• Nation Dates 4th Edition
    Nation Dates 4th Edition
    ISBN: 9781990013171
    Title: Nation Dates 4th Edition

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Natural Year: Living Simply Through the Seasons
    Natural Year: Living Simply Through the Seasons
    ISBN: 9781988547312
    Title: Natural Year: Living Simply Through the Seasons

    Wendyl's story of living the simple life in the country: gardening, foraging, fishing and the freedom she has found in ageing. Beautifully illustrated and including 100 new and delicious recipes. A Natural Year follows writer Wendyl Nissen's life in the peaceful New Zealand countryside over one year.

    It's the story of what happens in her garden, her kitchen and her life over twelve months, and the thoughts inspired by each passing season.

    She writes about the freedom that she has found in ageing and the joy that comes along with it. She addresses her depression, anxiety and the mental well-being she's gained from her back-to-basics lifestyle and the practical things she does to live in a sustainable, natural way.

    With photographs taken at her home in Northland, Wendyl shares 100 new recipes, including how to make yeast from grapes, yoghurt using chilli stalks and many others she has discovered.

    In a world which can be full of stress and confusion, A Natural Year is a guide to a simpler, less complicated life.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Nature & Wellbeing in Aotearoa NZ
    Nature & Wellbeing in Aotearoa NZ
    ISBN: 9780473538637
    Title: Nature & Wellbeing in Aotearoa NZ

    We have never been more aware of the benefit of being out in nature, but how much quality time does the 'average' New Zealander spend enjoying the outdoors? While our national parks are places of spectacular wilderness, for many of us, these places are out of reach. This ground-breaking book argues the restoration of 'neighbourhood nature' - places that all New Zealanders can freely access, irrespective of socioeconomic or other factors. New Zealand's experience of the coronavirus pandemic underscores how important these local oases of nature are - and how vital they are to our wellbeing. Richly illustrated throughout, this book tells the stories of a wide range of New Zealanders, who - either individually or through organised initiatives - have experienced the wellbeing benefits gained through connection with nature. Their stories are varied but each one is authentic, personal and moving. Drawing on the latest scientific research and through these personal stories, Knight challenges us to contemplate a more nature-rich future.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Navigating the Stars: Maori Creation Myths
    Navigating the Stars: Maori Creation Myths
    ISBN: 9780143774990
    Title: Navigating the Stars: Maori Creation Myths

    From master storyteller Witi Ihimaera, a spellbinding and provocative retelling of traditional Maori myths for the twenty-first century.

    In this milestone volume, Ihimaera traces the history of the Maori people through their creation myths. He follows Tawhaki up the vines into the firmament, Hine-titama down into the land of the dead, Maui to the ends of the earth, and the giants and turehu who sailed across the ocean to our shores . . . From Hawaiki to Aotearoa, the ancient navigators brought their myths, while looking to the stars - bright with gods, ancestors and stories - to guide the way.

    'Step through the gateway now to stories that are as relevant today as they ever were.'

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Nest of Singing Birds: One Hundred Years of the Nz School Journal
    Nest of Singing Birds: One Hundred Years of the Nz School Journal
    ISBN: 9780790326276
    Title: Nest of Singing Birds: One Hundred Years of the Nz School Journal

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • New Myths & Old Politics
    New Myths & Old Politics
    ISBN: 9781927277669
    Title: New Myths & Old Politics
    Author: O'REGAN TIPENE

    ‘I am concerned that in this great intersection of law and history, to which the Treaty and its outcomes have condemned us, we might begin to so devalue our past, that our history and tradition become mere opinion, blown by political winds and fanned by incessant gusts of media opportunism.’

    Negotiating a claim before the Waitangi Tribunal can involve troubling challenges to an iwi’s legitimacy, sometimes from unexpected places. In this unique behind-the-scenes account of the negotiation of Ngai Tahu’s Waitangi Tribunal claim, Tipene O’Regan describes what happened when claims of New Age mysticism attempted to undermine traditional whakapapa and academic scholarship.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • New NZ: Facing Demographic Disruption
    New NZ: Facing Demographic Disruption
    ISBN: 9780995122987
    Title: New NZ: Facing Demographic Disruption

    A BOLD NEW BOOK ON POPULATION TRENDS AND THE NEED TO CONFRONT THEM. In 2030 there may be six million of us. One and a half million of us will live overseas. We will be clustered in Auckland, dependent on migration, and worried about a shortage of workers. We havent planned for this. We need to. This major new book by distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, New Zealands preeminent commentator on population trends, looks at our rapidly growing and changing population and the demographic disruption it is already causing. To his mind, we are not taking enough notice of this disruption, and New Zealand urgently needs a population policy. With chapters like OK Boomer and Why Would Anyone Want to Live in Auckland? this book is urgent, provocative and will fuel many a dinner-party and policymaking conversation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • New Treaty, New Tradition: Reconciling NZ & Maori Law
    New Treaty, New Tradition: Reconciling NZ & Maori Law
    ISBN: 9781776561100
    Title: New Treaty, New Tradition: Reconciling NZ & Maori Law
    Author: JONES CARWYN

    While Indigenous peoples face the challenges of self-determination in a postcolonial world, New Treaty, New Tradition provides a
    timely look at how the resolution of historical Treaty of Waitangi claims continues to shape the culture of all who are involved – Maori
    and government alike.
    Legal cultures change in response to social and economic environments. Inevitably, the settlement of historical claims has affected
    issues of identity, rights, and resource management. Interweaving thoughtful analysis with Maori storytelling on legal themes, Carwyn
    Jones shows how the process for the settlement of historical claims can place limits on Indigenous law and authority. At the same time,
    the author reveals the enduring vitality of Maori legal traditions, making the case that genuine reconciliation can occur only when we
    recognize the importance of Indigenous traditions in the settlement process.
    Drawing on examples from Canada and New Zealand, Jones illustrates how Western legal thought has shaped the claims process,
    deepening our understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi claims settlement process. As Indigenous self-determination plays out on the
    world stage, this nuanced reflection brings into focus prospects for the long-term success of reconciliation projects around the globe.
    Carwyn Jones (Ngati Kahungunu) is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Victoria. His primary research interests relate to the
    Treaty of Waitangi and Indigenous legal traditions. He has worked at the Waitangi Tribunal, the Maori Land Court, and the Office
    of Treaty Settlements and is the co-editor of the Maori Law Review. He has been directly involved in the negotiation of the settlement
    of the historical Treaty of Waitangi claims of the iwi and hapu of Te Rohe o Te Wairoa. In 2012 he was a United Nations Indigenous
    Fellow and in 2014 he was awarded the Marsden Fast-Start Grant by the Royal Society of New Zealand for his scholarship on Maori
    legal traditions.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface
    Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface
    ISBN: 9781988592558
    Title: Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface

    In this beautiful and transformative book, 24 Maori academics share their personal journeys, revealing what being Maori has meant for them in their work. Their perspectives provide insight for all New Zealanders into how matauranga is positively influencing the Westerndominated disciplines of knowledge in the research sector. It is a shameful fact, says co-editor Jacinta Ruru in her introduction to Nga Kete Matauranga, that in 2020, only about 5 percent of academic staff at universities in Aotearoa New Zealand are Maori. Tertiary institutions have for the most part been hostile places for Indigenous students and staff, and this book is an important call for action. ‘It is well past time that our country seriously commits to decolonising the tertiary workforce, curriculum and research agenda,’ writes Professor Ruru. The book demonstrates the power, energy and diversity that can be brought out into the world by Maori scholars working both comfortably and uncomfortably from within, without and across diverse academic disciplines and matauranga Maori. – Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith These deeply personal stories provide a portal into the te ao Maori world, which many outside it seek to understand, but struggle to find a frame in which to do so. The abstract concept of decolonising the tertiary workforce is brought to life and given meaning by these korero of strength, where the authors display courage and vision from within an environment so often hostile to Indigenous ways of knowing. Read it, be inspired, and welcome this refreshingly written challenge to embrace matauranga Maori and build a stronger academy. – Professor Juliet A. Gerrard, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Kaitohutohu Matanga Putaiao Matua ki te Pirimia

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Nga Pepeha a Nga Tipuna: the Sayings of the Ancestors
    Nga Pepeha a Nga Tipuna: the Sayings of the Ancestors
    ISBN: 9780864734624
    Title: Nga Pepeha a Nga Tipuna: the Sayings of the Ancestors

    This collection contains over 2500 'pepeha', or 'sayings of the ancestors', that were gathered and compiled from all over New Zealand over a 20-year period. More than just proverbs, 'pepeha' include charms, witticisms, figures of speech, and boasts, and they are featured in the formal speeches heard every day on the 'marae' and in the oral literature handed down from past generations. These expressions provide a rich source of vocabulary, using metaphor and an economy of words to show language that enriches the Maori of today.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Nine Lives: Expeditions to Everest
    Nine Lives: Expeditions to Everest
    ISBN: 9781988538549
    Title: Nine Lives: Expeditions to Everest

    Robert Mads Anderson is an elite mountaineer with a solitary goal: to conquer Everest. After nearly getting killed on his first expedition, Anderson then led a team up a new route without oxygen or Sherpa support, climbed solo on the remote North Face to finally guide a team to the top of the world.

    Incorporating a who’s who of internationally recognised climbers, this book offers a facinating portrait of Everest, from the big, nationally supported expeditions of the 1980s; through the small teams forging new routes and climbing solo; to the commercially guided expeditions of today.

    Set against the majestic backdrop of the world’s tallest peak, Anderson’s nine Everest expeditions set over 18 years define what truly drives a human being to the greatest of heights.

    Including a foreword by Peter Hillary and featuring 32 pages of colour photography, chosen from a broad selection of images that have appeared in magazines, such as National Geographic Adventure and Sports Illustrated.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • No Country for Old Maids: Talking Differently About the Nz 'man Drought'
    No Country for Old Maids: Talking Differently About the Nz 'man Drought'
    ISBN: 9780908321377
    Title: No Country for Old Maids: Talking Differently About the Nz "man Drought"

    In 2013, there were over 66,000 more women between the ages of 25-49 living in New Zealand than there were men. This so-called ‘man drought’ is a hot topic for journalists and academics alike, who comment on how the situation might affect New Zealand women’s chances of finding love. Yet they rarely stop to ask more than a handful of women whether they’re actually bothered by this lack of men. In this BWB Text, Hannah August does just that, integrating interview material, statistics, science and cultural commentary in order to demonstrate why we need to talk differently about the ‘man drought’.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Note to Self: The Secrets of Calm
    Note to Self: The Secrets of Calm
    ISBN: 9781988547657
    Title: Note to Self: The Secrets of Calm

    An inspirational personal development book including helpful tips and cute illustrations to aid with anxiety, overthinking and depression.

    This book is jam-packed with handy tips, bite-sized wisdoms & thoughtful illustrations to help you navigate through feelings like anxiety, stress, worry, guilt & sadness. Within these pages you will find practical tools & insights to help you tackle your day-to-day tricky emotions.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • NZ Driver Practical Driving Test: Pass Your Test the EZY Way!
    NZ Driver Practical Driving Test: Pass Your Test the EZY Way!
    ISBN: 9780473256586
    Title: NZ Driver Practical Driving Test: Pass Your Test the EZY Way!

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • NZ Driving Test Theory: Pass Your Test the Ezy Way
    NZ Driving Test Theory: Pass Your Test the Ezy Way
    ISBN: 9780473256593
    Title: NZ Driving Test Theory: Pass Your Test the Ezy Way

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $26.00
  • NZ Dyslexia Handbook
    NZ Dyslexia Handbook
    ISBN: 9781927231449
    Title: NZ Dyslexia Handbook

    This is a practical book designed to help dyslexic students and their teachers. Drawing on the latest research, the authors aim to build understanding and awareness in schools and the community about dyslexia. They debunk the myths and show classroom teachers practical steps to help dyslexic students learn more effectively.

    Chapters cover dyslexia, family and the school; dyslexia, self-esteem and behaviour; and screening for dyslexia. There is a section on how to tackle dyslexia, and resources such as lesson plans and programmes.

    This book includes a DVD 'Talking about Dyslexia' which offers powerful insights into the world of students with dyslexia. It tells the stories of three students and explores what a dyslexia-friendly school and classroom looks like.

    The authors are university teachers and researchers with literacy experience who have spent many years teaching dyslexic students to read and spell. They strongly believe we can and should do much better for students with dyslexia. This book will become an essential school and community resource.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • NZ Family Court Survival Guide
    NZ Family Court Survival Guide
    ISBN: 9781988538655
    Title: NZ Family Court Survival Guide

    Dealing with a relationship breakdown, custody dispute or other family or whanau crisis can be an overwhelming, emotional and stressful experience. The last thing you need is to be thrust into the unfamiliar territory of the family court system without a clue about how to navigate it. The New Zealand Family Court Survival Guide explains all your options when you need to make changes to your family situation and helps you to avoid unnecessary expense and upset. Drawing from her own experiences in the family court system, author Katrina Smithson offers easy-to-follow advice on how to navigate a separation that is fair and respectful to all parties, with a strong focus on children and how best to assist them in what can be a tough and confusing time. Heading into court proceedings with the right information is critical. The New Zealand Family Court Survival Guide is the only resource you need to manage this difficult time in the best way possible.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • NZ First Aid Handbook
    NZ First Aid Handbook
    ISBN: 9780143574330
    Title: NZ First Aid Handbook
    Author: ORDER OF ST JOHN

    This completely new edition of TheNew Zealand First AidHandbookhas been revised and updated by St John in 2016. Accidents and emergencies can occur at any time and in any place - and the action of people first on the scene often determines the outcome. The information in this comprehensive guide is essential for a wide variety of situations, from road accidents to bush walks, from the workplace to the home. You can make a difference. Just some of the information included in theThe New Zealand First Aid Handbook- what to do in an emergency CPR techniques for adults, children and babies first aid for burns, wounds, fractures and head injuries help for those with medical conditions.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • NZ Goods & Services Tax Legislation - 2017 Mid-year Edition
    NZ Goods & Services Tax Legislation - 2017 Mid-year Edition
    ISBN: 1670Z
    Title: NZ Goods & Services Tax Legislation - 2017 Mid-year Edition
    Author: CCH

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $111.00
  • NZ Project
    NZ Project
    ISBN: 9780947492588
    Title: NZ Project
    Author: HARRIS MAX

    By any measure, New Zealand must confront some monumental issues in the years ahead. From the future of work to climate change, geopolitical upheaval to housing affordability, wealth inequality to new populism – these challenges are complex and even unprecedented in their scope. Yet why, as Max Harris argues in this far-sighted book, does New Zealand’s political thinking and discussion often seem so diminished? Do we even possess the political means and imagination to match the enormity of these issues? And why is this gap particularly apparent to young New Zealanders?

    In this bold and enlivening work, Harris’s attempt to find answers to these questions evolves into his own ‘New Zealand project’. The book represents, from the perspective of a brilliant young New Zealander, a vision for how this country and all of its people can best overcome and prosper from the challenges ahead. It calls for a centring of values-based politics: in particular, a politics grounded in care, community, and creativity. Unashamedly idealistic, The New Zealand Project ultimately does not seek to prescribe a new future but instead kick-start a fresh and bigger conversation about how to improve the country – and the world – we all inhabit now.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • NZ Sign Language: A Reference Grammar
    NZ Sign Language: A Reference Grammar
    ISBN: 9780947518967
    Title: NZ Sign Language: A Reference Grammar
    Author: MCKEE RACHEL

    One of the country’s three official languages, New Zealand Sign Language evolved in the communities that grew from networks of Deaf children at three schools for the Deaf from the late nineteenth century. The Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language (1997) – now an invaluable online resource at nzsl.vuw.ac.nz – and the Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language (BWB, 2003) were landmarks in documenting the language. A formidable body of scholarly research lies in these volumes, driven by the Deaf Studies Research Unit at Victoria University, led first by Graeme Kennedy and later by David and Rachel McKee.

    Today, NZSL forms part of the curriculum in intermediate schools, and New Zealanders are increasingly familiar with the language. Drawing on her experience of both teaching and researching NZSL, Rachel McKee has developed A Reference Grammar to support all those who are learning NZSL – students, families and friends of Deaf people, school teachers, public officials. This clear account of language structure and use is illustrated with dozens of videos, drawings and photographs.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • NZers The Field Guide
    NZers The Field Guide
    ISBN: 9781775541684
    Title: NZers The Field Guide

    A revealing guide to the weird and wonderful inhabitants of New Zealand... and the places you'll find them

    After years of mimicking various celebrities and stereotypes on his social media platforms, comedian Tom Sainsbury has now compiled his favourite New Zealand personalities into a book. This array of Kiwi heroes includes the useless farmhand that is forever jack-knifing the trailer, the martyr mother who guilt-trips her children, the officious office-worker who narks on the rest of the staff for low level misdemeanours, and the alpha-male teenager who loiters around Mount Maunganui every New Year's. All these descriptions are lovingly collated into a concise, easy-to-read field guide that'll give you a hilarious, in-depth insight into the people of Aotearoa.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Official NZ Dictionary of Colloquialisms
    Official NZ Dictionary of Colloquialisms
    ISBN: 9780473319748
    Title: Official NZ Dictionary of Colloquialisms

    This book is a humourous 90 page, A5 size dictionary of colloquial Kiwi lingo. The content varies from serious to comical, yet all are honest words that exist in our everyday dialect. It is strongly recommended for a mature audience due to the content and descriptions but most importantly, a sense of humour is critical. This dictionary makes a perfect gift for friends and family who appreciate a little looseness around the concept of being politically correct. It was inspired by a project based on defining Kiwi's. This lead to the creation of a dictionary that provides definitions of terms unique to New Zealand. No offence is to be intentionally caused, please understand that everthing written in the dicitonary exists.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Official NZ Road Code for Motor Cycle Drivers 2019-2020 2nd edition
    Official NZ Road Code for Motor Cycle Drivers 2019-2020 2nd edition
    ISBN: 9781988561448
    Title: Official NZ Road Code for Motor Cycle Drivers 2019-2020 2nd edition
    Author: NZTA

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.50
  • Old Asian, New Asian
    Old Asian, New Asian
    ISBN: 9780947518509
    Title: Old Asian, New Asian
    Author: NG EMMA

    In 2010, the Human Rights Commission found that Asian people reported higher levels of discrimination than any other minority in New Zealand. Yet although anti-Asian prejudice has a long history in New Zealand, it is seldom publicly acknowledged.

    K. Emma Ng shines light onto the persistence of anti-Asian sentiment in New Zealand. Her anecdotal account is based on her personal experience as a second-generation young Chinese-New Zealand woman and those of other young Asian-New Zealanders. When Asian people have been living here since the Gold Rush, she asks, what will it take for them to be fully accepted as New Zealanders?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • On Coming Home
    On Coming Home
    ISBN: 9780908321117
    Title: On Coming Home
    Author: MORRIS PAULA

    'In February I'm coming home to Auckland, after thirty years of living away. Is Auckland still home? Is New Zealand still home? Perhaps, having made and re-made my home in other cities and other countries, I'm at home everywhere and nowhere. Perhaps home can never be one place for me . . . ' Award-winning New Zealand writer Paula Morris talks about coming home and being home, of nostalgia and memory and belonging and perhaps even wishful thinking as she reflects on returning to live in New Zealand after more than half a lifetime in foreign places. 'I wonder if the place I've always thought of as home is a place I no longer belong.'

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Out of the Vaipe, the Deadwater: a Writer's Early Life
    Out of the Vaipe, the Deadwater: a Writer's Early Life
    ISBN: 9780908321223
    Title: Out of the Vaipe, the Deadwater: a Writer's Early Life
    Author: WENDT ALBERT

    'Death is coming closer to me. And in my dark dreams of fierce presences trying to break into my sight to smother me, I'd wake shouting, with Reina holding and consoling me.' For many years one of the Pacific's leading writers, Albert Wendt ventures into fascinating and deeply personal new territory in this ground-breaking BWB Text. He recalls his boyhood in the Vaipe, a suburb of Apia in Samoa, just metres from the local cinema, and his life-changing schooling as a scholarship student at an initially foreign New Plymouth Boys' High School. Wendt also explores his fascination with traditional pre-Christian Samoan religion, banned by the missionaries, and while he laments its decline and partial disappearance, he also celebrates its richness and depth. Extracts from Wendt's novels such as Ola and The Mango's Kiss provide sometimes startling illustration.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Out of the Woods: Journey Through Depression & Anxiety
    Out of the Woods: Journey Through Depression & Anxiety
    ISBN: 9780473390068
    Title: Out of the Woods: Journey Through Depression & Anxiety

    Out of the Woods is a book to help people understand and overcome depression and anxiety. It is the author's own story told entirely through 700 beautifully hand drawn watercolor illustrations. It is an immensely practical guide for sufferers, their loved ones, and professionals working in the area too. The book's graphic memoir format blends a compelling personal story with the latest medical research - ideal for people who are in the depths of depression and struggling to read and take on board information. The book doesn't pretend there is a quick way out of these illnesses and instead encourages people to make small steps to slowly build their own lasting recoveries. This is an inspiring story that will give vital information and hope to many people.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Paper Nautilus
    Paper Nautilus
    ISBN: 9781988531793
    Title: Paper Nautilus

    The Paper Nautilus is about loss - the forms it takes, how we go on living in the face of it, and the mysterious ways that new life and new beginnings are born of brokenness. The paper nautilus provides a vivid image of this interplay of death and rebirth since, for new life to begin, the angelically beautiful but fragile shell that sustained a former life must be shattered.Michael Jackson has recourse to his ethnographic fieldwork among the Kuranko of Sierra Leone, as well as autobiography and fiction, in exploring his theme. This book crosses and blends genres most engagingly. Beginning as a series of essays, it gradually morphs into a mesmerising work of the imagination in which the boundary between author and other becomes blurred, and the line between fact and fiction erased.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Parenting Yadults
    Parenting Yadults
    ISBN: 97804732837
    Title: Parenting Yadults

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Pax
    ISBN: 9780008158286
    Title: Pax

    National Book Award Longlist * New York Times Bestseller * An Amazon Best Book of the Year

    From bestselling and award-winning author Sara Pennypacker comes a beautifully wrought, utterly compelling novel about the powerful relationship between a boy and his fox. Pax is destined to become a classic, beloved for generations to come.

    Pax and Peter have been inseparable ever since Peter rescued him as a kit. But one day, the unimaginable happens: Peter's dad enlists in the military and makes him return the fox to the wild.

    At his grandfather's house, three hundred miles away from home, Peter knows he isn't where he should be--with Pax. He strikes out on his own despite the encroaching war, spurred by love, loyalty, and grief, to be reunited with his fox.

    Meanwhile Pax, steadfastly waiting for his boy, embarks on adventures and discoveries of his own. . . .

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $17.00
  • Peat
    ISBN: 9781988531694
    Title: Peat
    Author: JENNER LYNN

    Peat starts out as Lynn Jenner’s study of the Kapiti Expressway, built between 2013 and 2017 and passing, at its nearest point, about a kilometre from her own house. She decides to create a kind of archive of the construction of this so-called Road of National Significance. How did it come to be built? What is its character? Who will win and who will lose from its construction? What will be its impact on the local environment? Jenner begins a quest to find a fellow writer with different sensibilities to help her think about the natural world the road traverses. New Zealand-born poet, editor, art collector and philanthropist Charles Brasch is her choice. Researching Brasch will be her refuge from the constant pile-driving and the sprawling concrete, and perhaps the poet will offer some ways of thinking that will help her understand contemporary events. She reads and reflects on Brasch’s memoir, some of his poems, his journals and his letters to the local paper. She thinks about Brasch in the context of his family and New Zealand in the 1940s–60s, and she reads local papers. She reads the official handouts about the road and listens to people in her local community when they talk about the road. From there Lynn Jenner carefully builds her unconventional text, layer upon layer, into an intelligent and beautifully refracted work that is haunting, fearless, and utterly compelling.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • People of NZ
    People of NZ
    ISBN: 9781988547121
    Title: People of NZ
    Author: MOORE SAM

    Sam Moore's Instagram account and Facebook page Ugly Ink went viral when he started posting images of classic Kiwi stereotypes.

    They're characters that every New Zealander can relate to, including everyone's gran "Helpful Beryl," dress code-breaker "Wedding Kane," the forever helpful "Office Jan," and rugged "Hilux Surf Drew," among others.

    Sam's humor in these images gently and affectionately pokes fun at Kiwi culture, providing many snorts of recognition.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Phone Home Berlin Collected Non-fiction
    Phone Home Berlin Collected Non-fiction
    ISBN: 9780864735676
    Title: Phone Home Berlin Collected Non-fiction
    Author: COX NIGEL

    Nigel Cox (1951-2006) was one of New Zealand's major writers. His six novels opened up a space in New Zealand literature that hadn't existed before, a space in which a recognisable New Zealand reality is illuminated by a mythic dimension drawn from twentieth-century popular culture. The essays and other writing collected in this book provide remarkable insights into these books and the life and interests behind them. Phone Home Berlin was planned by Nigel before his death at the age of 55 in 2006, and is edited by his publisher and friend Fergus Barrowman.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Platform: The Radical Legacy of the Polynesian Panthers
    Platform: The Radical Legacy of the Polynesian Panthers
    ISBN: 9781988587431
    Title: Platform: The Radical Legacy of the Polynesian Panthers
    Author: ANAE MALANI

    In a book that is both deeply personal and highly political, Melani Anae recalls the radical activism of Auckland’s Polynesian Panthers – the movement modelled on the US Black Panther Party ‘but without guns’. The Polynesian Panthers was founded in response to the racist treatment of Pacific Islanders in the era of the Dawn Raids. Central to the group was a three-point ‘platform’ of peaceful resistance against racism, Pacific empowerment and a liberatingeducation aimed at changing the landscape of race relations. The Polynesian Panthers defined an emerging group of Pacific people whose legacy still resonates in Aotearoa today.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Polluted Inheritance: NZ's Freshwater Crisis
    Polluted Inheritance: NZ's Freshwater Crisis
    ISBN: 9780908321612
    Title: Polluted Inheritance: NZ's Freshwater Crisis
    Author: JOY MIKE

    New Zealand’s dairy industry is big business. But what are the hidden – and not so hidden – costs of intensive farming?

    Evidence presented here by ecologist Mike Joy demonstrates that intensive dairy farming has degraded our freshwater rivers, streams and lakes to such a degree that we face an environmental crisis. This perilous situation, he argues, has arisen primarily through governmental policy that prioritises short-term economic growth over long-term environmental sustainability. This BWB Text is a call to arms, urging New Zealand to change course in the face of environmental degradation that risks the wellbeing of future generations – and all life as we know it on these islands.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Portacom City: Reporting on the Christchurch & Kaikoura Earthquakes
    Portacom City: Reporting on the Christchurch & Kaikoura Earthquakes
    ISBN: 9780908321728
    Title: Portacom City: Reporting on the Christchurch & Kaikoura Earthquakes
    Author: GORMAN PAUL

    When natural disaster strikes, how much is the public entitled to know – even when the scientists aren’t sure? What obligations do they have to a general public thirsty for information about what will happen next? Should they wait until they have all the facts before they say anything?

    Caught up in the ongoing earthquakes, Christchurch newspaper journalist Paul Gorman struggled to make sense of what the scientists were telling him. Was there more? Were worried residents receiving the full picture? In this BWB Text Gorman describes his troubled ongoing dealings with government scientists and the extraordinary challenges that confront reporters at times of crisis.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Positively Parkinsons
    Positively Parkinsons
    ISBN: 9781877429033
    Title: Positively Parkinsons
    Author: ANDREWS ANN

    More than 10,000 New Zealanders have Parkinson's disease, but many thousands more are dealing with it every day - relatives and friends, carers and health professionals. Informative, practical and uplifting, this is a book for anyone with Parkinson's and for those who support them. It contains answers to the questions you might ask about Parkinson's, from symptoms and diagnosis to the latest treatments and therapies, as well as the most recent medical research into stem cells and gene therapy. Drawing on her own experience as well as that of others, Ann Andrews offers clear advice on how to cope with the impact of Parkinson's on everything from employment, finance and relationships, to exercise, diet and self-care. The combination of the practical and the personal sets this book apart from others on the same topic. Thoroughly researched and perceptively written, this is an empowering resource for anyone who needs to adjust their life to Parkinson's. This book is endorsed by Parkinson's New Zealand and the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Post-snowden Era Mass Surveillance & Privacy in New Zealand
    Post-snowden Era Mass Surveillance & Privacy in New Zealand
    ISBN: 9780908321070
    Title: Post-snowden Era Mass Surveillance & Privacy in New Zealand

    Only sustained public pressure can prevent the complicit submission and cultural amnesia that seems to follow every new revelation about surveillance in everyday life. Recent revelations about the nature and extent of global surveillance programmes have shocked many. But what are their implications in the long-term - and for New Zealand? Mapping New Zealand's role in international intelligence gathering from World War Two to the present day, Kathleen Kuehn asks probing questions about the behaviour of both the state and corporations in our current 'surveillance society'. Ultimately these questions force us to confront the way we value our individual privacy and civil liberties, for - as we often hear - why should any of this matter if we have nothing to hide?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Practical Beekeeping in NZ: The Definitive Guide 5ed
    Practical Beekeeping in NZ: The Definitive Guide 5ed
    ISBN: 9781775593621
    Title: Practical Beekeeping in NZ: The Definitive Guide 5ed

    For more than 25 years Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand has been the bible for New Zealand beekeepers. The only comprehensive guide to keeping bees in New Zealand, it provides both amateur and professional beekeepers with details on honey bee management throughout the year, advice on handling hive products and information about many other beekeeping subjects. As well as being a guide for beekeepers, Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand& appeals to those interested in apiculture and deciding whether to keep bees, while horticulturalists and farmers find it of particular interest for crop pollination. Given New Zealand's reputation in world beekeeping the book has also been keenly sought after by beekeepers overseas. Four editions of the book have been published since 1984, including comprehensive updates to include the latest information and developments, particularly on new approaches to beekeeping now the parasitic varroa mite has become established in New Zealand and changed the face of beekeeping forever. This 5th full-colour edition gives new life to an established classic.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
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