• Blood on Vines #1 The Matakana Series

    Blood on Vines #1 The Matakana Series
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    ISBN: 9780995136939
    Title: Blood on Vines #1 The Matakana Series

    Four friends, a shared past, a common enemy.

    In New Zealand's Martinborough, an ex-wine maker is murdered. The precise planning and execution by the unknown assailant begin a series of vile attacks.

    Meanwhile north of Auckland, the long, hot summer is over and the tourists have left the Matakana wine country. A tranquil atmosphere descends and warm autumnal winds sweep across the grape-laden valleys.

    With the harvest due, grapes sit bursting upon the manicured vines awaiting the pick. Within this vista of peace, a rampage of death is about to rock the local community to its core.

    Will it be their shared history that sees the four friends being picked off one-by-one?

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