• Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019

    Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019
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    ISBN: 2463646052013
    Title: Mimicry #5 Autumn 2019

    Like dipping your head into a gradient sunburst.
    A pile of things we unwished, Tim the Tool-Man Taylor, a sea of microplastics, an ancient admin job, titillated architects, a fridge stacked with Mountain Dew, memes for anxious teens, a template for modern living, palms read as roadmaps, the forgotten MH370, realising we are in a snowglobe: this is issue five.

    Partnering with Wellington creative media collective Mouthfull Productions, Mimicry presents a high-octane issue of electric art, poetry, prose, photography and music from some of Aotearoa’s best emerging artists.

    Format: Paperback
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