’s Festival of Light in April 2017, and performed elsewhere in New Zealand later in the year.

    Bill Manhire, Norman Meehan and Hannah Griffin have collaborated on four celebrated earlier releases: Buddhist Rain, Making Baby Float and Small Holes in the Silence (Rattle Records) and These Rough Notes (VUP).

    Tell Me My Name is published simultaneously with Bill Manhire’s new poetry collection Some Things to Place in a Coffin.

    Dimensions: 210 x 157 mm, 32 pages
    Poetry + photographs + music CD
    Peter Peryer cover photo title: Lady with an Ermine, 2016

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Vase & A Vast Sea
    Vase & A Vast Sea
    ISBN: 9780473531201
    Title: Vase & A Vast Sea
    Author: NIMON JENNY (ED)

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Verb Journal 2019
    Verb Journal 2019
    ISBN: 9770270329811
    Title: Verb Journal 2019
    Author: VERB AUTHORS

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $12.00